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Happy May!

As we celebrate the end of April showers, we are embracing the warm New England May weather we know and love. It’s the perfect time to get outside and soak in some Vitamin D — especially if you’ve been experiencing a bit of quarantine cabin fever.

We kicked off May with a successful Facebook Live collaboration with Northshore Magazine. A group of industry experts from Cumar Marble & Granite, Landry & Arcari, Tile By Design, and (you guessed it) Designer Bath, chatted about the latest trends and design tips. If you missed it, you can catch the recording on our website.

Still have unanswered questions about renovating your kitchen or bathroom? You can head to our website and send us a message using our new “live chat” feature. There has never been more ways to get in touch with our showroom staff than now. Whether it’s a live chat, phone call, email, or virtual Zoom meeting — we are here for you!

And don’t forget — this is a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10th. Is there any better way to show your appreciation for Mom than a luxurious towel warmer? How about a sleek kitchen faucet? Take a look at our gallery for more gift inspiration.

Recently, we had the pleasure of having Kyle Sheffield of LDa Architecture & Interiors (virtually) visit our showroom to pick his favorites for this month’s blog. As a native New Englander and architect for over fifteen years, Kyle has completed numerous residential projects that have focused largely on designs that mediate between contextual New England architecture and the need for more diverse contemporary spatial relationships. He is a hands-on architect who believes in a highly collaborative process, and utilizes his strong design, leadership and communication abilities to ensure every detail is thoughtfully addressed to create a cohesive and timeless result. We are so happy to share with you his favorite pieces from our showroom.

Wishing you a safe and happy May.


Jason Sevinor


Kyle Sheffield's Showroom Favorites May 2020

With the current pandemic we’re facing, we have all been doing our best to stay sequestered safely. That can be challenging at times, and when I was asked to select some items from the showroom, this was really at the forefront of my mind. My picks are coordinated between two rooms: the bathroom and the kitchen. One space is focused on decompression and relaxation while the other is very family oriented. 

In my home right now, we cherish our bathroom as a calm, peaceful space — an interim “spa” as we are not able to go elsewhere to decompress. We’re also doing a considerable amount of cooking and baking, especially with our kids. Our kitchen is getting substantial usage, so it is crucial that it contains products that are both highly functional and multi-purposeful.


The Juliet freestanding tub from MTI has a wonderful sculptural presence with its unique shape. While many acrylic tubs may feel hollow, this tub’s solid surface material further emphasizes its presence in the room while giving it more durability. 

However, what ultimately drew me to this tub was the ergonomic factor that the designers considered when creating this piece. The widths of the tub’s ends are different sizes so that users with wider shoulders fit better on one side than the other.


The Madeli Estate double vanity truly took my breath away, especially the design element of the offset handles conjoining at the center. Both the brandy and sapphire finish options set off the satin brass beautifully. It is genuinely a visual, furniture-like piece that you can rest your eyes on while you are soaking in the tub — creating a much-needed moment of serenity. 


This tub filler from Brizo fits perfectly into my idea of creating a room that is your own sequestered space given this pandemic. Both the design and finish are stunning. Although this piece can certainly stand on its own, when paired with the Madeli vanity and MTI freestanding tub, it can truly elevate a space and maximize its potential.


With kitchens getting so much use these days, having a space that is functional is imperative. The Descanso faucet from California Faucets is exactly that. The handle has a cross-hatched knurl texture providing the necessary grip that we all need in a chaotic kitchen. This is especially helpful for the kids when helping with prepping, cooking, and cleaning up.


Many find the idea of having a fireclay sink desirable but want to have more features that will allow them to perform necessary tasks such as cutting, preparing, straining, etc. The JULIEN Fira undermount fireclay sink provides the multifunctionality that both adults and kids need in an active kitchen.

With the kitchen being a family-oriented space, the closer I can keep my kids in one area and focused on one task at a time the better. An added bonus — when they make a mess, it’s all in one space….the sink!