We completed a full renovation of our Victorian house and chose Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply. This worked perfect for us and we ended up getting all bathroom and kitchen fixtures form this place. They had a great eye for what we were going for and picked out great pieces. We had a budget that we wanted to meet and they helped us navigate where to spend and where to make smart but great quality choices. They were very consciencious of price and sales, so while some items were expensive and much nicer than we had imagined, our overall cost stayed with in budget. They created the complete inventory of fixtures and parts to compliment our plumbing contract, they gave great advice on the install and what to be aware of, so the install went off with out a single hitch. I know that I saved a lot on the install and change orders by going with Designer Bath and the overall cost would likely not have been much different at the end by going with Home Depot or similar stores, except we now have much nicer and better quality fixtures.

Their communication is excellent and they were proactive in relation to lead times and always remembered any of our renovation deadlines. When you call with an issue through the process, you get a solid answer or solution same day. This is where their staff really stood out from the rest. I can only recommend this to be the first stop if you want a quality install and allow yourself ample time to decide and ample time as some items have lead times. That said they have a large supply on hand as well if needed and they beat all the lead times for all my fixtures.

On the plumbing supply side, I was looking at different options for instant water heaters for water and heat. They gave great advice on the supply and it was very helpful when vetting the plumbers and they offer that any plumber can come in and get install training of their recommended units. Very knowledgable.

I am not going to think twice to use Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing again.

—Dane Jorgensen, Hamilton, MA