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Amy Lynn Interiors Showroom Favorites — May 2024

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A Note From Jason

Our showroom events are the perfect opportunity to get the family together. Here I am with my sister Mindy and my parents.


The days are getting both longer and warmer and I’m feeling great about that! It won’t be long before I’m at the beach with my toes in the sand. In addition, Mother’s Day is this month. In my opinion, this is one of the most important holidays, and responsibilities, a person can hold.  As a parent, we have an obligation to our children to raise them in the best fashion we can. Similarly, in business and as a CEO, I have an obligation to my employees, my customers, and vendor partners to act and lead ethically, with compassion, integrity, and empathy, and create win-win opportunities. So, not all that different from the role of being a mom or dad. One has diapers involved and hopefully the other does not. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and to all the amazing moms out there!

Later this month I’ll be taking my boys to Disney World for the first time, and it will be my first time since I was 7! Creating memorable shared experiences with my boys is something I have prioritized in my life. This is a big one! 

We have also been focused on the future of our business and creating growth. We are currently hiring for showroom sales in both our Watertown and Beverly locations. Go to www.designerbath.com/careers for more information. Do you know someone who could be a great fit? If so, please pass along their info. 

I would like to introduce our guest bloggers for May. This month, we invited Amy Allard and her colleague Jessica Stevens from Amy Lynn Interiors to tour our Watertown showroom and select their favs. They have an incredible sense of style and an emphasis on functionality as well.

Until next month!

Jason Sevinor

The team at Amy Lynn Interiors believes a well designed home isn’t something you can fully explain but it is something you can absolutely feel. Their biggest strength is listening, as listening ultimately creates the designs. They are based out of Boston and set up to work anywhere in the country.


We love how the pull down on this Perrin & Rowe faucet is very quiet, and it can blend with almost every style. The English Gold finish is timeless and could go in both traditional and modern spaces. We also like how the c-spout has a deeper reach than a typical faucet.


What’s not to love about The Galley Workstation? It’s super functional — you can have dirty dishes in the sink while prepping food. A lot of clients have loved the bowl with the lid on it to use for composting. The walnut accessories are a must-have for every kitchen; it’s a new finish that we’re excited about and are going to use a lot.


Bathroom sinks sometimes get overlooked. This LinkaSink is a fun way to bring in a sophisticated finish and excitement there. It would also be a nice way to give a wet bar a jewelry box feel and really make that area unique.


We love to sneak in marble anywhere and everywhere we can. So the fact that this GRAFF faucet has marble in it made it a favorite. We also love how the metal finish of the foundation is customizable, which allows us to get more creative and mix other metals in the bathroom. This would be perfect for a double vanity in a master bathroom for someone who appreciates the details it can bring to the space. It has personality but it’s also minimal at the same time.


Again — adding in marble whenever we can. We think the marble in this shower control softens the metal and could tie into different finishes in the bathroom so it wouldn’t be all heavy metal. It creates a clean, sophisticated look. My favorite thing about this is you can use up to three finishes on one fixture, which from a design standpoint is amazing because it gives us more options.

Megan Meyers Interiors Showroom Favorites — April 2024

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A Note From Jason

We always love to fill our showroom with industry colleagues. This was taken at an event we hosted in collaboration with trade associations and a regional design magazine and sponsored by Franz Viegener. | Photo: Ev Dow Photography

Hi everyone!

This week I had shopping experiences that reminded me why it’s important to support local, family owned and operated businesses.

I needed to return my kids’ ski rentals we used for the season. I am glad to report that the local ski shop we used provided an exceptional experience in regard to customer service. We were working with one of the family members who owned the shop and she took time with us to explain the benefits of renting versus purchasing equipment for my nine and eleven year old boys. She went on to tell us if the boys had a growth spurt during the ski season we could come in and get new boots that fit better — they would adjust the bindings, consider exchanging the skis for longer skis, and do anything else we needed to enjoy the ski season. She couldn’t have been more accommodating and really made us feel taken care of.

Contrast that to our soccer cleat purchasing experience this week at a chain sporting goods store. For my boys to try on cleats we needed to go to a small computer screen, select the cleats we wanted, verify they were in stock in their size and color, and then submit the request. After 10 minutes and no cleats, we asked for help, and they said they didn’t see our request. We went through the process again. After another 10 minutes or so, an associate called out my name and handed me a shoebox. I laced them up and did my best to determine if they fit my son. There was virtually no human contact and by no means did I feel taken care of.

I really appreciated the human interaction at the ski shop and knowing they would be there for me if I needed them. The shopping experience made me feel good and was enjoyable. Shopping for cleats this week left me concerned for the future of retail. Shop local friends — let’s keep the spirit of family business alive.

At our recent event in Watertown, I was excited to see that our business continues to be all about creating a personal experience for our clients (we don’t just deliver boxes of goods). But we don’t do it alone; we do it with our trade partners. The event was attended by architects, designers, contractors, and other trade professionals. We all work collaboratively to create unique spaces for our clients. It’s a close connection that requires effort, strong communication, and history and experience to make it work. I am proud to say we are part of an amazing network of design and build professionals. Together we do amazing things!

For the fourth month in a row, we invited one of our designer friends from the Northshore into our Beverly showroom to pick out items for our blog. We have completely renovated our Beverly location over the past few years and we are excited to have people see it and view the enhanced displays and floor layout. Megan Meyers has been one of our long-term partners. It has been fun to watch her client roster grow and her jobs get even more exciting! Go Megan!

Until next month,

Jason Sevinor

A native of the Northshore, Megan Meyers graduated from UMass Amherst. As a young professional, she spent time in South Florida, where she was introduced to “green” design and worked for an award winning firm in North Palm Beach. In 2009, Megan moved back to New England. In 2011, she started Megan Meyers Interiors, where she helps clients create unique spaces ranging from bathrooms to living rooms and all the rooms in between.


I have literally loved this Stone Forest vanity for over a decade. It is a classic, timeless piece that I’m always drawn to. It can work in multiple types of bathroom spaces, from powder to primary, and could go with modern, funky wallpaper or a more traditional look.


I’d describe her as “sleek and sexy,” which you never hear said about a toilet. It has pretty, clean lines, and I absolutely love the black — it’s such a total departure from the white toilets you see everywhere. I also like how it’s matte but it has a little sheen to it so it doesn’t look dead. In my head it would be in some sort of dramatic, dark, moody powder bath. I can think of three bathrooms I’ve done in the past decade where a black toilet would have been phenomenal, but back then they weren’t available from a trusted brand like Crosswater.


With this GRAFF faucet, it’s the sharp, clean lines and the tuxedo black and white look that drew me to it. I love that it’s a small and unassuming faucet, but it has unique details, like the knurling on the tip and the way it moves with the white piece rotating around. You can also order this in multiple finishes and colors, so for a designer, the sky’s the limit. It’s a small piece that packs a lot of punch and contains so many options.


This Franz Viegener faucet, to me, is the epitome of modern elegance. It’s taller than your normal widespread faucet and it’s very sleek and simplistic. Because it’s so smooth, it actually reflects what’s around it. It almost creates an optical illusion by showing reflections, which add a little drama and movement within the piece itself. I’m drawn to how it has a straightforward outside package that has a lot of detail going on when you dive into it.


This Native Trails Positano sink is perfect for the area we live in. The interior looks like the pearlescent inside of a seashell and each piece is handmade and unique. I’ve used this in the bowl-shaped version in a powder bath. It really draws you into it — you want to go over and wash your hands in it and look inside because it’s so mesmerizing. It could work with a ton of bathroom styles, from coastal traditional to sleek contemporary.

Polly Corn Design’s Showroom Favorites — January 2024

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A Note From Jason

I’m looking forward to upcoming trips in 2024, especially with my sons. It’s all about making memories! What are you looking forward to this year?

Happy 2024! The new year provides an opportunity for introspection.  For me, it is a time to identify things I’d like to keep doing and expand on, as well as those things I’d like to change.  For 2024, what does that mean for me? Well, I’m planning a trip to Disney World with my two sons for some quality family time, a trip to Greece focusing on modern Stoicism with YPO (Young Presidents Organization) to expand my horizons, one to Florida to give my parents memorable moments with their grandkids, and hopefully a few to some local mountains to ski with my kids.

Besides exciting travel adventures, this year our company will focus on continuing to add key associates to help us get to the next level. We have a clear vision and a path to achieve our objectives. We are well on our way to executing the next steps of our goal to be an improved version of Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing in 2024. It’s a New Year filled with exciting opportunities! I look forward to letting you know how we are doing and the changes we are making. Stay tuned!

Our first blogger for 2024 is a designer who we have worked with for many years. She traveled from the south shore to our Beverly showroom for many years and we will always be grateful for her commitment to collaborating with us. When we opened our Watertown showroom in 2017, she was delighted to have an option that was more convenient for both her and her Metro Boston clients. We are glad to introduce you to Polly Corn Sullivan and her fun picks!

Jason Sevinor