Designer Bath’s people are knowledgeable, service is prompt and accurate and they work extremely well with customers in providing the best applications, but what sets them apart is the extra attention they give when a problem arises.

I had a malfunctioning shower door from a national brand supplier which involved a design flaw in the product. Two letters, including one to the president of the company, were met with silence. Thankfully, I had sent a copy of that letter to Jason, and without any follow-up on my part, he called me asking for more details and voluntering to help. In just a matter of days, I received calls from the company and their regional representative and I’m happy to report the problem was resolved.

It’s examples like this by which the true mettle of a company is measured, and it’s why I’d recommend Salem Plumbing’s DESIGNER BATH to any prospective home owner. They are one of my very best suppliers.

—Ken Widmer, Historical Society of Old Newbury