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Gallagher Remodeling’s Showroom Favorites — November 2023

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A Note From Jason

A big hello to my friends and family members!

It’s November – the month we devote to gratefulness. There is so much to feel good about in terms of our business and the dedication of our staff. Our showrooms have just received awards (Best of Boston Home – Fixtures – from Boston Magazine, Best of the Northshore from Northshore Magazine and Best Showroom from DPHA – Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association), which makes me proud. These accolades are a testament to the teams in our showrooms, their expertise and work ethic, as well as the design and innovation in our showrooms and product offering.

One of the aspects of our philosophy that I feel is different from other similar businesses is the involvement and commitment of each person at every level. From our purchasing manager to our warehouse manager to our delivery drivers, we are all dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction. Things can and do go awry in our industry. What allows us to thrive is knowing that no one is working alone — we are all in it together. When adversity hits, we do a team huddle and combine our industry experience and different perspectives to devise creative solutions to enable us to move forward and get the job done.

We also rely on manufacturers, vendors, designers, architects, builders, and plumbers. Together, we make magic happen for homeowners. We value and appreciate the industry professionals who choose to work with us. We spend a lot of time and effort curating the list of brands we offer our customers. The companies we decide to bring on as premier lines not only make beautiful products, but they also provide support for issues and training for our staff and customers. Our trade partners lean on us as an extension of their companies. They want a supplier who aligns with their values and maintains a consistent approach to the services they provide. We appreciate the trust that our customers place in us and their understanding we will take care of their clients.

We have had a long and productive relationship with Gallagher Remodeling. Roger Gallagher runs a well known design/build firm, which has gained a reputation for thoughtful planning and execution of clients’ visions. Amy McFadden runs the design process.

Jason Sevinor


Amy McFadden is the Director of Design and Development at Gallagher Remodeling, Inc., a full-service residential design-build firm in Belmont, MA. She has over 20 years of experience in design and is certified by the Professional Remodelers Association (PRO) as a Kitchen & Bath Remodeler. The team brings a high level of professionalism, thoughtfulness, and creative insight on every project.


I love the style of this faucet because it juxtaposes the Perrin & Rowe traditional style with the modern touchless update. You just wave your hand underneath to turn it on. The lever is also a nice detail — it’s strong and high quality. I’d use this for a main or secondary kitchen sink (perhaps in a kitchen with multiple islands).


Sometimes form really is the function! This Franz Viegener faucet is languid and inviting — just looking at it is relaxing to me; it’s like water itself. I’d use this in a main bathroom with double sinks. The low spout allows for clearance if there is a medicine cabinet above it. It would look great in a powder room with a gorgeous mirror above it. We’ve been recommending Franz Viegener a lot lately for high end projects; they have several new and innovative shapes and designs that we’re liking.


The minute I saw this base/sink/faucet combo I was like, “This is a complete look.” It looks great in the black matte finish displayed in the showroom because it’s so fresh and current with the white sink. The sink is large enough for dual use, and the bottom is curved to allow for easy drainage — water doesn’t pool on the bottom. It’s great for small spaces: it doesn’t take up foot space, has only two legs in front, is less busy looking, and holds towels. Everything is in one place. It’s easy, simple, and clean.


We do a lot of recessed shampoo niches and they require construction. This Keuco shower basket is less than a recessed niche and more than a shower caddy that you would buy at a store. It gets installed on the wall after the tile and it’s solid. The squeegee is stored below, another item tucked away and not seen. Accessories are a big part of a bathroom, and this one reduces how many things are cluttering up your shower.


The Julien outdoor kitchen is so brilliant. As a design/build firm, we’ve been doing more outdoor landscaping projects lately. We’re seeing people do outdoor kitchens more in the New England area — extending their living space to their outdoor space, even during the colder months. They’re adding space heaters, heated pavers, and hot tubs. I could see this kitchen going in a lot of places. I also love how the corners of the countertop are rounded rather than sharp, cold and industrial.

Musings by Mindy — ZipWater, Crosswater, and Being Kind to the Earth

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Musings by Mindy

Jason & I just received our Showroom of the Year 2023 award from the Decorative Plumbing + Hardware Association! We’re honored to receive this status and grateful for our incredible team and partners for making it possible.

Dear friends and colleagues,

This fall has already been a whirlwind. For adults like me with school-aged kids, the fall months mean a lot of hustle and bustle with drop-offs and pick-ups, homework, activities and appointments. We are also trying to adjust to the time change and the lack of daylight. I think many of us feel tired and overwhelmed with the never-ending list of tasks and responsibilities.

It’s important during this time to figure out any way possible to make your life easier, and the two showroom displays I’m highlighting today do just that. The Zip Water HydroTap provides filtered water, carbonated water, and boiling water whenever you need it — for coffee (the lifeline of hectic parent life), pasta for your kids, filling your pet’s water bowl, hot tea, instant oatmeal, and more. You no longer need to purchase single use bubbly drinks — it’s one less thing on your grocery list, and one more way to be kind to our planet.

Exhausted by the tedium of reminding the kids to flush the toilet? The Ressa Toilet by Crosswater has all the bidet amenities of an automated toilet at a fraction of the price of products with similar features. It automatically flushes and minimizes the need to buy toilet paper.

During this time, any items that provide both comfort and convenience AND are kind to our planet are good in my book. Come stop by our showrooms and explore the new displays yourself!

All my best,

Mindy Sevinor
Showroom Brand Manager


Being Kind to the Earth

Did you know that toilets made from the early 1980s to 1992 typically use as much as 3.5 gallons per flush? Or that around 8-9 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year?

When you look at these statistics, it’s no surprise that kitchen and bathroom suppliers are making shifts in their products to make them more sustainable. We’re happy to see the world moving in a more eco-conscious direction — and to see that you can add comfort and convenience to your life without sacrificing the planet.

A move toward protecting our planet from inside our homes is a trend we can always get behind.

What’s new in the showroom?

Zip Water USA HydroTap

We have an incredibly unique product from Zip Water on display in our showrooms: The HydroTap. There’s nothing like it out there. From one faucet you can get sparkling filtered, chilled filtered, or boiling water. It’s totally customizable based on your needs at any given moment.

This HydroTap would be great for a bar area, coffee/tea station, or a master suite. If you do commercial design for hotels or residences, this would be a luxurious and useful amenity to include in rooms or apartments. It can transform any space into something amazing. And not only that, but it’s also eco friendly — single use plastic bottles or Poland Springs deliveries are not needed.

Crosswater Ressa Toilet

The Ressa X1 One Piece Toilet is beautiful, efficient, and surprisingly affordable compared to other integrated toilets with bidet amenities.

This smart toilet offers everything you need in one place: an automatic water-saving flushing system, bidet functions, air drying system and night light. Ressa also comes with a remote control that allows you to easily adjust settings such as temperature, spray type, and drying options to customize your experience.

On top of design and functionality, proceeds of every Ressa sold are donated to Upstream. By supporting their efforts to eliminate plastic pollution, we can all enjoy a cleaner, waste-free future.

Ask Mindy

We are so appreciative of our trade community and we love hearing from you. In this section of Musings by Mindy, we will be answering your questions directly. To be featured in our next edition, please email mindysevinor@designerbath.com

Q. Should I buy bathroom & kitchen fixtures now or should I wait? It seems like prices are going up a lot with interest rates and price of materials.

The bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms where you get your highest return. Even though products are priced higher than they’ve been, they’re still an incredible investment. There are two types of value, in my opinion: 1) Monetary — the financial return on your house for updating the bathroom and kitchen. And 2) Intrinsic value — how these rooms make you feel on a daily basis. You can’t really put a price on the value of having a calm oasis to return to after a crazy day.

Meg McSherry Interiors’ Showroom Favorites — October 2023

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A Note From Jason

Our team has enjoyed attending some New England Home awards celebrations this fall — from IFDA New England’s “Night Sky Over Versailles”-themed gala, to New England Home’s 5 Under 40 Awards.


Is everyone adjusting to their fall schedules? We get lulled into a sense of calm during August and then September blasts off and away we go with activities for kids, school requirements and commitments related to our professions filling the calendar.

Lately, I have been out and about at many work events. In the design/build industry, we have lots of educational and networking opportunities. These tend to be clustered in the fall and spring. Some of the events honor exceptional people and projects. These award galas are fancy and festive and bring people together to celebrate their areas of expertise and the personalities who go over and above in their achievements and dedication to their craft.

We are glad to raise our glasses to our colleagues in the industry. We collaborate with many of the people who have received recent accolades. The details of the architecture, design, and décor that are highlighted in the publicity for each winner are truly breathtaking. We admire the work of each award recipient and we applaud them for their contributions to the beauty and livability of residential properties in New England. In the past month or so, we have cheered for the recipients of many prestigious programs — including the IFDA New England Award winners  and New England Home Magazine’s 5 Under 40 winners.

I would like to introduce this month’s blogger, Meg McSherry. We were introduced to Meg by one of our trade partners. This is always a wonderful way to meet a new contact, as we have the endorsement of someone who we already respect and value. It has been a pleasure to get to know her and become involved in her projects.

Jason Sevinor


Victoria & Albert’s Toulouse freestanding soaking tub is so beautiful. We are actually using this for a project right now — we positioned it in front of windows with a freestanding tub filler in the middle. This tub is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to go super fussy/traditional or too modern; it’s a perfect in-between. It feels like a fresh take on a classic tub.


I love the scale of the gooseneck on this Waterstone faucet — it makes such an elegant statement with its form and shape. I think it would work well in a kitchen where the main sink is on the island, because it commands attention and shines on its own. There are some classic details on it — the spray handle is so cool and the lever features a really pretty detailed ceramic plate. It’s gorgeous.


The Rohl Lancaster is the epitome of an apron front farmhouse sink. This is the farmhouse sink in its purest form — it’s tried and true. I’m always going to go with this. We typically use this sink for clients who want a classic and pretty kitchen. It’s a good choice because it takes metal out of the kitchen. It’s one less element in the room that’s made of stainless steel. It softens things.


The wood levers on this Samuel Heath faucet are what makes it special. The wood elevates the faucet because it’s a material we don’t typically see in plumbing. It has a really masculine vibe to it. It’d be a handsome feature in a man’s bathroom or in some kind of moody bath space.


This is such an interesting shower system from Perrin & Rowe because it has very traditional decorative details like the porcelain levers, but it also has more exposed parts that give it a little more weight and scale. I’m loving the contrast between the classic details, like the porcelain, on one side, and how you see more of the inner workings on the other side. It could be used in a traditional or modern space. It’s not just this pretty thing; there’s a cool factor to it.

Pinney Designs’ Showroom Favorites — September 2023

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A Note From Jason

My boys as they head out the door for their first day of school.

Hello everyone!

The kids are back at school. Hip hip hooray! All parents can join me in breathing a sigh of relief as their young progeny march off to spend time in classrooms instead of camp. While I’ll miss the carefree summer months, the structure of school is a breath of fresh air.  When asked if they were excited for school, my boys said, “We’re excited to see our friends, but not for the schoolwork!”

Am I the only one or do everyone’s kids look older each year right at the beginning of fall? I am always taken aback at how much they have grown and the ways they are maturing.  

Speaking of getting older, our company celebrated 78 years in business in August. On the one hand, business longevity gives us credibility and a sense of stability. On the other hand, we feel young and vibrant as we integrate new technologies to help our operations become more efficient and as we update our displays and working environment to reflect current trends and homeowner preferences. 

Typically, around the same time as our anniversary, we invite our entire team to an all-employee outing that usually includes a barbecue and wiffle ball. We had our employee get-together a few weeks ago on a rare day of perfect weather. While the wiffle ball game had moments of intensity as some of the older kids got competitive, there were also funny incidents such as when the two-year-old child decided to grab the second base marker and walk off the field with it. She took “stealing a base” to a new level!

Our company has reached the 78-year milestone due in no small part to the relationships we have made and nurtured in the design/build community. This month’s blogger, Emily Pinney, is a valued partner. She made a name for herself as a rising star when she won a prestigious industry award and was named one of the “5 Under 40.” We are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on a number of beautiful projects. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to our guest blogger for September, Emily Pinney.

Jason Sevinor

Emily Pinney is an accomplished and award winning (5 Under 40 among them) interior designer based in Belmont, MA. Originally from NH, she has always had an eye and appreciation for the New England aesthetic, which she modernizes at times with clean lines and simple textures. As principal at Pinney Designs, Emily works with all of her clients to create design that truly fits their lifestyles.


I love this faucet by Franz Viegener. Previously, I have paired it with a Stone Forest natural vessel sink set atop a walnut countertop and it all worked beautifully together (Pinney Designs project pictured here). You can’t see it in photos, but the handle is actually oval shaped — very comfortable to grab and use. I did it in the Satin Black PVD. I’m fond of their PVD finishes because they don’t age, which is awesome.


It’s amazing how quiet this faucet is by The Galley. It was designed to go with The Galley Sink, which comes with multiple faucet options. Most faucets are noisy with the water hitting the sink. This faucet is not only beautiful, but also it is quiet and operates as one single high flow tool. It would work really well in an open concept house like ours, because it is not too loud. My husband is always doing the dishes when I’m trying to watch a movie with the kids and I’m wishing I had this faucet. (BTW – I am NOT complaining that he is helping to clean up the house!!!)


The Grohe Blue is my dream faucet because it produces sparkling water from the tap and we drink a TON of sparkling water between my office and house. I’d use it in a bar sink. If you had a bar in your house and you’re making drinks there anyway — like an Aperol Spritz, for example — you could get the sparkling water right from your faucet. It makes life easier by bumping up the convenience factor in an unlimited number of ways.


I love the Stone Forest Salus Potting Sink for a potting room. It could be in an indoor/outdoor space if you’re big into gardening. I could also see it in a party space. It’s a very pretty sink and really durable too, because it’s black honed granite. It’s a workhorse of stone, while also being attractive and adding to the industrial style vibe.


I love the color options offered for this Madeli cabinet. I picture this in a small little powder room. It has awesome storage below for toilet paper and bathroom essentials. We’re often designing tiny bathrooms and we need compact cabinets — this one has beautiful proportions, style, and function.

Kadilak Homes’ Showroom Favorites — August 2023

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A Note From Jason

Hope you are inspired by my parents and get out on the water to sail or fish or do whatever makes you smile in the summertime.

Hi everyone!

How is the summer going for you? This summer feels different to me than summers of recent. 2023 now feels, dare I say it, like the old days. People are on vacation, going to the beach, spending time on boats, jet setting, and living life. It’s nice to see and feels really good. I’ll take as much as I can get.

In the world of retail, August is often slow and sleepy. The State of Massachusetts has chosen to pep things up this coming weekend by making it TAX FREE! We are closed on Sundays, so we are going to extend our hours this Saturday (Aug 12) to 9 am – 4 pm and DOUBLE  THE SAVINGS to make this sale extra exciting. In order to give people even lower prices, we are encouraging people to create a wishlist online and if their order is $2500+, we will increase the savings an additional 5%. This means people get the tax discount of 6.25% plus an additional 6.25% and the opportunity for another 5% off. WOW!

With our Tax-Free Double Discount and online wishlist discount, this is the best time to buy! As always, we’re available to talk about products and availability, fashion trends, and technical specification. We want to make the process as easy as possible while helping you create the best results.

I first met our guest blogger Susan Kadilak when she was an event panelist at our Watertown showroom. We were partnering with the Builder and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston (BRAGB) to kick-off their mentoring program. Her resume and design acumen are impressive and it was fun to see what she picked as her favorite items.

Jason Sevinor



I love the wheel on the Waterstone Endeavor because it’s unique and fun — a true conversation piece. I like the contrast created by the two-toned colors. I probably wouldn’t use this for the main sink, but for a wet bar — somewhere out in the open as a focal point.


I find Franz Viegener’s Classic Widespread Lavatory Faucet appealing because it is simple but also detailed. The double rings are a nice touch; they make it feel classic. And I like the way the bottoms are curved instead of just going straight down. The style works for either a primary bathroom or a traditional powder room.


One of the things that caught my eye with the Jaclo Carolene Rainhead is the size — it feels substantial but still has a timeless design. We often use them in primary bathroom showers. We’ve also used these over soaking tubs — that’s a more fun application.


The finish on the Brizo Litze Single Handle Freestanding Tub Filler is really pretty. In general, freestanding tub fillers add dimension to the bathroom — they look more upscale when they’re coming out of the floor. It lets the faucet take center stage. The clean lines give it a bit more of a modern look. It would pair nicely with a minimal, angular tub.


The Calma from Stone Forest is just so dramatic; it’s not your typical white tub. It’s got a moody vibe. I’d make it this the focal point of the bathroom with everything else playing a supporting role – such as the addition of other pieces with natural feels and earthy tones.

Designer Bath’s Showroom Favorites — July 2023

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A Note From Jason

I recently went on vacation to Ecuador with one of my sons. I hope you find the time for summer adventures!


As a retailer with brick & mortar stores, we need to be observant to identify what is new and exciting in our industry. It is fun to bring in different styles of fixtures and accessories to put on display. You can often find something fresh and on trend when you visit our showrooms. And, if you don’t have time to stop by, you can peruse our offerings via our virtual tour or our product listings on the Shop Now tab on our website. In general, we find that many people are enamored by the latest and greatest trends and sometimes, they are better not only for the fashion factor, but also for the environment!

At my core, however, I am rooted in old-fashioned values of respectfulness, consideration, and thoughtfulness. I learned these modes of behavior from my parents and am trying my best to pass them down to my sons. Hopefully, my belief in these basic tenets of treating people with kindness and empathy has resulted in the creation of a positive and supportive corporate culture within our business. I love to learn about the ways that employees have made a memorable impression on a client due to their diligence, politeness, and professionalism. When someone writes a good review of their experience with us, we applaud the team member(s) who was involved and celebrate the accolades.

Did you enjoy the time that you worked with Designer Bath to beautify your bathroom(s) and/or kitchen? Did we listen and respond with timely information to help you with decisions?

Right now, you can let us know that you appreciate our commitment to time honored standards of excellent service by voting for us in the BONS HOME 2023 competition. We appreciate every vote. The deadline is August 1. PLEASE VOTE!!!

This month, we did something different and asked our colleagues to submit items that they have bought from Designer Bath. If an employee buys something they sell, it is certainly a testament to the attributes of the item! It was interesting to see that a couple of products were big favorites in that they were owned by more than one of my associates – including the water filtration system, the Brizo kitchen faucet, and the Crosswater bathroom faucet. Please read the blog to learn what we have bought for ourselves. Enjoy!

Hope you are enjoying the summer!
Jason Sevinor


Filtered water at the speed of your faucet — this water filtration system is such a pleasure and attaches right onto the kitchen sink. Trade in the plastic bottles for a built-in, hassle-free, world-class water filtration system right in your own kitchen.


Tap on; tap off. Inspired by factories of the early 20th century, the Artesso faucet collection by Brizo is a warmer, more refined take on the industrial aesthetic. Select luxe gold or polished chrome for a more funky look, or go full modern with matte black. We love the SmartTouch tech and pull-down wand with both spray and steam functions.


Inspired by the mid-century modern classic, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip table, Crosswater London’s Taos faucet embraces simple, clean lines and elegance. Its smooth arches reflect light, creating a subtle, soft aesthetic in the bathroom.


The Jaclo is the jack of all trades of showerheads. It’s functional and versatile, and comes in 10+ finishes, which makes it fit into every aesthetic. It contains eight adjustable jets with 64 individual sprays — one (and several more) settings for every preference in the house.


Make your kitchen faucet the focal point of the room with the smooth and functional high arched Hansgrohe Joleena. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it is equipped with EcoSmart technology to save water and energy.

Musings by Mindy — The Bathroom Personalization Era

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Musings by Mindy

Dear friends and colleagues,

For years, we have been hearing about the demise of retail. This has been a tough scenario for us to imagine, as we believe so strongly in the value of trained team members who can help guide customers to make the right decisions for their budget, style, and timing parameters. At Designer Bath, we love to tell people about the stories behind the products. Many people don’t know about the hand-crafted parts of the process with certain brands and how this meticulous attention to perfection adds to the “feel” of a finish or the gloss of the metallic shine. As the brand manager for Designer Bath, I spend countless hours learning about different companies so that I can curate our displays and offer options that will appeal to our audience.

Recently, I was thrilled, although somewhat shocked as well, to learn that many well-known online retailers are expanding into brick-and-mortar locations. They are making this investment because they found out that people care about the experience of shopping in environments where they can touch and see the items and hear from people knowledgeable about the products. YAY! Warby Parker, Allbirds, Everlane, Parachute and Collars & Co. are Embracing Actual Shops – WSJ

We are all about creating a place where people can gain knowledge about their options and what makes one thing more expensive than another. Come visit us and see for yourself!

All my best,

Mindy Sevinor
Showroom Brand Manager


Dramatic powder rooms that show individual tastes and finishes.

Customizable Everything

Something I hear a lot on the showroom floor lately is, “I like brass, but if I put it in my house, will it be out of style in five years, or is it here to stay?” I tell them that for the past two decades white and chrome was the end all be all. Historically, in Europe, chrome was the only finish.

But the tides have changed. We have entered the “Bathroom Personalization Era.”

People aren’t designing bathrooms with only chrome and white anymore — they’re doing things that are more connected to their personalities and that are authentic to them. This customization of the spaces we love the most came out of the pandemic and working from home — we see homeowners paying more attention to their interiors and how they communicate their personal nuances with their choices.

The goal is for your bathroom to make you feel good, to reflect your vibe, and to bring you your own brand of unique joy.

What’s New in the Showroom?


We have a new display from Linkasink in both showrooms. They offer a totally customizable vanity line that I love. It’s a cool process and you can make decisions that complement your décor. Below, I have outlined the steps and provided links to the site so you can give it a try.

Step 1 – Pick your vanity color: black or white.

Step 2 – Pick your door style: white, gold border, mother of pearl, lateen, divergence, or kuba.

Step 3 – Pick your size: 24” to 36”.

Step 4 – Pick your hardware: anything from white tiger prism glass to star-shaped.

See how fun exploring the options are? Which combo fits your unique personality and style? I’d love to hear from you!

That’s what we’re all about at Designer Bath: creating timeless and refreshing looks for our clients from a wide range of brands, including many products that you cannot find elsewhere. Our ability to curate displays and stay on top of both trends and classic styles enables you to make your own house a space that feels like your special refuge.

FBN Construction’s Showroom Favorites — June 2023

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A Note From Jason

Recently, we partnered with GRAFF to host an afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library as a thank you to our guest bloggers throughout the years.


When I think about Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply, I consider the most important aspects of our brand. I always want to make sure we are focused on these priorities in everything we do. By defining our brand, what it means to us and what it means to our customers, we are able to identify our “true north” and have an understanding of our core values.

One of the qualities that I try to emphasize both at work and in my personal life is the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. We cannot be successful as a business without customers and we want to take advantage of all available opportunities to express our thanks. Recently, we hosted a delightful tea at the Boston Public Library for people in the design/build industry who have served as our guest bloggers. It was a lovely afternoon event. There was no big presentation or educational seminar. It was all about community and relationships. Our goal was to pamper these people who spent time and effort to do something for us.

The tea at the Boston Public Library was an example of our efforts to nurture and support our trade partners. These are people who work with homeowners and recommend our products and services to them. For the homeowners themselves, we also wanted to say thank you. In this instance, we decided that bringing back our Annual Sale would be the best way to offer something of value to this group. Beginning on Saturday, June 17 and continuing through Friday, June 30, we will be marking down prices to their lowest levels of the year. In Beverly, we will also have a tent sale and everything outside will be deeply discounted. We hope that these amazing deals will make homeowners happy, because if our clients are happy, we are happy!

Speaking of relationships, we have had many years of collaborating with the team at FBN. It is one of the largest residential builders in the Metro Boston region. They take care of their clients and manage all the details of significant projects from start to finish and beyond. Larissa Cook serves as the company’s president and came into our Watertown showroom to pick her five favs.

Jason Sevinor

For the past 15+ years, Larissa Cook has been upholding high standards of excellence in the design and building industry. Under her leadership and guidance, FBN Construction doubled in size and grew into the award-winning company it is today. In 2021, she was honored as one of Boston Magazine’s Faces of Women in Design. In her role as president of FBN, she encourages collaboration, communication, and attention to detail.


The matte black finish with bronze accents provides a sleek contrast appearance in the Waterstone Pulldown Faucet. The wheel portion gives it a vintage industrial look. I could see it in a craft space, a fun art studio, or a loft-style apartment in Boston.


The simplicity of the Lacava Navi Wall Mount Mirror’s frame makes it very versatile in wood or metal. When I saw it in the showroom, it had a metal finish, powder-coated in brass. I like that it looked modern and sleek, so it would work well in a contemporary condo bathroom.


The rich deep blue color along with the textured appearance of this Artelinea vanity make it a focal piece. The functionality of two drawers is very appealing for storage. The Graff faucet is very pronounced. I love the fact that it was wall-mounted. This would work well in a powder room, paired with wallpaper and the Lacava Navi mirror. I was basically planning how I am going to redo my powder room as we walked through the Designer Bath showroom.


Bain Ultra’s elegant oval freestanding tub is in every sense a true soaking tub, perfect for relaxing. We used something similar in a project in Weston recently and it felt spacious. It’s also versatile — we used it in black in a Boston condo with a Japanese-themed bathroom. Because it’s minimalistic, it works in both modern or traditional spaces.


Dornbracht Cyo’s brushed finish along with the handles are modern, simplistic, and sleek. I loved that the knobs were circular. This could be used anywhere, from a powder room to a master bath.

Carpenter & MacNeille’s Showroom Favorites — May 2023

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A Note From Jason

It’s all about family! Jason and his dad Ralph and sister Mindy at a recent Boston Design Week event.


Have you been able to get out and enjoy the longer days and warmer temperatures? I always feel that New Englanders are so starved for good weather that they truly embrace the spring. We all join together to celebrate the moments when Mother Nature cooperates and offers us blue skies and refreshing breezes. It is glorious!

Speaking of Mother Nature, now is the time to applaud the hard work and dedication of moms everywhere. Especially when their children are young, moms are always running around and trying to get it all done. Of course I’m biased, but I believe any mom would appreciate an upgrade in the bath/kitchen realm to make her feel pampered. Who wouldn’t like a new kitchen faucet (the most used “appliance” in the house) or a super-duper shower head, or even a luxurious towel warmer? I extend a big Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I am sending these well wishes with extra heartfelt sentiments to my own mom and all the moms on our Designer Bath team. I appreciate you and I am grateful to have you in my life.

And Mother Nature is, of course, all about the great outdoors. We recently hosted an event for people in the design/build industry in partnership with Boston Home magazine and California Faucets. The theme was outdoor living. Since we added the Julien Outdoor Kitchen display to the front area of our Watertown showroom, we have been talking to many landscape designers about integrating it into their plans. Have you seen it? It’s made of marine grade steel with carefully finished edges and closed sections to withstand both the elements and pesky critters. I guarantee that this kitchen set-up will add next level functionality to your outside entertaining and socializing!

This month, our guest blogger is Anne Alberts from Carpenter & MacNeille. The team at Carp Mac has partnered with us on countless projects over the years. They provide design/build services and have many award-winning homes in their portfolio.

Jason Sevinor

Anne Alberts, Head of Interiors at Carpenter & MacNeille, is an award-winning and published designer. Anne champions a multifaceted design approach that blends timeless beauty into clients’ homes across New England, finding inspiration from styles of past and present. An integral member of Carpenter & MacNeille’s leadership team, Anne develops clients’ visual narratives with a foundation rooted in tradition while uniquely capturing and highlighting each individual’s story, creating spaces that truly feel at home.


Polished nickel and unlacquered brass are my two go-to finishes, which is what attracted me to this Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet in polished nickel. I admire the stylish combination of the bridge and lever components. And the gooseneck is pretty — shapely and attractive, while the side spray makes it quite useful. Carpenter & MacNeille does a lot of traditional design work, and this faucet fits nicely with various time periods.


I’m a big fan of lever handles over cross handles because if your hands are soapy or dirty, you can still easily turn on the faucet. I love the sleek lines on this one. The juxtaposition of a traditional space with a contemporary plumbing faucet is a special unique detail, and I think it’s very fun in a bathroom.


I was impressed with the attention to detail that I immediately noticed on this shower display. I love the unlacquered brass finish. It had a really interesting control valve with knurling and graphically interesting numbers telling the temperature. In combination with the unlacquered brass, it looked old without being old.

A brass shower system like this pairs well with almost anything — it would work with a natural stone tile, a simple off-white ceramic, or a bright bold forest green ceramic tile. That’s what I love about brass: it has longevity and an ageless quality, which is something we’re always looking for at Carpenter & MacNeille.


Stone is one of those traditional elements that will always be classic in a powder room or a main bathroom. It is beautiful and versatile. It can be paired with wood in the background, more tile, or bright/colorful ceramic tile. The natural veining of the stone is chef’s kiss!


This Stone Forest vanity is one of my favorites; it’s on my list to use with a client someday. I was entranced with the elegant top and how the gorgeous natural stone was highlighted with the curve and special carving effects. I was struck by how the countertop is integrated with the sink basin — it’s shapely and traditional and beautiful. All of that paired with the brass legs is stunning. I’m a big fan.

I think you could pair this with a hardwood floor, put it in front of vibrant wallpaper or painted paneling with a layer of tile below it. You could place it before a simple plaster wall with decorative lights and a fun statement mirror as well. I love how you can see all the components behind it — even the drain becomes part of the design scheme. It’s all graphic and purposeful.

Lombardi Design’s Showroom Favorites — April 2023

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A Note From Jason

My son is working on developing a bond with one of two kitties who we have recently added to our family.


Spring has sprung! I join many of my fellow New Englanders in extending an enthusiastic welcome to the new season. It makes me happy to see the leaves popping out on the trees and signs of life in gardens everywhere. April heralds a more consistent pattern of warmer temperatures and longer days. Yay!

Spring is also traditionally a time that celebrates rejuvenation and a bit of “out with the old, in with the new!” In keeping with this theme, we take a closer look at displays at this time of year. We evaluate what we offer and update the product mix to reflect the requests from our customers and current trends. Have you been to one of our two showrooms lately (Beverly and Watertown)? If it has been a while since your last visit, I promise you will see new items. I really like the new line of Landmade tubs that we have brought into both showrooms. Please let me know what you think!

We also consider our business practices and assess ways that we can do better. This is the key ingredient in our recipe for success. I truly believe that we try harder than our competitors and we care more. This is shown in our efforts to help each person find exactly what they are looking for at a fair price. It is also shown after the sale. People don’t tend to think about warranties and service policies when they buy a decorative plumbing fixture. Certainly most people focus on these concerns when they are buying a car, but not so much with décor selections. Let me tell you – plumbing is complicated! Things happen and you should prioritize working with a company that stands behind the products they sell. We help you decide on what to purchase and then remain available to support you if there are issues in the future.

With the sounds and scents of spring in the air, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our April blogger, team members from Lombardi Design. They are part of an impressive landscape design firm with clients all over the country. As we move towards spending more time outside, it is a good idea to consider the best use of the space and partner with professionals to help you maximize your enjoyment. 

Jason Sevinor

Gregory Lombardi Design is an award-winning landscape architecture practice with a simple mission: to craft magnificent outdoor spaces for highly discerning clients. Eschewing any single style, our design philosophy calls for the fresh interpretation of timeless principles of order and proportion to create meaningful spaces for our clients. Our aim is to create environments that enhance their surroundings, inspire their inhabitants and awaken the imagination.


This outdoor shower is a terrific statement piece that we’ve specified a lot. It’s very clean and simple and mounts securely to the ground which is unique. It has a wonderful visual quality that makes it different from anything else out there on the market.


We’ve recently been introduced to this product line and are really excited about the possibilities. It’s great to have an option for an outdoor kitchen that is watertight and keeps out pests, right off the shelf. The stainless steel is very high quality, and the components are well crafted for outdoor use.


We think this is a beautiful option for clients who are looking for a refined yet functional utility or potting sink for their home gardens. The dark granite sink has a very substantial feel, and the fir stand will develop a delightful patina over time.


We love finding ways to extend the time clients can spend in an outdoor shower. Introducing a small luxury item like this is a great way to get yourself ready for the day, whether you are heading to the beach or boardroom.


For discerning clients looking for an elevated level of luxury, this exposed shower system really fits the bill. It is a versatile and classic look that will fit the bill for both inside and outside bathing environments. The wide rain shower head, polished chrome finish and thermostatic controls will introduce a visual elegance to what can otherwise be a utilitarian looking space.

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