Musings by Mindy – Fall 2020

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Musings by Mindy

Fall 2020

Mindy Sevinor

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It would be an understatement to say that a lot has changed since my last blog in March. While this year has brought many new obstacles and challenges, I think many of us have built stronger relationships during this pandemic — with our friends, our family, with nature — and most importantly for this blog post: with our homes. 

Our homes have become more than just the places where we dwell. They’ve become places where we can spend more quality time building memories with our families. They’ve become virtual classrooms and jungle gyms for our kids. They’ve become our home offices, our quiet sanctuaries, our much needed refuges. 

Here at Designer Bath, our clients are fostering a newfound gratitude for where they live. Their homes are becoming more of a priority and getting the attention they deserve: ranging from full renos to finding that perfect light fixture or faucet to finally creating the dream bathroom or kitchen they have always wanted. Homeowners are focused on making their living space a place that’s more functional and enjoyable for their whole family. We are truly proud to have the opportunity to help people during a time when they need it the most. 

Rolling into fall, we’re looking forward to expanding our showroom offerings. This includes the addition of one of the most-anticipated kitchen lines (and one of my personal favorites): Waterstone Faucets. Their wheel pulldown faucets are super unique and different — there really isn’t anything else like it.

I am so happy I can offer this fall edition of Musings by Mindy to bring some positivity and inspiration into your home. So every time you wake up and turn on your new faucet, you have a greater sense of appreciation for your home. Stay safe — we’re all in this together. 

All my best,

Mindy Sevinor
Showroom Brand Manager

New In The Showroom


Waterstone is reinventing the wheel with their latest pulldown faucet. This innovative design is an anomaly — it is sure to stop your guests in their tracks.

Inspired by the wheel of a ship, the pre-rinse spray arm is spring-loaded and can reach all areas of the sink. Versatile, elegant, and functional, the faucet is available in an amazing 32 finishes. This piece will be the talk of the kitchen.


California Faucets does it again! Their arched rain showerhead creates a unique, funnel effect adding a touch of luxury to the bathroom. There is nothing else like this on the market. Other thin showerheads can be a bit basic — this one is structural and sleek. Better yet, it’s offered in 28 different finishes.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — specialty finishes are what’s hot. Mixed or matte black, they add elegance and personality to a space. This is especially true when it comes to vanity cabinetry. By utilizing one of the many shades of brass, matte black, or a combination of the two, a whole new level of character and personalization is added to the décor. We have now seen this shift carry over into other categories, such as vanities. Not only are we seeing mixed finishes, but now we are also seeing the integration of mixed materials as well.

For instance, the Lacava wall-mounted vanity (left image) shows how finishes can absolutely pop when paired with a bright, white base. Furniture Guild is a great example of mixing metals with wood (right image). While simple in design, it allows room for the finishes to shine. The literal definition of simple but powerful. 

Deborah Berger’s Showroom Favorites — September 2020

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A Note From Jason

Jason and his family enjoyed their last trip of the summer!

Jason and his family enjoyed their last trip of the summer!

Happy September, everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. It was great to squeeze in some final vacation days before the end of summer. This year has been a whirlwind. I feel that it’s especially important to take some time off to relax, rejuvenate, and recover. I received feedback from our team that they needed a break from the craziness of conducting business in the midst of a pandemic. We decided to give everyone an extra-long holiday weekend so that they had the opportunity to recharge. We will definitely benefit from a renewed sense of energy for the start of the school year.

We’ll be facing additional challenges as students return to the classroom — most of whom will be attending virtually. Both adults and their children are spending more time at home than ever before. Boston Magazine recently wrote a great article on how Covid19 has people reevaluating the design and functionality of their living environments. Whether that means converting your kitchen to an entertainment center with a Galley Workstation sink or upgrading to a double vanity in your master bathroom, now is the perfect time to focus on what will make your space work better, making life easier for you and your family. Need even more inspiration? Stay tuned for our upcoming Instagram giveaway where you could win a signed copy of Elements of Family Style: Elegant Spaces for Everyday Life by Erin Gates! 

Speaking of the virtual world, Designer Bath is thrilled to announce the launch of our online store. Simply click the “Shop Now” button on our website’s home page and you’ll be able to peruse our selection of products. You can create wish lists and/or purchase items. You’ll notice that we have a list of categories on the left-hand side of the page where you can browse through toilets, tubs, faucets, and more. There’s even an “Under $100” category!

It’s my pleasure to introduce our guest blogger for this month, Deborah Berger. After a career in advertising in NYC, Deb moved to Massachusetts and started her successful Boston-based design firm, Maven Design. She joined forces with Lauren Hamilton in 2019 to create AUGUST INTERIORS. Together, Deb and Lauren embrace livable sophistication and lightheartedness in all of their work. We are glad to share Deb’s favorite pieces from our showroom.

Wishing you all a fantastic month!

Jason Sevinor


Deborah Berger's Showroom Favorites September 2020
Deborah Berger's Showroom Favorites



Nothing says classic elegance and charm like a free-standing tub. This generously sized piece is wrapped in polished stainless steel, giving it a sense of sophistication. I would place it on top of a marble mosaic floor to give it a high contrast impact.


I will never forget when I first saw purple onyx used as a counter material years ago when I was in South Beach, Miami. It was absolutely captivating. I imagine installing this sink in an all-white bathroom for a refined color moment!


At August Interiors, we seek lightheartedness and whimsy in just the right places — and that is shown here with this piece from Franz Viegener. The red handles on this gorgeous faucet remind me of a backyard hose or an industrial lab. I’d love to see it in a children’s bathroom or a basement bar. Also, the handles can be modified to come in other colors (think soft pink or navy blue)!



A well-designed interior does not ignore a single detail. This heated towel rack is an example of form and function working together beautifully. With the warmest of days behind us this season, we’ll be needing toasty towels soon. It’s a luxurious accessory for special bathrooms.


In hard-working, elegant bathrooms, mirrors should be part of design development right from the start — not just a decorative element added at the end. This piece feels to me like a finely detailed mirror at its core, with the built-in medicine cabinet as a subtle surprise. At first glance, you would not suspect that it does double duty.

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