Kate Maloney Albiani’s Showroom Favorites — September 2021

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A Note From Jason

My two sons were excited for the start of the school year!

Hi everyone,

Now that Labor Day Weekend has passed and pumpkin spice season has arrived, we’re ready to dive into fall! My sons started first and third grades last week. It’s crazy how they always seem to grow older on the first day of school.

As the kids return to their academic endeavors and a new routine, you may have more peace and quiet at home to consider renovations or improvements. Have you ever struggled with the process of compromising with your partner on design styles? This common conundrum led us to coordinate an event with speakers who will dig into this spicy topic.

On September 29, we’re excited to partner with New England Home Magazine to host a Boston Design Week panel presentation about exactly this at our Watertown showroom (and via Facebook Live if you’d like to attend virtually) — A Marriage of Styles. The line-up features power couple Jenny Johnson and Robert Cocuzzo and esteemed interior designer Kate Maloney Albiani (this month’s guest blogger) for a fun and informative talk on all things home.

Johnson (TV host) and Cocuzzo (author and editor) recently renovated and decorated their new home, collaborating with Maloney Albiani on the design details. Hear their insights on how they combined “his and her” tastes to create an inviting and on-trend home for their growing family. The panel will be moderated by New England Home’s Editor at Large Clinton Smith, and the lively discussion is sure to entertain and inspire you.

If you feel like coming in person, the event is free and open to the public at our showroom in Watertown. We are asking everyone to register in advance here and directions for accessing the event virtually will be sent to all registered attendees

And now, on to our guest blogger of the month (and host of our panel on September 29!): Kate Maloney Albiani, Principal and Lead Designer at Kate Maloney Interior Design (KMID)

Kate believes that good design is an organic process between the designer and the clients who know what they love.

Kate has mastered the art of combining antique and modern pieces with wonderfully unexpected details. After practicing interior design in New England for over a decade, Kate is known for her textural interiors and her ability to handily balance form with function. Her goal is to design rooms that are just as beautiful to look at, as they are comfortable to live in.

Below are Kate’s picks from our showrooms — we can’t wait to hear more of her insights at our event on September 29.


Jason Sevinor

Generally speaking, with our projects, we try to weigh the architecture of the house we’re working in with the personal style of the family who lives there. Our job is to bridge the gap between the two.

I think about bathrooms as a selection of timeless classics. For example, details like paint, light fixtures, and art can change with your taste — but I find plumbing fixtures and vanities, items that are going to have longer lifespans in your home, need to match the architecture of the house and fall on the more classic and timeliness end of the scale.


This one is a show-stopper. When I walked into the showroom, it immediately took my breath away — I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough. It is just SO beautiful. I love the sense of nature that it brings to the idea of bathing — so organic and grounding.


To me, this is one of the strongest vanity pieces on the floor at the showroom. It strikes a nice balance between traditional/classic and the hardware injecting a little bit of glamour. It hits a lot of notes: organic quality with the finish, traditional leg, and glamourous hardware.


This one was cool — it was really a beautiful thing. I love a plumbing fixture where you can really appreciate how it works. The handle has a great texture. I love the bolt-looking connection piece between the neck and the arm. I felt there was a sturdy sense to the sprayer. It’s a little more modern than I usually lean, but something about this felt elevated.


I’m a sucker for an old school plumbing fixture. I think there’s such a beautiful sensibility to seeing how these pieces come together. I love an exposed shower system like this. There’s something so traditional and beautiful and also new and clean at the same time. I love that it hits all those notes so successfully.


This is such a grounded, classic, traditional piece. I think it would be a beautiful statement piece in a bathroom or powder room. It feels so high-end and so timeless that I was attracted to it immediately when I saw it.

Laura Burnes’ Showroom Favorites — August 2021

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A Note From Jason

Jason and his dad Ralph proudly display the special citation they received from the Governor’s Office in honor of the company’s 75th anniversary last year.

Hi everyone,

As crazy as it sounds, this first week of August marks 76 years of Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply. I wonder how many bathroom transformations we’ve been a part of in 76 years — probably too many to count. I hope we’ve made our customers smile over the years whenever they look at their new fixtures.

This past weekend I was thinking about how we had a big 75-year anniversary party planned for August 2020. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But what happened instead was almost more special: we learned to adapt. We offered virtual options and expanded the ways we connect and communicate. As homes became more important than ever, we were still able to be there for our customers. We made it work, 76 years later, during a global pandemic. 

As I carry on the legacy of my father and grandfather before him to bring our family-owned business into this new era, I’m so proud of our resilience. I’m beyond grateful for the Designer Bath staff and clients, our extended family, who got us to where we are today. The future is looking bright. 

When we talk about adaptability, I think about how even as things return more to “normal” this fall, many companies have reevaluated their priorities. We see the hybrid work model taking shape, which lands most of us in our homes more often than we used to be. We are evaluating the spaces in our homes, especially our bathrooms and kitchens, and transforming them into little pockets of calm and serenity. These rooms are so valuable and are used so often we almost take them for granted. They should be our sanctuaries, our escapes. They should make us happy every day. 

And now, on to our guest blogger of the month: Laura Burnes, Director of Project Planning at Adams + Beasley Associates. 

After opening the interior design branch of Vanecko Ltd. in 2006, Laura Burnes ventured out on her own to start LB Custom Projects, four years later. She’s always loved the collaboration between clients, architects, builders and other designers to make someone’s dream a reality. After a solo stint of six years, she was ready to expand, and a partnership at Adams + Beasley came at just the right time. Laura is now Director of Project Planning, working directly with clients and industry partners at the intersection of design and craft — and she’s excited to see where this path takes her next.

We love Laura’s picks from our showrooms — let us know if you agree.


Jason Sevinor


Freestanding tubs are such a great opportunity for a piece of art in your bathroom. I’m a tub person, so I love the functionality of a tub. What I love about MTI is they’ve created impeccable product lines that perfectly blend functional technology with elegant shapes.


Powder rooms are places you visit for short periods of time throughout the day. What I love to do when I design them is create a moment of discovery every time you visit the room — something almost unexpectedly special and beautiful. That’s what this Native Trails Nipomo Stone Sink does; it’s a little bit unexpected and beautiful and fun.


The tall arch of the Dornbracht Tara Ultra faucet is such an elegant form. It also feels good in your hand when you use it. It functions effectively and efficiently and sits nicely on the sink. It sets itself apart with stylish details, but doesn’t call attention to itself. It’s the same thing with the side faucet; functional, complementary hot/cold faucets are hard to find. The way this one mirrors the handle of the main faucet — they nailed it!


Talk about a piece of art on your sink countertop. It’s stunning. I used it in a project in Boston this past year and it’s amazing to see water come out of something so unexpected (because it’s very thin and linear). This piece by Franz Viegener is
just perfect.


For my finale — you just can’t beat the Jaclo Storm Showerhead! It has the perfect pressure, it is a really simple mechanism (not an overabundance of plastic), and it’s super functional. It gives you an excellent shower every time. Again, it’s that simple form — not trying to call attention to itself. This is my go-to. I start with this showerhead with every one of my clients.

Justine Sterling’s Showroom Favorites — July 2021

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A Note From Jason

Jason recently took time off to go camping with his family.

Happy July!

Life at home is starting to feel more normal and my heart is full of hope. This summer, I’ve been planning adventures and get-aways to help recover from our year of isolation and solitude. A few weeks ago, my family and I escaped from our “to-do list” to enjoy some starry nights, s’mores, and other outdoor activities at a local campground. We’re excited to continue spending time together this summer, especially celebrating the 2021 Summer Olympics.

While the Summer Olympics honor the greatest athletes in the world, the BONS 2021 Best of the North Shore Awards celebrate the best home/design/build businesses on the North Shore. Designer Bath is proud to have received FOUR nominations in the FIXTURES category — and we’re going for the GOLD! Please take a quick minute to vote for our third-generation family-owned business.

Last but not least, we would like to express our appreciation for the patience and understanding that our customers have shown as we work hard to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. It’s a time like we’ve never seen before in the construction industry and we are working diligently to keep all the balls in the air. We’re proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish with our industry partners during this wild time. Thank you for your continued support!

In this month’s Showroom Favorites, we’re excited to share picks from our July guest blogger, Justine Sterling. Headquartered in Melrose, Justine Sterling has always had a passion for finding structure and order in chaos. She launched Justine Sterling Design in 2008, after working in innovative and prestigious hospitality and commercial interiors and architectural firms in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Boston. We connected a few years ago when I had the opportunity to take a trip to South Africa and she recommended some of her favorite hometown destinations.

Justine Sterling Design specializes in full-service residential interior design — taking their clients on a journey of “Discovering Home” during their step-by-step design process. Her firm effectively handles conceptual design through construction administration, furniture installation, and lastly the all-important styling elements placement. She’s been featured in many publications such as New England Home magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors Boston, The Boston Globe, Boston Home magazine, and the Interior Design Best of Residential book.

Take a peek below at some of this much-acclaimed designer’s selections from the Designer Bath showroom in Watertown.

Jason Sevinor



The modern, utilitarian vibe of this articulating faucet instantly drew me in.


I love this new addition to the Brizo collection. This handle option has no inlay, allowing it to be fully exposed to show the modern curved design detail. Lastly, the brilliance luxe gold finish is beautiful: it defines elegant luxury with its timeless, brushed, low luster gold tone.


Not too long ago, I used this Lacava counter sink and console on an indoor pool project for the changing room. We customized it in length, height and depth, and added a metal shelf to the console for baskets that provided extra towel storage. The functionality of the wide width sink in this vanity was perfect for our project.


I climbed into a few freestanding tubs in the Watertown showroom to see how comfy they were and this MTI one felt like a cocoon. The curved organic-shaped design is dreamy from a design perspective as well.

I would suggest a tall side table near it (which most freestanding tubs need) to offer a place for soap, shampoo, etc. I’d love to try it filled with water for the full whirlpool effect!


This Jaclo large rain head machine gets mounted flush into a shower ceiling creating a clean and contemporary design overhead. I loved the simplicity of the design, with the function of spreading a large shower of water. I would pair it with a wall shower head too (or two if you have room for a dual shower).

Meghan McNamara’s Showroom Favorites — June 2021

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A Note From Jason

The renovation is almost complete at our Beverly showroom. Photo Credit: Born Imagery

Happy June! 

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which always makes me pause and reflect on my feeling that being a dad of two boys has been the most important job of my life. To all the dads out there, I want to wish you an amazing day. Our company’s success and growth over more than three-quarters of a century is a tribute to the work of my dad before me and his dad before him. I am proud to carry on our family tradition and want to extend a special Happy Father’s Day to my dad. He’s been an incredible role model and I’m thankful for all the opportunities he has given me.

Many of our loyal long-term customers know that our Annual Sale is normally in June and typically begins the day before Father’s Day. Even though Covid 19 restrictions have been relaxed, we have made the choice not to host the big in-person sale this year. We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about major product discounts, from bathtubs to kitchen sinks. Please call or email us with any questions you may have.

Throughout the last fifteen months, we are proud to say that our Designer Bath showrooms and Salem Plumbing Supply wholesale outlets have remained open and have avoided lay-offs. Our staff is what makes us great and we have tried to support them in a myriad of ways throughout this ordeal. We are grateful to all of our employees for going above and beyond to keep the business afloat. We’re also appreciative of the customers who have continued to use Designer Bath when building and updating their homes. Our business has survived and thrived over the last year, and we’re excited to move forward as life gets closer to returning to normal.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to this month’s Showroom Favorites Blogger, Meghan McNamara. She is the first blogger who has been able to select items at our newly renovated Beverly showroom. We are glad we have finally completed this extensive project!

With a Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan, Meghan began her career working on large-scale complex university buildings. She has since found her way to a practice more closely connected to her roots. Coming from a long line of artists and builders, Meghan now operates at the intersection of design, craft, and construction. As the head of the design services at Pomeroy & Co, Meghan works with clients to reimagine their living spaces to suit their tastes and lifestyles. The full-service nature of the design-build company gives her the opportunity to work closely with the millwork and construction departments, executing projects that celebrate craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Jason Sevinor


I love that this sink bridges a traditional feel with a modern vibe. It is a versatile piece and will maintain its appearance for years to come. The handcrafted fireclay sink is resistant to scratches, thermal shock, alkaline and acids, promising durability, and lasting beauty. My favorite feature? I admire the clean lines and how they complement a variety of cabinet styles. 


Plumbing fixtures like this Oak Hill Wall Mount Faucet offer the opportunity to express functionality in an elegant form.  The industrial nature of the faucet paired with the attention to detail and craft give this piece a unique quality that can become a signature feature in any design.  


This Stone Forest sink is made from solid time-tested materials and can add great function and beauty to your home. Made with natural stone, this sink has an impactful presence in whatever room it is installed in — it’s the perfect contemporary accent piece.


Blending style, quality and function with beautiful European design, this modern Crosswater sink will transform any bathroom. It’s an elegant piece that also plays well into a traditional style.


I like the clean lines and generous depth of this tub. The versatility of being able to install it with an exposed end lends itself to more open configurations for a bathroom. Personally, I think this tub could play well with bold wall and floor tile selections!

Jonathan Sawyer’s Showroom Favorites — January 2020

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A Note From Jason

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and feel refreshed as we dive into 2020.

People have been responding positively to our recent ads. The development of a new campaign was one of our achievements in 2019.

People have been responding positively to our recent ads. The development of a new campaign was one of our achievements in 2019.

Looking back at the past year, some of the highlights are the awards we received for both Boston Magazine’s “Best of Boston Home” and Northshore Home’s “Best of the North Shore.” We feel incredibly grateful for these accolades — which wouldn’t have been possible without your support! We also had fun launching a new ad campaign. The images and witty commentary have been a hit with residents of the Northshore and Metro Boston regions. We invested in a few billboards to make a big impact with compelling visuals and we received a lot of enthusiastic endorsements for the fresh look. When you see one of our ads, please let us know what you think. We always enjoy finding out how people respond to our marketing efforts. 

In 2020, we will be focusing our attention on our company’s 75th anniversary. It’s a big number! We are the longest standing decorative kitchen and bath showroom in Massachusetts. We plan to celebrate this significant anniversary with a variety of activities throughout the year. I am honored to be leading our family’s business as we spend time looking back and recognizing the contributions of my dad and grandfather.

Now for our first “Showroom Favorites” blogger of 2020 — Jonathan Sawyer from Windover Construction. Windover not only builds multi-family and commercial buildings, but also has a thriving division focused on high-end single family homes. Before joining Windover, Jon owned Cornerstone Builders and developed expertise in both commercial and residential construction. Jon lives in Hamilton with his wife and two children. In the summer, he enjoys boating and spending time on the beach with his family. In the winter, you’ll find him skiing with his son. We are excited to share his picks with you all.

Cheers to the New Year!

Jason Sevinor


Jonathan Sawyer's Showroom Favorites January 2020


While choosing my favorites at the showroom, I kept in mind what we’ve selected for homeowners in some of our recent projects. The Stone Forest Carrara sink is something I have seen a lot, as of late. The clean, simple look makes it a true classic.


We installed this Stone Forest vanity in a home recently. It reminded me of restorations we used to do on older homes where we would find vanities with this classic look and tear them out. Now, we’re putting them back in. It’s great to see this style has made a comeback.


Within the last five years, the farmhouse kitchen sink has been a huge trend. They look charming and complement virtually any style of kitchen. They give a kitchen a look that is both timeless and updated.


We installed one of these freestanding tubs from WetStyle in a recent project — it looks absolutely stunning and the homeowner loves it.  A freestanding tub can make a bathroom feel a lot more open and airy. It makes sense that they are becoming incredibly popular. This particular tub seems to go well with either a contemporary or traditional design theme.


The Infinity Drain is both functional and visually appealing. We’ve been tucking them against back walls and using them in curbless showers. They are incredibly versatile in that they can be customized to work with almost any configuration you can imagine. If you’re building a shower that’s an odd length, this drain provides a solution that is perfectly sized and looks great. In fact, it looks good because of its ability to “disappear.” This product is a win-win.

Michael Ferzoco’s Showroom Favorites – December 2019

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A Note From Jason

Hello all,

Jason with Peter Feinmann of Feinmann Inc. at our event last month with Eastern Mass NARI.

Jason with Peter Feinmann of Feinmann Inc. at our event last month with Eastern Mass NARI.

‘Tis the season for… shopping! We hope you were able to make it to one of our showrooms to take advantage of our great deals during our Black Friday Sale. Kitchen and bath products are truly gifts that keep on giving all year long.

Still need to get a special gift for someone you love? Make your way to one of our showrooms for a treat that will enhance their daily life – such as a toasty towel warmer or invigorating shower head with the newest flow technology. Any of our showroom associates would be more than happy to help you pick the perfect present for anyone on your list.

Last month our showroom was full of events. We had a fantastic night of networking and mindfulness with Peter Feinmann and EM NARI. Peter discussed mindfulness and how it relates to our busy, sometimes chaotic, industry. I’m already feeling more zen! We also had a blast having design professional Kristen Rivoli in our showroom to chat about our favorite product lines while sipping champagne. Head to her Instagram to see some photos from her visit.

Without further ado, I am thrilled to announce this month’s guest blogger, Michael Ferzoco. Michael, the talented Principal at Eleven Interiors, leads an award-winning and visionary design team as they delve into a constant array of projects. Their portfolio ranges from new construction and renovations to custom furnishings and bespoke interiors throughout Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Blending vintage and antique elements with contemporary influences, Michael infuses his signature style into all of his work. View his top picks from our showroom below!

Wishing you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays!

Jason Sevinor


Upon visiting Designer Bath’s breathtaking Watertown showroom, I was immediately drawn to pieces that evoked an Art Deco-style bathroom mixed with an industrial edge. I appreciate how the brass finishes in the below fixtures worked together without being overwhelming.


I was immediately mesmerized by this piece and drawn to the fact that it’s crafted from a single piece of marble. While gorgeous, sensual and luxurious, this tub is also quite uncomplicated. There’s very little detail – the simplicity of the shape is a juxtaposition to the sophistication of this amazing slab of stone that’s been smoothed and meticulously carved. Another notable feature is that it’s not too masculine, even with a strong material and dark color. It wouldn’t feel misplaced in a bathroom containing décor that lends itself to femininity. A perfect home sanctuary from Stone Forest!


With this console, the scale of the brass work and the stand itself work beautifully with the weight of the Stone Forest tub I mentioned above. Even with a heavy, hand-carved tub, this sink doesn’t look too slight in comparison. To strike a balance between the two pieces and to allow the console to breath a bit, I would omit having a cabinet in the same space. From an architectural perspective, I can imagine a luxe bathroom with two of these consoles, side-by-side, or one on the left and one on the right, with the statement tub taking center stage amidst a wall of mirrors and gorgeous tile.


Not only is this knob streamlined in its design, it’s incredibly ergonomic. I prefer sphere-shaped knobs as opposed to round and flat, because when you use them, your hand fits right over them in an easy, comfortable manner. The backplate of this particular knob could be round or square as the structure of this piece is fluid. I love how this glass knob provides weight without being overly dominant in this space I’ve concepted. Again, all of the pieces need to work in scale with the statement tub. It’s important for the accessories and accents to ‘float’, providing levity in the room.


Brizo has the most beautiful finishes. What I really liked about this tub filler is its pared-down ease and homage to an era of machine-inspired pieces. The Art Deco period, a deviation from the previous elaborate Art Nouveau period, was all about elegance and minimalism. Brizo’s Litze collection is reminiscent of an industrial-influenced time.


My favorite thing about this Brizo beauty lies in the simplicity. Apart from the one detail of very compelling ribbing and knurling on the stem, this faucet contains no extra adornment. It offers great functionality and versatility coupled with an attractive composition.

J.B. Clancy’s Showroom Favorites – October 2019

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A Note From Jason

Hello all,

We had a great time at our September Lunch and Learn with GRAFF.

We had a great time at our September Lunch and Learn with GRAFF.

The season of crisp colors and cooler weather is here. This past weekend, my son and I witnessed the fall foliage in all its greatness in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We hiked up to the Mizpah Spring Hut and spent the night with friends — what a way to take in the beauty of the season!

We wrapped up September with a Lunch and Learn event with GRAFF where we launched a new event hashtag #DBLunchNLearnGraff. Explore the hashtag on Instagram to view some photos from the event. 

Not only is fall officially here, but October is also National Kitchen and Bath month! To celebrate, we will be highlighting some of our staff’s favorites in the showroom with our “Best of Bath” series. Stay tuned for some of the latest and greatest products on our social media feeds.

For October’s Showroom Favorites, we had J.B. Clancy visit our showroom to pick his favorites. J.B. is an architect and partner with Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects in Boston. ART Architects practices the art and science of architecture throughout the northeast, designing houses in New England traditions, with a focus on place and sustainability.

Wishing you all a fantastic October!

Jason Sevinor


JB Clancy Showroom Favorites
JB Clancy Showroom Favorites

My selections form a collection of fixtures that could act as a complete set for a three fixture bath. My choices followed a “classic with a twist” mode — each piece had something that was unique or unexpected but remained in the expected. I like plumbing fixtures that have a certain sculptural quality. I sometimes think, would the piece be interesting to draw or might it hold my attention if I was to look at it for more than a few minutes? I also think bath fixtures need to be functional and simple to use. At the same time, these pieces are like jewels for your bathroom, so they want to be more than purely utilitarian objects.


I was drawn to my first selection because of its unique cylindrical porcelain handles with a touch of French writing. The faucet’s controls and spout are distinctive in their own right, yet are able to harmonize while aligning with my theme of “classic with a twist.”


I was attracted to this piece for its sculptural qualities — expressive but not too ornate. The elegant controls have a nice combination of porcelain and nickel.


The sturdy and expressive Palmer legs caught my eye. In addition, the oversized marble sink creates an unexpected feature in a bathroom. The monolithic piece of carved marble is a testament to craft.


This collection is both delicate and expressive. The connections highlight the intersections and joints of all the components. The soft nickel color is aligned with the other finishes in the bathroom.


Form follows function with this TOTO MH toilet. It is wall-mounted for easy cleaning, coupled with Toto’s unparalleled performance.

David Sharff’s Showroom Favorites – September 2019

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A Note From Jason

Photo of Jason with his family at Story Land.

My family and I enjoyed our last trip of the summer at Story Land!

Happy September, everyone!

The summer days are winding down and I can’t believe it’s almost over. With Labor Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to squeeze in some final vacation days. My family and I went to Story Land in New Hampshire last week and had a blast. It was a great time – soaking up the fun and sun with the whole family before the kids have to go back to school (yes, it’s that time of year again).

If you have kids of your own, you know how busy this season can be. Whether it’s searching for deals on new clothes or school supplies, it probably feels like you’re racing around trying to get more things done than can fit into the day. Be sure to reserve some shopping time for yourself! Head to our showroom to find that perfect kitchen or bath item you’ve been meaning to buy all summer long.

It’s my pleasure to introduce our guest blogger for this month, David Sharff. David had an early interest in art, history and construction, leading him into the field of architecture. He launched his practice in 1995 with a focus on creating timeless, detail-oriented residential designs and home renovations. Today, his award-winning firm’s designs can be seen enhancing neighborhoods throughout New England. David holds both a BA and an MA in Architecture (1988) from Tulane University, and has instructed design classes at the Boston Architectural Center. He is a registered architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). David’s civic involvement includes the Medfield Historic District Commission and past membership of Medfield’s Planning Board. He also designed two houses for Habitat for Humanity. David is a member of the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) and the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston (BRAGB). We are so happy to share with you his favorite pieces from our showroom.

Wishing you all a happy Labor Day Weekend and a fantastic month!

Jason Sevinor


David Sharff's Showroom Favorites September 2019


I am designing my own new master bathroom and this was the first piece that we chose! It will be the focal point with its clean lines and simple curves. This model is available in two sizes; even the smaller one fits two people.


This is my favorite shower control to recommend to clients who want a minimalist aesthetic; the balance of curves and square edges are a simple statement. Of course, this will appear in our new bathroom next to the tub!


If you want a timeless and functional design with a nod to an industrial aesthetic, this is your perfect sink. The simple combination of the white basin with the black legs will look fresh for years to come. Plus, the horizontal rail is the handiest place for your favorite towel!


I have paired this faucet in black chrome as an ideal complement to the console sink; it shares the same minimalist and industrial aesthetic. The contemporary form of the cross-handles in black matte are an unexpected detail.


This combination is my go-to recommendation for a kitchen sink and faucet. The sink is made of a granite composite material that is durable and stain-resistant, which is a practical change from stainless or fire clay, and is offered in several colors to suit your countertop selection. The faucet’s goose-neck design is elegant and its pull down spray is conveniently hidden and will look timeless in your kitchen.

Dane Austin’s Showroom Favorites – August 2019

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A Note From Jason

Happy August!

Argentinian themed networking event - NE Home Magazine

We were thrilled to have New England Home Magazine’s new Editor-in-chief, Clinton Smith, join us at our Argentinian-themed networking night this past month.

The temps are high and the days are flying by — it’s definitely summertime. There’s no better way to cool down during hot and hazy days than by coming into our air-conditioned, dog-friendly showrooms! We love seeing your four-legged family members.

A few weeks ago, we had the best time at our New England Home networking event, sponsored by Franz Viegener. Our Watertown showroom was jam-packed with talented industry professionals and great Argentinian food. Thank you to everyone who joined us. It was truly an amazing night. You can see some photos from the event on our Facebook page or on our website. We also had a fantastic visit with local interior designer and Instagram influencer, Jessica Klein of Oh, I Design. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and see her Designer Bath highlight for an exclusive offer.

This month, we are thrilled to be celebrating the anniversary of the opening of our Watertown showroom. We can’t believe it’s already been two years. It also marks our 74th year in business. To celebrate, come enjoy Tax-Free Day at our showrooms on Saturday, August 17th. We will be doubling the discount so you will save a total of 12.5%. You’ll find the best bath and kitchen products with double the tax savings!

We had the pleasure of having Dane Austin of Dane Austin Design in our showroom to choose his favorites for the month of August. Dane has created many highly individualized, sophisticated interiors in Boston, Cambridge, Cape Cod, and beyond. He happily partners with luxury residential realtors, architects, and homeowners to help navigate through the hundreds of decisions involved with remodeling a home or designing a new one. His clients are drawn to his eye for color and a curated sense of style. We applaud his recent designation as a New England Home 5 Under 40 award winner — a prestigious and highly coveted accolade. We are so happy to share his favorites with you all. Be sure to follow his Instagram @acolorfulllife for more inspiration!

Have a fantastic August and I hope to see you in the showroom soon!

Jason Sevinor


Dane Austin - Showroom Favorites
Showroom Favorites - Dane Austin


High contrast in design creates visual impact and interesting tension. The dichotomy in the forms of this piece is simply smashing — from the soft, asymmetric curves of the tub to the clean linear lines of the boxed wood. The natural grain adds an organic element to an otherwise utilitarian space. Paired with the white material, it makes a sharp statement.


H20kinetic Technology with Jointed Shower Arm and Luxe Gold Flange

The architecture of this Brizo piece immediately caught my eye with its exposed hardware and cool gears. The warm metal finish emits a beautiful glow. It also struck me as a user-friendly piece with the adjustable controls and overall mobility of the raincan. I would love to pair this with a lighter natural stone allowing the color of the showerhead to pull the warmth from the stone’s veining.


Burnished Brass with French Walnut

The material combination of this Furniture Guild vanity creates such interesting and lovely layers with a timeless design having both a masculine and feminine appeal. The variety of finishes: wood, metal, and stone, feels luxe and sophisticated. The materials play nicely with the other selections and pull everything together in a well-coordinated design plan. This vanity is like a fine piece of furniture and would be hard to part with. I’d want to take it with me to my next home!


Natural Walnut

I’m all about the lighted cubby space at the base of this Lacava medicine cabinet. It provides an extra shelf above the sink and offers a nightlight in the bathroom. Who wouldn’t appreciate that? The interior of this wall-mounted mirror offers a high-end surprise outfitted in the same lovely wood finish. It has a decidedly more masculine aesthetic but works in many settings.


Like much of my work, the Norwell sconce is intriguingly rooted in tradition with a contemporary twist. It coordinates with the other metal finishes but infuses an old-world appeal. I would stack two fixtures on either side of the mirror for a more modern application. The vertically aligned pairing makes these quite alluring.

July Blog Vivian Robins Showroom Favorites

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A Note From Jason

Happy July!

A recent get-together with Greg Rohl of House of Rohl made me feel grateful for the long partnership between our families and businesses.

I can’t believe it’s already July — this summer is flying by. The 4th is quickly approaching and I couldn’t be more ready for some BBQing, fireworks, and spending time with family and friends.

Here at Designer Bath, we have some exciting news to share. We have been nominated for the “Best of the North Shore Home” award from Northshore Magazine! We would be thrilled if you would vote for us on their website under the “Kitchen & Bath” categories.

We have another great event just around the corner. New England Home Magazine will be hosting an Argentinian-themed networking event here at Designer Bath’s Watertown showroom on July 10th from 6pm – 8pm. We’d love for you to join us to network with the region’s top design professionals while sipping cocktails and eating South American bites. The Argentinian theme is in celebration of our exclusive Franz Viegener line. Please join us and RSVP today!

Lastly, we’d love to introduce our June Showroom Favorites. We had interior designer Vivian Robins in our showroom to select her favorite pieces. Vivian Robins Design has completed projects in Boston, Metrowest, and Chicago.  Her philosophy is “amazing relationships lead to amazing end results.”  She demonstrates this to her clients by sourcing products that meet the specified design style and by working with showrooms, like Designer Bath, that help make the decision making process less complicated and efficient. We are thrilled to share her favorites with you!

Wishing you a fantastic July and a happy 4th!


Jason Sevinor



Cerused oak is my favorite wood right now, so it’s no wonder I was immediately drawn to this vanity by The Furniture Guild. It highlights the beauty of the wood and can be used in many design applications. Perhaps the most alluring part of this piece is the ability to change out the hardware and make the design look completely different — I love that versatility.


Classic with a contemporary twist makes this vanity top a timeless piece for your bathroom. Not only is the visual aspect of this vanity  appealing, but it’s also efficient and easy to clean. Who doesn’t love that?


My design is classic with a twist — that’s why I chose this DXV faucet. The true beauty of this piece is that it is able to work in a variety of aesthetics: classic, modern, or contemporary. The simplistic lines of this fixture make it the perfect addition to either a sink basin crafted of marble, or a reclaimed wood vanity.


This understated shower control by Graff channels a simple and quiet style, with high functionality. Its elegant form gives you the power to intensify the rest of your design. It complements many wall tile options, giving you an infinite number of choices.


Hardware is the perfect accessory to a vanity. I love the fashion-forward sense of this buckle-style handle by Atlas. The two-tone metal finish gives you the ability to elevate the design in your bathroom.

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