Classic Kitchen Countertop

When I envisioned remodeling my kitchen, I knew that I needed a sink that was going to have great functional uses, but also fit the feel of the room. I knew I wanted a kitchen countertop sink, because in our house the counter is right by the window. With all the cooking and cleanup we do in this house, I spend hours at the sink and I wanted to be able to look out at the garden and see the kids playing in the yard

It was important to me to have a kitchen that was classic, simple, and homey. I wanted it to be safe and easy to clean for my young children, but versatile enough to grow with us as a family. I wanted our home to be filled with pieces of furniture that we connected with.

I fell in love with Designer Bath’s Classic Kitchen Countertop Sink because it had everything I wanted. It has a sleek, clean look that fits the rest of the kitchen, which has a white cabinets but dark granite countertops. The sink even matches the deep color and bronze finish of the countertop! The countertop sink fits seamlessly in with the rest of the kitchen.

We’ve made some great memories at the countertop sink so far: watching the sunset from the window after dinner, making tie-dyed shirts for school spirit days, carving pumpkins to decorate for fall. I feel so content standing at the sink, knowing my family will always associate this happy with happiness and togetherness.

The classic kitchen sink is useful, too, not just a beautiful piece in our home! Kids and pets spend all day making messes, but the smooth sink design takes seconds to wipe down, making cleanup quick and easy. The spray nozzle also makes hand washing non-dishwasher safe dishes and cups simple and fun.

And I love how deep the sink is. With a big family, we make a lot of dishes! Everything fits easily in the countertop sink so we can wash it in one trip and there’s enough room for my kids to help dry. It’s not too deep to reach the bottom to scoop up some lost utensils, but it easy gets the job done.

The Classic Kitchen Countertop Sink has all the functionality I need to handle our growing family, while also being a gorgeous centerpiece for the kitchen. I am so glad I chose this sink to complete our home!