I just want to inform you of a very pleasant experience I had when I visited your place of business.

I had damaged the finish on my stainles steel kitchen sink and was looking for advice on how to repair it. When I entered your store, I was met by a lovely lady, Michelle Ritchie.

I informed Michelle of my problem and she just about took my arm over to a shelf containing several cleaning products. Questions were raised and without hesitation she got on the phone and called the manufacturer and reviewed the products. By the way, this took her a few minutes and certainly, she was taking the extra step.

The bottom line was that I walked out of your store with two products and when I applied them to my sink, it did the trick. (She had actually written a note on each product to that I would use them properly.)

I just want to thank Michelle Ritchie. She reflects very well on your business. I have been around long enough to appreciate thoughtfulness and efficiency.

Just thought you’d like to know how great your staff is.

—Frederick L. Murtagh, Peabody, MA