Carpenter & MacNeille’s Showroom Favorites — May 2023

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A Note From Jason

It’s all about family! Jason and his dad Ralph and sister Mindy at a recent Boston Design Week event.


Have you been able to get out and enjoy the longer days and warmer temperatures? I always feel that New Englanders are so starved for good weather that they truly embrace the spring. We all join together to celebrate the moments when Mother Nature cooperates and offers us blue skies and refreshing breezes. It is glorious!

Speaking of Mother Nature, now is the time to applaud the hard work and dedication of moms everywhere. Especially when their children are young, moms are always running around and trying to get it all done. Of course I’m biased, but I believe any mom would appreciate an upgrade in the bath/kitchen realm to make her feel pampered. Who wouldn’t like a new kitchen faucet (the most used “appliance” in the house) or a super-duper shower head, or even a luxurious towel warmer? I extend a big Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I am sending these well wishes with extra heartfelt sentiments to my own mom and all the moms on our Designer Bath team. I appreciate you and I am grateful to have you in my life.

And Mother Nature is, of course, all about the great outdoors. We recently hosted an event for people in the design/build industry in partnership with Boston Home magazine and California Faucets. The theme was outdoor living. Since we added the Julien Outdoor Kitchen display to the front area of our Watertown showroom, we have been talking to many landscape designers about integrating it into their plans. Have you seen it? It’s made of marine grade steel with carefully finished edges and closed sections to withstand both the elements and pesky critters. I guarantee that this kitchen set-up will add next level functionality to your outside entertaining and socializing!

This month, our guest blogger is Anne Alberts from Carpenter & MacNeille. The team at Carp Mac has partnered with us on countless projects over the years. They provide design/build services and have many award-winning homes in their portfolio.

Jason Sevinor

Anne Alberts, Head of Interiors at Carpenter & MacNeille, is an award-winning and published designer. Anne champions a multifaceted design approach that blends timeless beauty into clients’ homes across New England, finding inspiration from styles of past and present. An integral member of Carpenter & MacNeille’s leadership team, Anne develops clients’ visual narratives with a foundation rooted in tradition while uniquely capturing and highlighting each individual’s story, creating spaces that truly feel at home.


Polished nickel and unlacquered brass are my two go-to finishes, which is what attracted me to this Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet in polished nickel. I admire the stylish combination of the bridge and lever components. And the gooseneck is pretty — shapely and attractive, while the side spray makes it quite useful. Carpenter & MacNeille does a lot of traditional design work, and this faucet fits nicely with various time periods.


I’m a big fan of lever handles over cross handles because if your hands are soapy or dirty, you can still easily turn on the faucet. I love the sleek lines on this one. The juxtaposition of a traditional space with a contemporary plumbing faucet is a special unique detail, and I think it’s very fun in a bathroom.


I was impressed with the attention to detail that I immediately noticed on this shower display. I love the unlacquered brass finish. It had a really interesting control valve with knurling and graphically interesting numbers telling the temperature. In combination with the unlacquered brass, it looked old without being old.

A brass shower system like this pairs well with almost anything — it would work with a natural stone tile, a simple off-white ceramic, or a bright bold forest green ceramic tile. That’s what I love about brass: it has longevity and an ageless quality, which is something we’re always looking for at Carpenter & MacNeille.


Stone is one of those traditional elements that will always be classic in a powder room or a main bathroom. It is beautiful and versatile. It can be paired with wood in the background, more tile, or bright/colorful ceramic tile. The natural veining of the stone is chef’s kiss!


This Stone Forest vanity is one of my favorites; it’s on my list to use with a client someday. I was entranced with the elegant top and how the gorgeous natural stone was highlighted with the curve and special carving effects. I was struck by how the countertop is integrated with the sink basin — it’s shapely and traditional and beautiful. All of that paired with the brass legs is stunning. I’m a big fan.

I think you could pair this with a hardwood floor, put it in front of vibrant wallpaper or painted paneling with a layer of tile below it. You could place it before a simple plaster wall with decorative lights and a fun statement mirror as well. I love how you can see all the components behind it — even the drain becomes part of the design scheme. It’s all graphic and purposeful.

Lombardi Design’s Showroom Favorites — April 2023

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A Note From Jason

My son is working on developing a bond with one of two kitties who we have recently added to our family.


Spring has sprung! I join many of my fellow New Englanders in extending an enthusiastic welcome to the new season. It makes me happy to see the leaves popping out on the trees and signs of life in gardens everywhere. April heralds a more consistent pattern of warmer temperatures and longer days. Yay!

Spring is also traditionally a time that celebrates rejuvenation and a bit of “out with the old, in with the new!” In keeping with this theme, we take a closer look at displays at this time of year. We evaluate what we offer and update the product mix to reflect the requests from our customers and current trends. Have you been to one of our two showrooms lately (Beverly and Watertown)? If it has been a while since your last visit, I promise you will see new items. I really like the new line of Landmade tubs that we have brought into both showrooms. Please let me know what you think!

We also consider our business practices and assess ways that we can do better. This is the key ingredient in our recipe for success. I truly believe that we try harder than our competitors and we care more. This is shown in our efforts to help each person find exactly what they are looking for at a fair price. It is also shown after the sale. People don’t tend to think about warranties and service policies when they buy a decorative plumbing fixture. Certainly most people focus on these concerns when they are buying a car, but not so much with décor selections. Let me tell you – plumbing is complicated! Things happen and you should prioritize working with a company that stands behind the products they sell. We help you decide on what to purchase and then remain available to support you if there are issues in the future.

With the sounds and scents of spring in the air, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our April blogger, team members from Lombardi Design. They are part of an impressive landscape design firm with clients all over the country. As we move towards spending more time outside, it is a good idea to consider the best use of the space and partner with professionals to help you maximize your enjoyment. 

Jason Sevinor

Gregory Lombardi Design is an award-winning landscape architecture practice with a simple mission: to craft magnificent outdoor spaces for highly discerning clients. Eschewing any single style, our design philosophy calls for the fresh interpretation of timeless principles of order and proportion to create meaningful spaces for our clients. Our aim is to create environments that enhance their surroundings, inspire their inhabitants and awaken the imagination.


This outdoor shower is a terrific statement piece that we’ve specified a lot. It’s very clean and simple and mounts securely to the ground which is unique. It has a wonderful visual quality that makes it different from anything else out there on the market.


We’ve recently been introduced to this product line and are really excited about the possibilities. It’s great to have an option for an outdoor kitchen that is watertight and keeps out pests, right off the shelf. The stainless steel is very high quality, and the components are well crafted for outdoor use.


We think this is a beautiful option for clients who are looking for a refined yet functional utility or potting sink for their home gardens. The dark granite sink has a very substantial feel, and the fir stand will develop a delightful patina over time.


We love finding ways to extend the time clients can spend in an outdoor shower. Introducing a small luxury item like this is a great way to get yourself ready for the day, whether you are heading to the beach or boardroom.


For discerning clients looking for an elevated level of luxury, this exposed shower system really fits the bill. It is a versatile and classic look that will fit the bill for both inside and outside bathing environments. The wide rain shower head, polished chrome finish and thermostatic controls will introduce a visual elegance to what can otherwise be a utilitarian looking space.

AnaVera Design’s Showroom Favorites — February 2023

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A Note From Jason

Jason in a helicopter flying over a coffee plantation in Medellin, Colombia during his recent visit.

Hi everyone!

Last month, I was able to fly south to Colombia in South America for a combination of work and fun. Learning about Colombia was fascinating – the people were so friendly and the weather was absolutely perfect – warm and sunny. Travel and experiencing different history and culture is a passion of mine. As they say, it’s nice to be away, but great to come home. (Well, except for the weather part!) I’m looking forward to planning my next adventure with my son Jack to go to Ecuador and the Galapagos islands in July. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Speaking of counting the days until summer arrives, we have recently hosted a few events to introduce the Julien Outdoor Kitchen. We held a Lunch & Learn at our showroom in Watertown, where we have this beautiful item on display. Two team members from Julien traveled here from their headquarters in Canada and were able to talk in-depth about the construction process and quality of materials. We also went on the road and had off-site meetings at local offices. During this process, we met with a number of well-established and reputable landscape design professionals and they seem very enthusiastic about this product. The line offers a high-quality marine grade steel finish that has been proven to have the capability to withstand the weather conditions that our northeast climate throws at us. If you are lucky enough to live on or near the ocean, you know that these challenges are magnified by the salt air.

I find that outdoor kitchens intrinsically make people think about entertaining on the patio or veranda. This type of visualization is going to have to suffice for the real thing until the temps go up A LOT higher than they are now!

I would like to introduce our guest blogger for the month of February. Ana Bonilla of AnaVera Design has been a valued client of Designer Bath for many years.

All the Best,
Jason Sevinor

Based in Newton and serving the Greater Boston Area, Ana Bonilla is the Owner and Principal of AnaVera Design – a full service interior design firm specializing in creating vibrant and timeless spaces. Ana prides herself on building lasting relationships with her clients to ensure each project reflects the homeowner’s unique personality. Ana’s eclectic and colorful designs are influenced by her childhood in Peru, living abroad in Paris, and global travels.


The Lacava Eleganza immediately attracted me due to its striking black color and elegant shape — this made an impression on me – it’s a really cool tub. I like how it could work as the room’s showstopper within a more traditionally designed space because it’s not super modern.


Samuel Heath’s LMK Industrial Therm Shower caught my eye because it is so beautifully made — the craftsmanship is just gorgeous. It almost looks like jewelry with all of the thoughtful details and the exquisite handle. All of the screws used to keep the pieces together are invisible. What you notice are the clean lines and high quality finish. This could work well in either a super modern space or a more traditional space.


I love the combination of wood and metal elements on this Franz Viegener faucet — usually bathroom faucets are all metal with nothing interesting to see. It’s a well-executed design that smoothly balances the combination of two materials in a fixture that is usually one dimensional.


The Linkasink Coco made my list because doing something so different and fresh with a sink is totally unexpected. It would shine as the statement piece of a little butler’s pantry or coffee station. It provides a moment of drama that adds a hint of luxury in a way that is subtle yet also impactful.


The texture, color, and how slick it looks — I love everything about the Monolite Vanity by Artelinea. In a bathroom, where things can be flat and one-dimensional, bringing in this pop of energy and modern design will make the room. It’s almost like an artistic piece of living room furniture rather than a bathroom vanity. Selecting out-of-the-ordinary pieces like this make rooms special for the client.

KitchenVisions’ Showroom Favorites — January 2023

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A Note From Jason

New Color for the New Year!

Hello everyone!

Happy Holidays! It’s a new year and a great time to look at our business from a fresh perspective. Our company’s 77th anniversary last summer was a perfect moment for me and my family to reminisce with stories of the past, while also exploring ways to move the dial forward.

One thing that needed some attention was the exterior of our Beverly store and showroom. We work on the inside, so our focus is usually on updating the décor and displays that people see when they walk through our doors. However, the outside of the building was getting tired and didn’t effectively portray our team’s energy and expertise, which has always been such a source of pride. Every day, our employees demonstrate their product knowledge and commitment to service. We have high standards for them to uphold and I believe we should apply these benchmarks to every aspect of our business. After all, as design professionals know, every detail is important. After a few months of planning, we began renovating and enhancing the curb appeal of our location on River Street. It is a work in progress. We are still waiting on signage and some additional enhancements. What do you think of the changes?

Without further ado, I would like to introduce our bloggers for January. Based in Natick, MA, KitchenVisions just celebrated a decade in business. We’re applauding and congratulating this award-winning design team for reaching this significant milestone.

Jason Sevinor

Founder & Principal designer Jodi Swartz, CKBR, UDCP, became a Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer/Remodeler as well as a Universal Design specialist and space planner after remodeling 11 of her own homes. Lead Designer Natasha Young joined the KitchenVisions team in 2020 after spending time as an independent designer and working for an award winning design-build firm.


We love the Madeli Estate as a stand-alone vanity. The metal trim is classy and modern. It’s a very transitional piece — it would fit well into a traditional or modern setting. There are also several options to choose from in terms of the legs and complementary details. We’re doing one now in a cherry finish with a gorgeous burgundy stain and a beautiful bronze metal inlay.


The Keuco LED Mirror Cabinet is only 26 inches high — it would be perfect to tuck into a smaller space, like a powder room in the city. The mirror does it all: it’s very pretty and it offers so much light to frame your face. Light around the side of a cabinet works much better than a recessed light or sconce above a mirror.


How cool is the Waterstone Pull Down Kitchen Faucet? When it comes to plumbing, there’s only so much you can really do to innovate and make a kitchen faucet different. These guys really pick it up a step — you don’t usually see faucets that look like this. We imagine seeing this fixture in a renovated, barn-like home or carriage house. It certainly could make a statement in a relatively minimalist space as well. This faucet in and of itself is a piece of art.


We’re obsessed with this Cantina Bar Sink by Native Trails — it’s like a sparkly piece of jewelry. It is elegant and refined, yet you don’t have to be precious with it. The texture is just stunning. It elicits a sculptured yet informal moment for a chic bar area.


The Crosswater Patinato is a fantastic tub — we actually have a picture of it on our website and we just won a PRISM award from BRAGB (Builders and Remodelers Assoc. of Greater Boston) for a primary bathroom with this tub. We love that it’s a freestanding tub but it also attaches to the wall, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning behind it. It’s also comfortable and not so huge that it won’t fit into a smaller space.

Mellowes & Paladino Architects’ Showroom Favorites — November 2022

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A Note From Jason

The team at the Watertown showroom are ready to welcome guests prior to our recent PRO NE event.
I couldn’t be there but my dad and sister were happy to represent the Sevinor family.

Hi everyone! 

Is anyone actually happy when we turn the clocks back and it gets dark so early? I often feel that this is the moment when the reality of winter approaching really sinks in. And how about making plans to go south? I always find it fun to think about getting away when the weather starts becoming less hospitable.

I just went south, but only to NYC, so it probably doesn’t really count as a trip to chase warm temps and sunshine. My visit to the Big Apple was to attend a gathering of my fellow YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) colleagues. We met to attend EDGE, the largest gathering of CEOs in the world.  It was an opportunity to engage openly, working collectively to become better, not just in business, but in life. I have been a YPO member since 2014 and a board member since 2015. 

When we have events at our showrooms, I typically welcome our guests and say a little bit about our company. While I was in NYC attending YPO meetings, my sister Mindy took on this task for an event we did with PRO NE (Professional Remodelers Organization of New England). She rocked it! I had no doubt that she would do an amazing job and I was thrilled to hear the positive reports. In fact, my colleagues who were at the event worked their magic and made sure that all guests had a wonderful time. It was a big success and I am proud of my team. Their professionalism and commitment to pursuing excellence in everything they do enabled me to leave for five days without worry. I am appreciative of their efforts!

Our guest bloggers this month are the architects from Mellowes & Paladino. Individually, they are all talented, experienced, and creative professionals. As a group, they take listening to their clients to another level and the results are spectacular.

All the Best,
Jason Sevinor

For more than a quarter century, Mellowes & Paladino Architects have been designing custom residences, new additions, and renovations of existing homes in city, town and coastal settings in Boston and throughout New England.

The team at Mellowes & Paladino Architects share many years of combined experience in the New England Design community. Bob Paladino leads a group of creative, skilled architects and designers who each have expertise in custom, high-end residential architecture and design.


Our first reaction: this is a forever favorite faucet with classic, clean lines. The bridge design elevates the faucet off the counter, making it a signature focal point in the space. You can control hot and cold water temperature separately, so it’s easy to make small adjustments to get the desired water temperature. The Perrin & Rowe products combine traditional shapes and aesthetics with a record of excellent performance that we’ve come to expect from House of Rohl.


This Samuel Heath Fairfield faucet has handsome wood levers, which would work well for a bathroom off a den or golf room. We also love the range of brass finishes that Samuel Heath offers (pictured here). There are many options if you want the warmth of brass in your space but aren’t ready to fully commit to glassy, old-fashioned brass. We like to think of these contemporary, subtle brass options as “brass lite”, and they work well in all kinds of spaces.


We like the chrome faceplate of this Jaclo showerhead — it’s a sleek and fresh aesthetic. The six-function capability is great, and it also has a pause control to conserve water. We particularly love the wet room at Designer Bath in Watertown, where you can see this showerhead installed beside many others. You can turn on each showerhead to test water flow, spray action and other nuances of the various designs. It’s a hands-on experience that we haven’t found in other showrooms, and it’s a great way to find the best option for your bathroom.


It might not be the first brand that comes to mind for toilets, but Crosswater London makes a range of toilets that we source frequently. The Heir Toilet toilet by Crosswater London is very pretty as far as toilets go. We love the skirted design with its subtle curves and simple, flat lid. Most importantly, the seamless, one-piece design also makes it easy to clean.


This Victorian Fireclay Sink from Nantucket Sinks is fun! It comes in several colors — a good range to choose from for any space. Because of the three holes, you can get a regular, wall-mounted faucet to go with it. There are lots of flexible applications, and we could see it working particularly well in a pool house, kids’ bathroom or a laundry room.

Charles Street Design’s Showroom Favorites — February 2022

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A Note From Jason

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow! Looks like we’re in for 6 more weeks of winter. 

Hi everyone,

We did it. We’ve finally made it through the loooongest month of all time — and with the Omicron outbreak, record cold temperatures, and dismal, dark days — it felt like it would never end. But now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The daylight is quite literally lasting longer and spring is in sight as we all count down to its official start on March 20.

Speaking of spring and our collective dream of sunny, warmer days — today is Groundhog Day, and over in Gobbler’s Knob, PA, Punxsutawney Phil has officially seen his shadow. Sadly, he was shown retreating back to his den and we may be in for another February full of surprise snowstorms like last year. In fact, I have just finished shoveling everything that was dumped in my driveway from the blizzard on Saturday and now it looks like we are going to be hit again at the end of the week. Looking on the bright side: I think it will make me appreciate the spring all the more when it comes.

Speaking of appreciation, I’m delighted to introduce February’s guest blogger: the talented Lindsay Lawrence, Interior Design Director of Charles Street Design.

Lindsay and the team at Charles Street Design aim to create thoughtful and beautiful spaces, ensuring all designs will stand the test of time, stylistically and functionally. “While no two clients are alike, we adapt to each project with fresh ideas and seek ingenious pieces that are unique to each client, working in various styles,” Lindsay tells us. “From the early stages of planning to the final installation of furnishings, we collaborate with all professionals involved to make our client’s dreams become reality.”

Lindsay selected some fun pieces from our showroom as her favorites — let us know what you think.

All the Best,

Jason Sevinor


I am a total fan of The Galley Workstation, as is nearly every client I show it to. It works really great for all types of cooks in the kitchen. Whether you’re prepping and using the bamboo cutting board, entertaining and reveling in the additional counter space, or cleaning up and tucking dirty items out of sight until you have more time later, it can be used in a countless number of different ways. Plus, the bamboo adds a warm, organic accent to your space.


I’m sure everyone can relate to working in the kitchen with dirty hands — then having to clean your faucet from the mess you made turning it on or off. Perrin & Rowe’s Armstrong Touchless Faucet has a pull-down feature and a sensor, so instead of having to maneuver using your elbow or one non-dirty finger to turn it on — you can wave your hands, and voila! The practicality is completely worth it and a big game-changer in terms of functionality.


I love this piece by Furniture Guild because it helps bring that warm, comfortable feeling of an inviting and cozy home to a room that can typically be considered cold. Implementing organic materials adds so much depth and texture to even the smallest bathroom. This is a sleek piece that channels a fresh vibe while its rustic patina helps keep the overall style grounded with a solid foundation.


Most women would probably agree that leaning over a wet counter space can be uncomfortable. The Keuco iLook_Move gives you the experience and convenience of a sit-down vanity without needing a ton of space. It really is like a piece of jewelry — it’s pretty to look at and also efficient because it folds right back in. 


I love this for an outdoor shower. It’s so practical in the sense that you can literally unhook it from the wall and take it inside for the winter. It’s really a piece of art in itself – it’s just gorgeous. The look is modern, yet classic. In fact, the only downside is that the season for outdoor showers is so short in New England!

Diane Burcz’s Showroom Favorites — January 2022

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A Note From Jason

This picture is from our company’s holiday party a couple years ago and it always makes me smile. In the midst of information being somewhat dire as we close out 2021 and move into 2022, I want to take the time to think of things that bring me joy.

Hi everyone,

It’s the first week of January and that means there’s one thing on everyone’s minds: New Year’s Resolutions. In 2022, my resolution is to make progress with my elusive quest for a better work/life balance. Every day, I try to be the best leader of my company, as well as the best husband, dad, son, brother, and friend. And in addition to that, I try to make time for self-care, which, as you might imagine, usually is last on the list.

It’s a daunting task trying to juggle all of these roles. We talk to clients all day long about how a beautiful bathroom can create an oasis of calm in their homes — and this is important! I struggle sometimes to take my own advice. My resolution for 2022 is to cut myself a bit more slack, to commit to carving out some personal time on a regular basis, and to reflect daily on the positive elements of my life.

Speaking of things that have made my life super busy lately — we are getting ready to open a new location for Salem Plumbing Supply in Danvers. We’re very excited about our new spot, which will make things easier and more convenient for our plumbers with easy access from Route 1 and Route 114. It’s really coming together and we hope to announce the official opening soon. We are also increasing our staff with the addition of the new location, so if you know of any potential job applicants, please let me know!

I’m also excited to introduce our first guest blogger of the new year: Diane Burcz, Founder and Principal of Diane Burcz Interior Design.

An award-winning interior designer, Diane Burcz (pronounced Birch like the tree, hence her Instagram handle @birchstyle) grew up in Minnesota but has lived all over the United States, completing her kitchen and bath certificate at the Boston Architectural College. In 2013, she launched Diane Burcz Interior Design, working on projects in Boston, its surrounding suburbs, and Cape Cod. Burcz’s aesthetic influences are mid-century modern, California and Scandinavian design with an emphasis on clean, simple lines and natural materials.

We love Diane’s picks from our showrooms — let us know what you think.

All the Best,
Jason Sevinor


If you’ve got the height at the sink, I love a pull-down faucet. And I like the industrial look of this piece from California Faucets, especially the “nut” at the top of the neck that gives it a machine quality. The feel of it is muscular — like it would make quick work of dirty dishes and cleaning fruits and vegetables in the kitchen sink. The location of the sprayer makes it comfortable to use and it returns effortlessly to the stem.


This one really caught my eye because it looks industrial with handles resembling water shut-off valves, but with a simple and almost sculptural look. The polished nickel finish is just so beautiful. I was impressed that they were able to marry the two styles: industrial and elegant.


This piece by Nantucket Sinks is so fun, especially with these great colors — making this classic piece seem new and modern. This would be great in a laundry room or mudroom — modern or traditional — with black and white patterned concrete tiles on the floor. It’s big enough to tackle laundry tasks and maybe even bathe a small dog. Whatever chores you are doing, this sink will brighten your day.


I’m a huge fan of Lacava sinks and have used them in many of my projects. The matte black console would work well in a smaller space since it floats above the floor, highlighting beautiful floor tile and reducing clutter by serving as a convenient place to hang towels. I used this type of console and sink combination in a bathroom that was a “wet room” — a bathroom whose entire floor sloped to the shower drain. I also like the deep faucet deck on the sink. There is plenty of room for soap next to the faucet and the smooth transition from sink deck to drain means it is easy to keep clean.


Every time I walk into the Designer Bath showroom, the Julien SocialCorner sink catches my eye with the crisp lines of its stainless steel apron front. This would work perfectly for a cocktail service area, especially now with so much attention placed on home bars. It allows guests to circulate and use the sink on two sides. It’s a very striking piece. It is clever how the apron-like front continues beyond the sink bowl in an unexpected, modern detail.

Mally Skok’s Showroom Favorites — November 2021

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A Note From Jason

Photos from my sister Mindy’s wedding in September.

Hi everyone,

November brings with it the beginning of the holiday season — one of the highlights of the year, in my opinion. During the next two months, many of us try to make a special effort to connect with the ones we love. It’s the time of year we can take a moment to stop and reflect on the good things in our lives.

I’m grateful for my sister Mindy and the happiness we all felt when she got married earlier this fall. We welcome the new additions to our extended family with joy and enthusiasm. It was a beautiful intimate celebration and I was reminded of how thankful I am for my sister, our family, and our family-owned business. 

This holiday season, I hope we can all take some moments to unplug, step back, and appreciate what we have. The past year and a half has been unlike any other, but for some of us, it has made us take stock of our priorities and brought us closer to the most important people in our lives. As Thanksgiving approaches, I plan to take some time to count my blessings and to let people around me know how much I value their presence in my life. 

Without further ado, we would like to introduce our November guest blogger: Mally Skok. Mally is an East Coast interior designer and textile maker who originally hails from South Africa, a place that is close to my heart as I had an amazing trip there a few years ago. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go on this adventure as a member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization — a global leadership community of chief executives). 

Mally and her family moved in the mid-1990s from London to America, where she launched her interior design business. Mally has since built a client base that is enamored with her creative mix of layering the new with the old and transforming homes into comfortable, colourful living spaces. I am especially impressed with her support of local charity Heading Home and the recent publication of her first book, which delivers creative tips for successful entertaining. Since Mally is currently residing in Palm Beach, she used links from our website to see what we offer and what we have on display. These are great tools to use when you are not able to visit one of our showrooms and you are in the mood to do some shopping for fixtures and accessories. 

I hope you enjoy Mally’s picks and her lively commentary! 

All the Best,
Jason Sevinor


I am currently slightly obsessed with bath tubs that stand out in the open and there’s nothing between you, soaking away, and the sparkling ocean below. I could see this beauty in a quiet courtyard off a bedroom, high above the Aegean Sea, with breezes floating in, while you lie in the dappled light of an overhead bamboo awning.


A while ago, I saw a bathroom in an updated country manor where the shower had no door or glass partition, just a beautiful old encaustic tile floor that floated towards a hidden drain. The rest of the bathroom was filled with a shabby, old, beat-up antique armchair, with what looked like village jumble sale watercolors on the walls. So chic and un-bathroom like.


I long for a flower room with a big sunny window looking out onto a garden. Rows of Pelargoniums lined up along the window sill. Shelves of orchids resting after their last bloom catching the dappled light. This sink would be so amazing with a sink skirt in an old-fashioned print, to finish off the look. Perfect for potting and clippings!


A couple of years ago, my hubbie and I bought a new construction house with a hot water spigot. We had no idea what we had been missing!! I love being able to make multiple cups of my favourite Rooibos tea at the blink of an eye. Add a nice South African rusk and your afternoon is instantly uplifted, with no caffeine!


I am a fan of the simplest of pendants over the kitchen counter or center island. I recently heard a talk from the famous architect Bobby McAlpine, and he remarked that kitchens are mostly ripped out during renovations because they date a house. What a waste and what a shame! I believe in simple, quality kitchens that you can’t date. This is the type of light I like for that classic timeless look!

Jacob Lilley’s Showroom Favorites — October 2021

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A Note From Jason

From left to right: Jason Sevinor, Kate Maloney Albiani, Rob Cocuzzo, Jenny Johnson, Mindy Sevinor, Clinton Smith, and Kathy Bush-Dutton at our Watertown showroom for our recent “Marriage of Styles” event. 

Hi everyone,

Have you had the opportunity to get out of the house to enjoy some of the crisp fall days in New England with your family and friends? I was reminded of the importance of connecting with people when we recently hosted our first in-person event at our showroom after taking a break from this type of activity for almost two years.

It was an absolutely wonderful feeling, something we had all been missing, but didn’t notice to what degree until we were there — chatting with panelists and friends, showing people our new showroom displays, laughing together in person. It almost felt like normal times again!

We want to extend a huge thanks to New England Home Magazine for co-hosting the “Marriage of Styles” event with us, and to our panelists, New England power couple (and awesome people) Jenny Johnson and Rob Cocuzzo, the inimitable Kate Maloney Albiani (who’s helping Jenny and Rob design their new home), and NE Home Editor-at-large Clinton Smith, who always delights us with his dashing persona and on-trend insights. If you want to see the video of the FB Live stream of the discussion, you can access it here.

Jenny and Rob just bought a 100+ year old home in Swampscott, MA — a town that’s dear to my heart as my sister Mindy and I grew up there. They had lived in Boston for 20+ years, and weren’t even planning on buying a home, but as they watched their beautiful 3 year-old daughter run through the backyard of this house — something felt right. Something felt like home. We are glad to welcome them to the Northshore!

After the panel presentation concluded, I was chatting with panelists and guests and it hit me again: I miss this. Our business at Designer Bath is built solidly on partnerships and people, and this is what I care about most. I look forward to bringing “in-person” back to some semblance of how it used to be — and hey, chic Designer Bath mask or not, you can tell we’re all smiling under there.

One of our favorite architects joined us for our Boston Design Week event and came by the showroom early to pick out his “five favs.” We think you will agree that he made fabulous choices! Without further ado, we would like to introduce our October guest blogger: Jake Lilley of Jacob Lilley Architects.

Originally from England, Jake founded Jacob Lilley Architects after six years as a Principal at Lilley-Dadagian Architects, and before then as a Project Director for the nationally recognized Architecture, Planning and Landscape firm of Wallace Roberts and Todd in Philadelphia.

Previously, Jake worked at GUND Partnership in Cambridge, Massachusetts for six years as a Senior Designer with the Independent School Studio, and as a designer for the office of Hoffman O’Brien Look Taube & Chiang in Ithaca, New York.

We love Jake’s picks from our showroom — let us know what you think.

All the Best,

Jason Sevinor

There are three things I look for with plumbing fixtures: quality, utilitarian design, and how it feels in your hand. That’s the thing about these fixtures — you’re touching them frequently, so they have to feel good. And you know substance when you have it in your hands. My first litmus test is always where’s the quality? Is it metal or is it plastic? I like to feel the quality in it. 

I also like streamlined fixtures — sleek, elegant, not overdressed. I like fixtures that are simple and elegant but also functional and beautiful.

We always tell our clients the kitchen faucet is the most used feature in the house — do not ignore it. Invest in your faucet. Make it a statement piece.


There’s something classic about this model — beautiful lines, great controls, timeless design. We keep coming back to this fixture over and over again. The independent sprayer also feels substantive — it has a great weight to it. You know the second you pick it up that it feels interesting to the hand and almost as heavy as a two-pound weight, unlike most other sprayers. The black handle on the sprayer doesn’t show fingerprints, provides a wonderful contrast to the chrome of the top, and appears to be beveled at the bottom so it has a snug fit.


I’m from England; we have a history of exposed plumbing, which can be quite beautiful to look at and appreciate. I approach this almost as a piece of sculpture or art. This fixture has so much presence that it can take the lead in the bathroom design — it could be a showpiece fixture that you design the rest of the bathroom around. It transforms the shower experience.


I love the warm white color and tactile nature of this piece. The profile of the tub is different from the inside to the outside, which gives it a carved effect — it has a hefty feel on the outside, like it’s cut out of a block of marble, but the inside is so soft it feels like velvet to the touch. The integral drain allows you to move the tub filler to any place on the tub. This is key, especially for double soaking — no one’s getting water poured on their back!


I love this piece because it’s not exclusively cabinet hardware, you can use it in the bathroom for towels or any sort of wall hangers. You can tell that Lisa Jarvis is a jewelry designer because each of her pieces is artistic — you could use them for themed rooms, like the anchors in a nautical themed bathroom. Besides just being an interesting design, it has substance to it; it feels good to the touch. The thread through all of my picks is the quality of the products.


I love how the countertop and drawers are all one color. There’s a beautiful, smooth transition from the sink into the drain. The high sheen of the countertop and the matte, gun metal grey of the Graff faucet create a good balance. Anything that floats always makes the room feel bigger. I also like how well thought out this vanity is structurally — like the horseshoe cut-out inside the drawer that serves to hide all plumbing.

Kate Maloney Albiani’s Showroom Favorites — September 2021

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A Note From Jason

My two sons were excited for the start of the school year!

Hi everyone,

Now that Labor Day Weekend has passed and pumpkin spice season has arrived, we’re ready to dive into fall! My sons started first and third grades last week. It’s crazy how they always seem to grow older on the first day of school.

As the kids return to their academic endeavors and a new routine, you may have more peace and quiet at home to consider renovations or improvements. Have you ever struggled with the process of compromising with your partner on design styles? This common conundrum led us to coordinate an event with speakers who will dig into this spicy topic.

On September 29, we’re excited to partner with New England Home Magazine to host a Boston Design Week panel presentation about exactly this at our Watertown showroom (and via Facebook Live if you’d like to attend virtually) — A Marriage of Styles. The line-up features power couple Jenny Johnson and Robert Cocuzzo and esteemed interior designer Kate Maloney Albiani (this month’s guest blogger) for a fun and informative talk on all things home.

Johnson (TV host) and Cocuzzo (author and editor) recently renovated and decorated their new home, collaborating with Maloney Albiani on the design details. Hear their insights on how they combined “his and her” tastes to create an inviting and on-trend home for their growing family. The panel will be moderated by New England Home’s Editor at Large Clinton Smith, and the lively discussion is sure to entertain and inspire you.

If you feel like coming in person, the event is free and open to the public at our showroom in Watertown. We are asking everyone to register in advance here and directions for accessing the event virtually will be sent to all registered attendees

And now, on to our guest blogger of the month (and host of our panel on September 29!): Kate Maloney Albiani, Principal and Lead Designer at Kate Maloney Interior Design (KMID)

Kate believes that good design is an organic process between the designer and the clients who know what they love.

Kate has mastered the art of combining antique and modern pieces with wonderfully unexpected details. After practicing interior design in New England for over a decade, Kate is known for her textural interiors and her ability to handily balance form with function. Her goal is to design rooms that are just as beautiful to look at, as they are comfortable to live in.

Below are Kate’s picks from our showrooms — we can’t wait to hear more of her insights at our event on September 29.


Jason Sevinor

Generally speaking, with our projects, we try to weigh the architecture of the house we’re working in with the personal style of the family who lives there. Our job is to bridge the gap between the two.

I think about bathrooms as a selection of timeless classics. For example, details like paint, light fixtures, and art can change with your taste — but I find plumbing fixtures and vanities, items that are going to have longer lifespans in your home, need to match the architecture of the house and fall on the more classic and timeliness end of the scale.


This one is a show-stopper. When I walked into the showroom, it immediately took my breath away — I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough. It is just SO beautiful. I love the sense of nature that it brings to the idea of bathing — so organic and grounding.


To me, this is one of the strongest vanity pieces on the floor at the showroom. It strikes a nice balance between traditional/classic and the hardware injecting a little bit of glamour. It hits a lot of notes: organic quality with the finish, traditional leg, and glamourous hardware.


This one was cool — it was really a beautiful thing. I love a plumbing fixture where you can really appreciate how it works. The handle has a great texture. I love the bolt-looking connection piece between the neck and the arm. I felt there was a sturdy sense to the sprayer. It’s a little more modern than I usually lean, but something about this felt elevated.


I’m a sucker for an old school plumbing fixture. I think there’s such a beautiful sensibility to seeing how these pieces come together. I love an exposed shower system like this. There’s something so traditional and beautiful and also new and clean at the same time. I love that it hits all those notes so successfully.


This is such a grounded, classic, traditional piece. I think it would be a beautiful statement piece in a bathroom or powder room. It feels so high-end and so timeless that I was attracted to it immediately when I saw it.

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