Musings by Mindy

Dear friends and colleagues,

I can’t believe fall is already upon us and we’re about to head into the final months of 2022. This year is flying by, especially since it’s been such an exciting one for our family and the team at Designer Bath. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, our company celebrated its 77th anniversary and our Watertown showroom celebrated its five year anniversary. That’s a lot of celebrating for sure! 

We’re always exploring new ways to make our business better and to make the shopping process easier for all our customers. We now offer a virtual showroom tour where you can browse all of our items online and you can create a wishlist on our shop page to make the purchasing process quick and simple. If there are other ways that we can make your jobs easier when it comes to specialty plumbing fixtures and accessories, please let us know. 

I’m pleased to share the fall edition of Musings by Mindy. We have added a Q & A to the content, which gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge about our industry and how to make projects run more smoothly. Please send me your questions and I will provide answers based on my experience and input from other members of our team as well. 

All my best,

Mindy Sevinor
Showroom Brand Manager

What’s new in the showroom?

Samuel Heath

We are pleased to share the latest trends and products with you. Earlier this year, we debuted our new Samuel Heath display. To introduce the line, we hosted a fancy English tea for designers at our Watertown Showroom. Our British rep from the UK-based company spoke about their products and longstanding legacy dating back nearly two centuries! 

With a factory in Birmingham, the heart of England, craftsmanship and integrity have remained the core principles of Samuel Heath and helped make it the iconic brand we know today. They have perfectly mastered the art of balance. While still focused on their signature look, which channels a traditional aesthetic, Samuel Heath has remained fresh and relevant by expanding their offerings to include industrial and modern styles. The beauty of Samuel Heath is the breadth of options that include something for everyone.


Fluting & Curves

Looking at design trends, we’re excited to see fluting and curves becoming a strong presence. These two go hand-in-hand as the fluting detail naturally creates a flowing round shape. With manufacturers shifting away from contemporary, linear design in favor of timeless pieces, this trend is the perfect way to bring a warm and updated feel to any space. 

From sink handles to bathtubs, we’re seeing curved patterns in nearly every facet of the bathroom fixture repertoire. On the left are some of our favorites from lines that we display in our showrooms.

Top left: MTI Tub
Top Right: Artelinea Vanity
Bottom Left: Robern Medicine Cabinet
Bottom Right: Samuel Heath Faucet

Ask Mindy

We are so appreciative of our trade community and we love hearing from you. In this new section of Musings by Mindy, we will be answering your questions directly. To be featured in our next edition, please email

Q. Can I get a lead time for a product when I am trying to decide which one to select?

Based on our experience with other recent orders, we have a pretty good idea of the general timing — however it is not exact. Once the order is placed and the manufacturer confirms the materials have been reserved for us, we can then provide a precise time frame.