Bradley Michael Cashin’s Showroom Favorites – July 2017

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A Note From Jason

Greetings and Happy July! June flew by – as it always does – and it’s time once again to wish beautiful America the happiest of birthdays. Whether you’ll be celebrating on the sand in Nantucket or on a rooftop terrace in Boston, a brilliant firework display is something to look forward to every 4th of July.

While we love watching fireworks light up the night sky, they’re also pretty spectacular in the form of interior fixtures. The Dunkirk Chandelier by Hudson Valley will light up the ceiling of our soon-to-debut Watertown showroom, adding a festive feel to our new space. The countdown to Watertown is on, so stay tuned!

On the topic of things that shimmer, later this month we’ll be announcing and honoring the winners of our Designers SHINE Awards; our annual contest that celebrates creative and inspired design solutions for New England residential bath, kitchen and specialty plumbing projects. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work for consideration – more to follow on SHINE soon. Now, without further ado, I’d like to introduce our featured designer (and the SHINE 2016 ‘Overall Excellence in Design’ Winner!) for July’s blog – Bradley Michael Cashin.

Brad, the lead designer at New England Design & Construction (NEDC) in Boston, utilizes his construction and design expertise and experience as he and the design team tackle site challenges and help each client turn their vision into reality. He and his NEDC colleagues pride themselves on their dedication to each project, which they guide from inception to completion. Take a peek at Brad’s five Designer Bath showroom favorites (coupled with insightful commentary) below.

Here’s hoping that your July goes at a leisurely pace! May you have the opportunity to enjoy the sunny days and warm nights of summer that we look forward to during the cold winter months. Stay in touch!

Jason Sevinor



The proportions of this faucet are stunning. It is best paired with a match on a long, clean vanity in a master bath. It doesn’t attempt to grab attention, but rather it becomes a supporting player in a calm and spa-like backdrop.


The detailing of this control/diverter piece leans on perfection. Perhaps it’s the Detroit upbringing that I share with the designer, Michael Berman, but I find the industrial, Art Deco influence and sophisticated modernism to be absolutely delicious.


I dream of creating a master bath finished completely in matte white and frameless glass except for this curvilinear sandstone soaking tub. I would love to allow sediment, time, and pressure to be the primary focus and assist one in centering themselves at the beginning and conclusion of every day.


While I tend to avoid side sprays and opt for a simpler and cleaner kitchen counter, the quality and beauty of this post-modern object is impossible to ignore and worth sacrificing the use of a pull-down.


Frank Lloyd Wright considered the hearth to be the “psychological center of the home.” As kitchens continue to become more integrated into open floor plans and dining rituals have become less formal with our hectic lives, The Galley Sink replaces FLLW’s hearth. The sink works best on an expansive island where a family can surround it while preparing a meal together.