Anyone can have a showroom.
It’s our team that makes the difference.

At Designer Bath, when it comes to the brands that we carry and the team that we build, we have a storied history of picking the best of the best. Our showroom staff’s understanding of design requirements and procedures, as well as the ordering and installation process, will be a valuable asset for you. We have recently been awarded “Best of Boston Home”, and have consistently earned “Best of the North Shore”, and it wasn’t because of our pretty fixtures and furnishings (beautiful though they are). Make an appointment today and you’ll see why it’s our people that make us unique.

Mindy Sevinor
Mindy SevinorShowroom Brand Manager
Beverly Showroom

Mindy Sevinor has plumbing in her blood and has long been destined to join the family business. Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply was started by her grandfather in 1945 and, as a young child, she would often be put to work sweeping the warehouse floor. In 2007, she officially joined the showroom team and hasn’t looked back. Her dad, Ralph, ran the business for decades and has been an amazing source of support and inspiration for the younger Sevinor generation. Mindy admired her Aunt Dale, Ralph’s sister, who served as the showroom’s manager until her retirement in 2015, and is committed to bringing a similar level of passion and commitment to her role at the company. Mindy now works alongside her brother Jason, the company’s president, and proudly continues the brother-sister family business tradition.

Mindy’s commitment to learning the ins and outs of decorative plumbing fixtures and her ability to use her expertise to assist colleagues and customers, has led her to receive numerous industry accolades including: Showroom Professional of the Year by DPHA, the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association (2015), Distinguished Service Award by Forte Buying Group (2014) and Supply House Times – 20 Young Execs (2013).

As the Designer Bath Showroom Brand Manager, Mindy is responsible for key accounts, merchandising and vendor relations. She regularly attends industry trade shows and conducts market research to make sure Designer Bath displays a product mix that reflects the taste of the store’s New England clientele, while simultaneously featuring new and innovative items. In her spare time, she relishes opportunities to travel and give back to others less fortunate. She has helped build schools in Guatemala, houses in Bolivia, and has volunteered at orphanages in Ecuador and India.