A Note From Jason

I recently bought a boat and have been enjoying one of my favorite summer activities with my boys.

Hi Everyone!

How is your summer going? I live on the Northshore and feel grateful to have the opportunity to take a short drive to the beach on the weekends and occasionally after work. When it is hot hot hot during the middle of the day, there is usually a cool breeze coming off the water. No matter what the weather, the ocean looks beautiful and has a calming effect on me.

This year, I have reconnected with one of my former hobbies related to my affinity for the seashore. I bought a boat! As a teen and young adult, going out on the water and sailing around was one of my favorite pastimes. I am hoping that my boys will share my love for water sports. I feel like sailing together creates great bonding moments. We are together, without the distraction of other people, and we have something to do, which keeps us busy in a companionable and (mostly) stress-free way. I especially like that boating is a time to put down the phones and other technology and enjoy nature.

What do you like to do in the summer? Do you like to stay local and take advantage of all the special spots in New England or do you enjoy travel? Do you settle in with a good book at a pool or on a porch, or are you more interested in getting outdoors and doing something active? Or maybe a combo of all these things?

I wish you lots of time this summer to enjoy whatever helps you to relax and recharge. May the sunshine and warm temperatures put you in vacation mode even amid a busy work week or schedule filled with lots of to-do items. Cheers to slowing down and savoring the summer season.

We are excited to introduce you to an architect who has been doing amazing work for years in the metro Boston area and recently opened her own firm. We have been impressed with her talent and the stunning homes she has designed. We look forward to watching her company grow. Without further ado, our July blogger is Chandon Georgian of 111works.

Jason Sevinor

Chandon Georgian, founder of 111works, takes pride in designing custom homes that provide a sense of comfort, quality and joy. She carefully considers every detail, be it as small as a cabinet pull or as prominent as the design of the front elevation and entry portico. With over two decades of experience in New England and across the country, she has the depth of knowledge, breadth of experience and open-minded vision to bring your project to life.


The Julien Fira combines the practical advantages and conveniences of all workstation sinks with a more relaxed look. It channels a transitional aesthetic, so people can use it in both modern and casual settings. It would be charming installed under a window in a butler’s pantry overlooking a garden.


The Nerea is elegant and understated, but the fluted knobs add a bit of luxury and whimsy. Though it is creative and highly detailed, it doesn’t draw undue attention to itself and allows the rest of the bathroom to shine. It would pair well with modern bathroom finishes that integrate sophisticated materials like natural stones and handmade tiles. The combo of its sleek silhouette with organic touches would create a room with warmth and depth.


The Crosswater Taos Bathtub allows for the look of a freestanding tub in a smaller bathroom because it is installed tight to the wall. It would work well with a wall mounted toilet and vanity along with a curbless shower giving the room an open modern feel. With all of the bath furnishings floating except for this tub with its slender and clean lines, a smaller bathroom can feel open and spacious.


The Dornbracht Tara Ultra water dispenser has a sharp look. It has one job, to give you hot and cold water, and the quiet and elegant design is in keeping with its one job. When paired with this water dispenser, the main kitchen faucet can be the star of the show as it should be.


When I visited the Watertown showroom to pick out my favorite items, it was just starting to get hot and summertime felt like it had finally arrived. I thought this would be a wonderful outdoor shower set to use after a day at the beach. Practically, it will be easier to disassemble in the fall to winterize it and protect against frozen pipes with the exposed plumbing but seeing the pipes and fasteners gives it a natural and pleasant feeling that is right at home in an outdoor shower.