A Note From Jason

A big hello to my friends and family members!

It’s November – the month we devote to gratefulness. There is so much to feel good about in terms of our business and the dedication of our staff. Our showrooms have just received awards (Best of Boston Home – Fixtures – from Boston Magazine, Best of the Northshore from Northshore Magazine and Best Showroom from DPHA – Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association), which makes me proud. These accolades are a testament to the teams in our showrooms, their expertise and work ethic, as well as the design and innovation in our showrooms and product offering.

One of the aspects of our philosophy that I feel is different from other similar businesses is the involvement and commitment of each person at every level. From our purchasing manager to our warehouse manager to our delivery drivers, we are all dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction. Things can and do go awry in our industry. What allows us to thrive is knowing that no one is working alone — we are all in it together. When adversity hits, we do a team huddle and combine our industry experience and different perspectives to devise creative solutions to enable us to move forward and get the job done.

We also rely on manufacturers, vendors, designers, architects, builders, and plumbers. Together, we make magic happen for homeowners. We value and appreciate the industry professionals who choose to work with us. We spend a lot of time and effort curating the list of brands we offer our customers. The companies we decide to bring on as premier lines not only make beautiful products, but they also provide support for issues and training for our staff and customers. Our trade partners lean on us as an extension of their companies. They want a supplier who aligns with their values and maintains a consistent approach to the services they provide. We appreciate the trust that our customers place in us and their understanding we will take care of their clients.

We have had a long and productive relationship with Gallagher Remodeling. Roger Gallagher runs a well known design/build firm, which has gained a reputation for thoughtful planning and execution of clients’ visions. Amy McFadden runs the design process.

Jason Sevinor


Amy McFadden is the Director of Design and Development at Gallagher Remodeling, Inc., a full-service residential design-build firm in Belmont, MA. She has over 20 years of experience in design and is certified by the Professional Remodelers Association (PRO) as a Kitchen & Bath Remodeler. The team brings a high level of professionalism, thoughtfulness, and creative insight on every project.


I love the style of this faucet because it juxtaposes the Perrin & Rowe traditional style with the modern touchless update. You just wave your hand underneath to turn it on. The lever is also a nice detail — it’s strong and high quality. I’d use this for a main or secondary kitchen sink (perhaps in a kitchen with multiple islands).


Sometimes form really is the function! This Franz Viegener faucet is languid and inviting — just looking at it is relaxing to me; it’s like water itself. I’d use this in a main bathroom with double sinks. The low spout allows for clearance if there is a medicine cabinet above it. It would look great in a powder room with a gorgeous mirror above it. We’ve been recommending Franz Viegener a lot lately for high end projects; they have several new and innovative shapes and designs that we’re liking.


The minute I saw this base/sink/faucet combo I was like, “This is a complete look.” It looks great in the black matte finish displayed in the showroom because it’s so fresh and current with the white sink. The sink is large enough for dual use, and the bottom is curved to allow for easy drainage — water doesn’t pool on the bottom. It’s great for small spaces: it doesn’t take up foot space, has only two legs in front, is less busy looking, and holds towels. Everything is in one place. It’s easy, simple, and clean.


We do a lot of recessed shampoo niches and they require construction. This Keuco shower basket is less than a recessed niche and more than a shower caddy that you would buy at a store. It gets installed on the wall after the tile and it’s solid. The squeegee is stored below, another item tucked away and not seen. Accessories are a big part of a bathroom, and this one reduces how many things are cluttering up your shower.


The Julien outdoor kitchen is so brilliant. As a design/build firm, we’ve been doing more outdoor landscaping projects lately. We’re seeing people do outdoor kitchens more in the New England area — extending their living space to their outdoor space, even during the colder months. They’re adding space heaters, heated pavers, and hot tubs. I could see this kitchen going in a lot of places. I also love how the corners of the countertop are rounded rather than sharp, cold and industrial.