Designer Bath & Salem Plumbing Supply is my go-to resource for all of my clients’ (and my own) kitchen and bath needs. The entire staff – from the parts counter to the showroom sales staff – are always extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Mindy Sevinor-Feinberg is my go to sales person, though I have had interaction with many other members of the staff. Mindy is one of the most thorough sales people I’ve met. She always makes sure that every detail is taken into consideration, ensuring that my design not only looks beautiful but functions beautifully as well. If there is a question, problem or issue that I need assistance with Mindy will either have the answer or will make endless phone calls to factories and reps to get the answer. I have utmost confidence that any product that I specify from designer bath is of the highest quality. If it isn’t they simply won’t sell it. And if ever there is an issue I know Mindy and the entire staff will do everything in their power to help me resolve it as quickly as possible.

In addition to the many ways in which they help me to keep my clients happy they also help to educate designers, architects, builders and other specifiers. They are always hosting Lunch and Learns or other events to showcase new products or reeducate us on old standbys. This helps me to bring the most recent and relevant products to clients ensuring that I become their go to designer for kitchen and bath design.

—Megan Meyers, Megan Meyers Interiors, Marblehead