A Note From Jason

We’re excited about our upcoming Facebook Live event with renowned business development strategist and author Julie Brown. Networking with Confidence in a Virtual World goes live at 4pm on Tuesday, July 21st.

Happy July!

I can’t believe we are already midway through summer. It is flying by as it always seems to do. Here at the Sevinor household, we have some exciting news to share. We have just welcomed a new, furry addition to our family: Titan. He is an 8-month old puppy from Alabama and has brought so much love and warmth into our family. We are so thrilled for this new adventure — though I cannot say the same for our cats!

In the Designer Bath world, we are wrapping up our Annual Tent Sale this Saturday, July 11th. The biggest discounts can be found on our website via our Online Tent Sale tab. AND THAT PART OF THE SALE IS GOING TO BE EXTENDED! Start shopping now to get amazing deals.

We’re also excited about our upcoming Facebook Live event with renowned business development strategist and author Julie Brown. Networking with Confidence in a Virtual World goes live at 4pm on Tuesday, July 21st. You can register in advance for the opportunity to win a copy of her latest book. We hope you can join us!

Lastly, we are glad to have the opportunity to introduce our July Showroom Favorites by guest blogger Allison Iantosca, owner and president of F.H. Perry Builder. Recently, Allison met with one of our showroom associates via Zoom and selected her favorite pieces by using our 3D showroom tour. Eager to inspire success in others, Allison holds a container in which people grow and become their best selves. She is passionately involved in a range of Boston charities and nonprofits and has been recognized for her leadership and business acumen. During her tenure, F.H. Perry Builder was named one of the Commonwealth Institute’s Top 100 Women-Led Businesses for three years in a row. We are thrilled to share her favorites with you.

Wishing you a fantastic July!

Jason Sevinor


Allison Iantoscas Showroom Favorites July 2020

Designer Bath is so unique for their thoughtful and intentional selection of the items in their showroom. What I love about our partnership is that I can just know that all of their products are deliberately curated at a high level of detail and so will always meet the goals of our projects. I could not have had more fun selecting a few of my “showroom favs”. Each, I hope, represents a classic beauty, a sensibleness, and a bit of whimsy for when it’s called for. Designer Bath, you so get us!


When I think about our clients having to make endless decisions, there’s always a couple of factors at play which oftentimes conflict. While trying to be eco-friendly, health-conscious, and avoiding off-gassing, you’re also being asked to contend with a mediocre product in order to get the reassurance that it is safe and healthy.

That’s where this piece emerges as an anomaly. Completely organic with a gorgeous aesthetic, you don’t have to think for a second if it’s going to be unsafe in your home. It’s entirely in its natural form, spectacularly beautiful, and worry-free. I admire this tub for its ability to alleviate all of a homeowner’s concerns and still be a stunning piece of craftsmanship.


Quality? Outstanding. Finish? Perfection. Cost? About a third.

So often we have this assumption that a beautiful piece comes with a high price tag. There is a constant dance between quality and cost. That’s why it’s crucial to offer an alternative that is also reasonably priced. I love when budget doesn’t have to win over substance. This Graff faucet is the perfect balance.


You have to have a little glam sometimes. This Uttermost Herleva oval mirror is my go-to “safe” glam. A current “aged” gold/brass finish with a simple style — a lot, but not too much, all at the same time. Refined and adaptable, the mirror reflects the very same qualities as one who might look into it.


Timeless — just like we hope to be. Whatever genre you seek to live in, we want it represented with enduring class and perfection. To me, this knob says it all with way less than a thousand words. Class, richness, solidity. It is so complex, yet so simple.

What’s paramount about hardware is its subtlety. If you walk into a home that has this hardware, it signals on some subconscious level the beauty of the home. That’s what we want in all of our projects.


Years ago, safety was a trade-off to elegance. We didn’t like asking our clients to make that compromise. We no longer have to pick an unsatisfying solution! The Kartners round grab bar is the perfect example of this — strong and reliable, without sticking out as an extraneous add-on. It is something so beautiful and refined without oddly standing out.

I love that Designer Bath offers this because they know that it matters. They know people shouldn’t be stuck with these garish, huge accessories in their bathroom. That’s not what people want. People want safety without sacrificing style.