We went into a major renovation project with little (no) experience. The team at Designer Bath took us through the process of choosing fixtures for seven bathrooms and two kitchens and made it seem easy! They were extremely knowledgeable, their advice and suggestions always proved to be on point. They were patient (this took hours and multiple meetings) had wonderful suggestions and answered all our questions. They know the Massachusetts plumbing/building codes (complicated) and for every fixture also knew what additional little things would be necessary (valves, hooks…). Looking back, we don’t know how anyone who has no experience can do this online or without someone taking them through this process. Designer Bath created beautiful and clear folders for us outlining the fixtures in each bathroom (measurements, pictures, specifications), to help the contractor as the plumbing was installed and to help us as we were designing the kitchens and bathrooms.

While installing the fixtures, our contractor unfortunately broke a small part that attached to one of the faucets. We contacted Designer Bath and it was shipped to us immediately. We are sure such things happen frequently and again, can’t imagine how much time and pain replacing something like that would have been should we have not had this ongoing support. The bottom line is: if you are remodeling a bathroom, go to Designer Bath!