A Note From Jason

Happy October!

This time of year is one of my favorites in New England. From the beautiful foliage to the cooler days, there is so much to love about this season.

The Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston (BRAGB) will be announcing the PRISM winners during a “virtual” presentation later this Fall.

As we head into fall, we’re excited to launch our series featuring tips and tricks on preparing your home for the upcoming cooler months. We’ll be highlighting some great advice from local builders, including Premier Builders and Covenant LLC. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for the latest!

We have always been involved with industry trade associations. We support their efforts to create a community and elevate the member organizations through networking and educational opportunities. EM NARI (Eastern Mass Chapter of the National Assoc for the Remodeling Industry) recently hosted their Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards and they recognized some Designer Bath clients as award winners! Watch the full ceremony on their Facebook page. Kudos to EM NARI for doing a successful pandemic pivot and producing an event that was 100% virtual this year. In other awards news, the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston (BRAGB) will be announcing the PRISM winners during a “virtual” presentation in early November. BRAGB is planning to host an online networking forum prior to the event’s kick-off in place of the fabulous cocktail party that usually takes place before the ceremony.

For October’s blog, Patrick Planeta of Planeta Design Group selected his five favorite items to share with our audience. He didn’t even have to come in to one of our showrooms since he has visited frequently and knew right away what he would choose. Patrick began his design career at one of Boston’s premier architecture and design firms. His quick rise to success soon led him to open Planeta Design Group in 2007. In 2010, he was named one of New England Home’s “5 Under 40,” recognizing him as “the hottest emerging talent in residential design in New England.” Today, his work is featured in national design publications including Elle Décor. One of his recent projects was featured on the cover of the latest Boston Home Magazine and his stunning transformations are making an impact throughout Boston. We are excited to share his showroom favorites with you.

Wishing you a fantastic October!


Jason Sevinor


Patrick Planeta's Showroom Favorites October 2020

When choosing my favorite pieces from the Designer Bath showroom, I focused on mindful moments. We are leading very busy lives today. At times, it feels like it’s never been so stressful. So why not have pieces that ground you and give you a sense of calm? They serve as beautiful reminders to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


The Stone Forest Calma freestanding bathtub is a star. You’ve perhaps seen it in various design magazines. I remember when I first saw this piece years ago and it continues to excite me today. That’s what makes it so magnificent. This is a timeless statement piece that will never go out of style.

There’s something that resonates so deeply with me when touching this tub. It’s a sensual ritual — when it fills with hot water, you can feel the stone’s warmth. A bath is so indulgent, especially nowadays with everyone’s busy and stressful lives. This piece creates the opportunity for a special, serene moment.


I’ve used THG for years. They are another company that prides themselves in timeless design. The polished chrome finish is exquisite and has a deep luster that is one of the signature elements of this line. A lot of my design work is high detail, so this perfectly fits the aesthetic of what we do.

This extent of detail goes above and beyond. Even when you touch the handle, you’ll feel that it’s not just a flat piece underneath. It’s in fact a semi-circle half round that gives a sense of tactility to the piece. It’s quite amazing the level of thought that went into the ergonomics integrated into the design of this piece.


This faucet from THG is definitely a head-turner. At first, you may think that the lever is a piece of black rubber, but when the light shines on it or you touch it, you realize it’s composed of all-natural buffed horn. It’s the “cherry on top” so to speak. This is done in such a beautiful and well-received way.

THG also has several metal finishes choices. It’s almost like picking out a custom interior of a car. You can choose exactly what you want from what feels like an entire book of metal chips. These endless finish options create a piece that is incredibly versatile.


We’re using this piece in a project with several children’s bathrooms. Many people tend to avoid freestanding tubs for kids because it can be a tough predicament when it comes to cleaning. That’s why this back-to-wall piece is so great. I love how it has a floating tub “look”, but it goes against a wall which helps the cleaning process. It proves you can have the elegance of a freestanding tub without having to sacrifice practicality — because let’s be honest, kids can be messy!


Mixed metals are an absolute favorite of mine. I always say metals never match. When you mix materials of quality, I believe it makes a much more interesting design project. 

I love interiors that slowly unfold so it’s not all given away up front when you enter. It can be a surprise to you. I think it would be a beautiful treat to wash your hands or vegetables in the sink and then look down at a sparkling sink staring back at you. It’s like a piece of jewelry for the counter.

This is the epitome of slowing down and enjoying the simple, little delights of life. It’s not just another faucet or sink — it’s a centerpoint of a pleasurable environment where you want to spend your time.