The Native Trails

Farmhouse Sink is my favorite piece in my new kitchen! I wanted a modern rustic style with traditional cabinets and countertops but a few stylish, interesting pieces to be focal points of the room. The concrete sink really draws together the whole room. I love how unique and fun it is!

When I was designing the whole house, I wanted a look with different colors, textures, and furniture elements that could reflect my own unconvention style. I’m adventurous and I love to travel so I wanted my home to be full of fun pieces that carry good memories.

I think it’s so important when you are decorating your home to pick pieces that you have a strong connection with and really reflect your tastes, not just what you see in magazine or online. When someone walks into your house, you want them to get a sense of who you are through the furniture and decoration. But you also want to feel comfortable and natural in your space, and only you can decide what pieces create the right environment for you and your family.

For pieces I had to go out and buy–I didn’t exactly find the perfect sink to bring home during my travels!–I immediately knew that I needed the Native Trails Concrete Sink. I looked at a variety of different traditional and unusual sinks while designing my kitchen, but the moment I saw this Native Trails sink on Pinterest, I was so excited to have it complete my home.

I was drawn to its duochromatic look and fun mix of textures: the sleek spout and more rustic basin that make a bold contract with the white countertop. Even as well-travelled as I am, I don’t frequently see concrete kitchen sinks and I thought it would be a great discussion piece for my kitchen!

The sink is so useful! It can handle a whole dinner party of plates and glasses or giving my cat a bath. Or a quiet afternoon watching the backyard wildlife from the kitchen window.

If you’re going to spend hours a day at a sink, then why settle for one that isn’t both functional and gorgeous?

I feel so calm standing at the sink because it’s such a good place to take a moment out of my day and think. While I consider the next trip I’ll take or the work I’m trying to finish, the Native Trails Farmhouse Sink makes preparing dinner or cleaning up my kitchen effortless and enjoyable.

No matter how far I travel, to want to come back to a place that feels like home, and I am so glad that I found this sink to help make my kitchen unique and completely my own.