A Note From Jason

The best gift I received during this festive season was the Best of Boston Home award. YAY!!! A big congrats to my team – they are the ones who made it happen. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Hi Everyone!

Here we are with the holidays kicking in and we are looking at the 2023 finish line straight ahead. What a year it has been! Recently, we have spent time reflecting on what has changed since the pandemic hit in 2020 and how we have embraced a new normal. As we look back at the past few years, I am proud of the ways that our team has taken challenges and converted them into opportunities. Our Beverly location has had an exterior facelift with new paint, landscaping, and signage. Inside, displays have been reconfigured to make a better work environment for our staff. In Watertown, we have updated displays to stay on point with the latest and greatest. Behind the scenes, our website has been enhanced with new “Wish List” and “Book An Appointment” tabs to make it easier to shop with us from any place, at any time. As the year winds down, it is gratifying to see the progress we have achieved.

This month, my sons are full of energy and anticipation because they are both at an age where they like to talk about their own “Wish Lists.” I feel fortunate to be able to make some of their dreams come true. When they receive a gift that they really wanted, they think life is amazing and they are filled with excitement. It hurts my heart to think of other children who may not be in a situation where they will receive presents during this season. For that reason, Toys For Tots is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. For years, we have had donation boxes at Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply locations. As you probably know, the Marines lead the Toys for Tots effort to find needy children and they make sure they have something special to unwrap. If you would like to make a donation to the charity, please use this link to go directly to the Toys for Tots donation page and THANK YOU!!!

Of course, the “Wish Lists” that grown-ups have are very different from those of a child. Instead of asking a friend in the design/build industry to pick their showroom favorites this month, we decided to make a list of options that would be the adult version of favorite gift ideas. Obviously, I am biased, so these are all decorative plumbing fixtures, but to that I say, why not???

Jason Sevinor



Add function and versatility to your shower with the Storm Showerhead from Jaclo. With 8 adjustable jets and 64 individual spray settings, it’s a gift that will satisfy every individual’s unique taste.


There’s nothing more luxurious on a cold winter’s morning than stepping out of the shower and enveloping yourself in a warm, cozy towel. Kartner’s ELBE collection features strong, flat lines housed between solid cylindrical posts — adding style to its function and making a statement in your bathroom.


Our Showroom Brand Manager Mindy Sevinor is a big fan of the Crosswater Ressa toilet. The Ressa is beautiful, efficient, and surprisingly affordable compared to other integrated toilets with bidet amenities. This smart toilet offers everything you need in one place: an automatic water-saving flushing system, bidet functions, air drying system and night light. Ressa also comes with a remote control that allows you to easily adjust settings such as temperature, spray type, and drying options to customize your experience.


The Crosswater MPRO 5′ Freestanding Bathtub with Integral Overflow features pared down lines and an ergonomic shape that support a balanced environment for a soothing soak.


There’s nothing out there quite like the Zip Water HydropTap. From one faucet you can get sparkling filtered, chilled filtered, or boiling water. It’s the perfect home enhancement for someone who’s looking to eliminate single-use water bottles and cans of sparkling water. The faucet’s ability to offer a hot and calming cup of tea at a moment’s notice is truly priceless. This is a gift that would truly “wow” anyone in your family.