‘Customer service’ these days has edged towards the abyss to which all clichés travel when meaning goes out the words themselves. Salem Plumbing is one of a handful of companies still able to fully embrace and define what Customer Service truly means.

As a general contractor working devotedly to meet to the intricate needs of our high-end clientele, we, quite simply, must rely on our vendors and suppliers to go above and beyond everyday reliability, trust, and delivery. Salem Plumbing, hands down, is one of the best. Salem Plumbing has never failed to earn our highest trust and respect. Emails and phone calls are returned immediately, orders are complete, follow up is actually a normal part of business, our project managers are surprised and delighted by your service teams, and ‘I don’t knows’ are followed up immediately with ‘here’s a solution’.

Thank you for all that you have done to make us the best we can be. Here’s to many more successes.

—Allison P. Iantosca, Owner of FH Perry Builder, Hopkinton, MA