Everything Was Delivered on Time and Installed Without Any Problems

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The specifications were written and orders were placed after the brief showroom visit. Never were there any changes to the specs. Everything was delivered on time and installed without any problems. I have never had a job go so smoothly with so few problems. This never would have been possible if Mindy had not taken such pride in her job and her company.

—Lynda Onthank, Lynda Onthank Designs

I Appreciate Making an Appointment Ahead of Time

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It was a great experience bringing my clients to Designer Bath. I appreciated making an appointment ahead of time and knowing that a rep would be available to help us. My client is very particular and it was important that she could touch, sit, and move around the fixtures in a very real way, accompanied by a knowledgeable designer explaining subtle differences to us.

—Leslie Mahoney, Mahoney Architects

You Always Put 100%+++ Into Your Work!

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Michelle, I want to thank you for your help on Saturday and in general from our past clients. You always put 100+++ percent into your work! You research out solutions prior to client coming in, think outside the box to get things done, have no problem saying when you don’t know something but find out the answer right away, SO responsive, organized, and so easy and comfortable with clients! It is a JOY to work with you! You make my work so much easier, and make me look good too. Thank you so much!

—Lori Scholz, Lori Scholz Interiors, Marblehead, MA

Outstanding Service

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As plumbing fixture provider and specifiers for a recent project of ours in Cambridge, Salem Plumbing provided outstanding service right down to the onsite delivery. There seemed to be an endless desire to get the job right. Whether it was ensuring matching finishes or the verification of correct deliveries Salem Plumbing was a tremendous resource and played a significant part in the overall success of the project.

The project consisted of three traditional bathrooms, one contemporary Master Bathroom, and a modern Kitchen. Salem Plumbing was able to handle all styles and ensure even the smallest details were thought out. I can’t imagine using any other resource.

—Michael Resteghini, Sr. Project Mgr, F.H. Perry Builder, Hopkinton, MA

I Always Recommend Designer Bath

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I know I can count on Designer Bath; every product they have is great quality. And I like dealing with a family business. To me they represent reliability, value, and service.

Their experience, their follow through, their knowledge of the business make my job as a contractor easy. I know my projects will go smoothly. I always recommend Designer Bath.

—Molly Martins, Martins Construction Company

Hands Down, One of the Best

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‘Customer service’ these days has edged towards the abyss to which all clichés travel when meaning goes out the words themselves. Salem Plumbing is one of a handful of companies still able to fully embrace and define what Customer Service truly means.

As a general contractor working devotedly to meet to the intricate needs of our high-end clientele, we, quite simply, must rely on our vendors and suppliers to go above and beyond everyday reliability, trust, and delivery. Salem Plumbing, hands down, is one of the best. Salem Plumbing has never failed to earn our highest trust and respect. Emails and phone calls are returned immediately, orders are complete, follow up is actually a normal part of business, our project managers are surprised and delighted by your service teams, and ‘I don’t knows’ are followed up immediately with ‘here’s a solution’.

Thank you for all that you have done to make us the best we can be. Here’s to many more successes.

—Allison P. Iantosca, Owner of FH Perry Builder, Hopkinton, MA

I Love How Professional and Courteous They Are!

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I have used this showroom to design multiple bathrooms for my design projects. I love how professional and courteous they are. Unfortunately, in the profession, one does not always encounter such good an respectful customer service as this showroom demonstrates. I am also very impressed by the quality of bathroom furniture and plumbing fixtures offered by this showroom. Another plus is the incredible breadth of knowledge they have regarding what is out there, how it works, etc. Finally, the showroom is pleasantly laid out with good design groupings. Hands down, one of my favorite showrooms in the Boston area!

—Elza B. Design, Inc., Acton, MA

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