A Note From Jason

Going to Disney with my boys was an experience we won’t forget! Seeing their facial expressions as they experienced all that Disney has to offer was the best part.

Hi Everyone!

I am back from my trip to the Magic Kingdom with my two sons and yes, I would agree that it is truly magical. Disney takes its mission of providing an exceptional experience to guests VERY seriously. We were awed by the production of all the things – from the rides to the parades to the fireworks. It was all done well, with an attention to detail that is an inspiration to anyone in hospitality.

Although we are not in the hospitality industry, we still regard visits to our showroom as an experience. We constantly consider the way we welcome people, the layout of displays, and our interactions with clients with a goal to be perceived as warm and inviting. We like to think that we view our connections with customers as relational versus transactional. My trip to Disney has me thinking about ways to enhance our delivery of these key components and how we may be able to tweak and adjust our approach to make it even better.

For the second half of June, I will admit that our Beverly showroom may not look its best and our service may not be quite as responsive as our typical way of doing business. We kick off our Annual Sale on Saturday, June 15th. It can get hectic !!! We will have a tent in our Beverly parking lot and everything will be marked down dramatically. We will have other items with deep discounts on tables inside, which makes things a little crowded and chaotic. However, it’s totally worth the trip. Especially on the first day (we are open until 4 pm- usually we close at 1 pm on Saturdays), there are always amazing deals and steals. Everything in Watertown will be discounted as well, but the tent is only in Beverly. The sale runs through Saturday, June 29. If you need a toilet that is more efficient, want to replace a shower head to get a better flow, covet a shiny new faucet for your powder room, or begin the remodel you always wanted, now is the time to buy!

To get back to my adventure with Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the characters, I have to say it is featured in a prominent spot on my highlight reel of fatherhood. This month, we salute all dads on June 16 when we celebrate Father’s Day. I am grateful to my dad everyday. And I am grateful to be a dad. Lots of blessings to think about this month for sure.

I would like to introduce you to the design team at Woodmeister Master Builders. While Woodmeister is considered one of the premier builders in New England, they also have an impressive design team that can add style and pizzaz to a construction project. We had fun with them as they roamed around our Watertown showroom to find their favorite items. It’s always tough for a group to narrow their selections down to five. Kudos to the team for their final choices!


Until next month,
Jason Sevinor

Woodmeister Master Builders, a multi-generational family owned and operated firm based in Holden, MA, pride themselves on over 40 years of building extraordinary homes with a craftsman’s approach to exacting detail and artistry. From millwork to new construction to home renovations, their approach to building is always marked by uncompromising standards and quality.


Our team is very utility-driven, which is why we use The Gallery Workstation regularly for client projects. When someone is looking for a highly functional sink area where they can strain, drain, wash, prep, and do it all, we recommend The Galley. And because we’re a custom cabinet company, we can build out cabinetry to accommodate a sink like this.


We were impressed by the Zip Water HydroTap. We like how so many different water types are consolidated into one simple interface, and how the carbonated filtered water and the hot water are both automated so you don’t need additional appliances. We have clients who have their own wet bars and could see them using a dedicated faucet like this that could dispense all three water types in one.


We like the modern clean lines and the floating, glowing look of the mirror. We use this aesthetic a lot with the light feature. It’s good for small bathrooms where you’re looking to add more concealed storage behind the mirror.


The Stone Forest Calma Bathtub is overall a striking piece because of its scale and the fact that it’s carved out of one single block of stone. It’s also very comfortable. Overall we like the look of the dark marquina taupe marble used. We have used Stone Forest for several of our clients in the past for custom stone vanities and stone fire pits, and we’ve used a similar stone bathtub.


We picked the Waterstone Endeavor pulldown faucet mainly for the aesthetics. A lot of the Woodmeister team members have engineering backgrounds, and this captured the eyes of a lot of people in the department because of the overall design. We also like the look of the flat black with bronze accents — it’s very appealing. This would be one that would need a suitable home – but it would be an accent piece or focal point in a kitchen because of its intriguing composition.