Abby Woodman’s Showroom Favorites — April 2020

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A Note From Jason

Hi all,

A look behind the scenes of one of our Designer Bath videos — featuring Betsy Bassett of Betsy Bassett Interiors.

A look behind the scenes of one of our Designer Bath videos — featuring Betsy Bassett of Betsy Bassett Interiors.

I would like to first start off by acknowledging this is a very difficult time. However, I remain optimistic that we can do what it takes to get through it, one day at a time. The coronavirus has impacted everyone and has changed our lives immensely. I am wishing you all wellness and peace as we get through this unprecedented time together.

Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing have kept our customers’ needs at the forefront during this crisis. We want to be here for you. Your health and safety, and that of our employees, is our highest priority. At this time, we have completely redirected our normal operations to eliminate the need for clients to come into our showroom — we have invested in technology that enables us to offer you the opportunity to work effectively and efficiently with our staff. We are utilizing Zoom for virtual showroom visits and to facilitate sales. You can schedule your virtual appointment now on the Designer Bath website. Of course, we are still available by phone, email, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Lastly, we are finally launching our much-anticipated Designer Bath video series featuring testimonials from Boston-based designers and architects! You can view the videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We are thrilled that we were able to have this month’s blogger “virtually” visit our showroom for this month’s Showroom Favorites! Abby Woodman of Woodman Design is an experienced, hands-on designer, focused on process — from design through construction to project completion. Abby’s understanding of the interplay between function and aesthetics informs her work with all trades. We cannot wait to share her picks with you all.

Wishing you the best. We are in this together.

Jason Sevinor


Abby Woodman's Showroom Favorites April 2020
Abby Woodman's Showroom Favorites April 2020


This Jaclo Rain shower head is a tremendous way to bring a luxury component into your bathroom. I personally love that this product is incredibly versatile as it comes in many different finishes and sizes. It’s also one of the working fixtures on display at Designer Bath so you can see it in action!


I strongly believe that all shower arrangements should have a hand shower, both for functionality and design purposes. This California Faucets contemporary hand shower operates as a second shower head with jetted, massage, and jetted/aerated options. The slide bar allows the user to move the hand-held to any position. Its versatility enables this multi-functional shower system to meet the needs of any user. The design is extraordinary in that it is clean and simple, not big or clunky. And an extra tip — hand showers are also a fabulous tool for cleaning the shower itself!


As a designer, I love tile and absolutely swoon when all the finishes come together to create a beautiful space. For me, a seamless cohesive shower lay-out is essential and to make that happen, I always recommend the Infinity Drain. This drain gives flexibility on-site to the installer to make sure it is a perfect fit. The tile-able grill helps to make the drain disappear. Not only does a linear drain add to the aesthetic of a bathroom, it allows for a curb-less shower entrance. Removing the curb minimizes unsightly changes in materials. Using this system results in a barrier-free shower, which is both on-trend and accommodating to people with mobility challenges. 


We all love and need niches and shelves in showers — it’s important to have a place to put our shampoos, lotions, razors, etc. However, where do you store your pouf or loofah? I personally don’t want it hanging on my valve trim or shower head, so I love adding a small inconspicuous hook inside the shower. Kartners makes a variety of hooks and I especially love the Porto as it’s petite and comes in a variety of finishes to match the fixtures of the bathroom. The Porto hook adds high functionality without sacrificing the overall look of the shower. 


One of my newest favorites is the California Faucets Steampunk Bay series. I love this Thermostatic Valve Trim for its functionality. Thermostatic valves allow the user to control both the temperature and the water pressure from the shower head — which is great if you’re looking to reduce your water consumption for environmental purposes. I am also a fan because this line offers a gorgeous polished nickel PVD finish and I am drawn to the overall design.

California Faucets has a great variety of finishes and I find the PVD Polished Nickel to be one of the most attractive. The style of this series is really unique. For the valve trim, my go-to is the square backplate and lever handles. The steampunk look is edgy, but still very classic. It has the vibes of 1950s automobiles with the fine details of clock-making. It works because all of the components are precisely scaled to balance perfectly and enhance a home’s bathroom interior.

Musings by Mindy: Spring 2020

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Musings by Mindy

Spring 2020

Mindy Sevinor

Hi Friends and Colleagues,

I have been thinking of you all during these challenging times. COVID-19 has impacted everyone and the health and safety of our family, friends, clients, and industry partners is of our utmost priority.

As we do our part to help flatten the curve, we have to adjust to a new virtual lifestyle. Though our doors are currently closed to the public, our goal is to continue to build person to person connections and provide top of the line customer service. We are now offering remote showroom tours and are available via phone, social media messenger, and live chat.

I hope this spring edition of Musings by Mindy helps bring a sense of normalcy and positivity to your day. 

I’m wishing you all the best. Stay safe — we are in this together!

All my best,

Mindy Sevinor
Showroom Brand Manager

New In The Showroom


We’re bringing Cali to the East Coast with our brand-new line, California Faucets — a company that is changing the game when it comes to personalization and customization.

For me, meeting this manufacturer was a match made in heaven. I first connected with them when I learned that Designer Bath and California Faucets hold the same core values: we are both family-owned, strive for impeccable customer service, and offer our clients a full suite of products that align with any style preference. 

Proudly handcrafted in Huntington Beach, CA, California Faucets offers 28 (yes, 28!) beautiful handcrafted finishes and provides a variety of collections that range from classic to cutting edge.

Available through both of our showrooms.


A touch of the antique can be the perfect accent to the décor of any kitchen or bathroom. We’re thrilled to be installing a new line of vintage clocks from a boutique-style line of wall art that we’ve seen trending amongst many designers. We believe these incredible pieces will add a touch of personality to kitchens and baths that are modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. We have installed them throughout both showrooms to give people the opportunity to observe the whimsy and glamour they add to a space.

Available through both of our showrooms.


As industry peers know, Franz Viegener is a true leader in contemporary modern design. They recently turned heads when they released a new traditional series: The Classic Collection. It’s a different design and aesthetic from what we normally see from them, but I can honestly say — it works. 

To add an updated nuance to its traditional detailing, it incorporates a flowing curvature shape that would work seamlessly in a transitional setting. Franz Viegener is branching out of their modern comfort zone by diving into the past. This collection blends the old with the new to subtly make a statement in any home.

Available through both of our showrooms.


trend: Kitchen Workstation

If you know me, you know that I will always be a Galley gal. As someone who enjoys hosting, I appreciate how The Galley has been able to design a solution to streamline tasks inherent in entertaining, while eliminating clutter in the kitchen — especially when guests are over!

Their workstations are super-functional, smart and stylish and allow you to prep, cook, serve, socialize, and clean-up, all in one convenient place. Engineered and hand-crafted in the U.S., I am proud to see that The Galley has become a prominent leader in the kitchen/home design industry.

Available through both of our showrooms.

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