Peter & Desi Souhleris’ Showroom Favorites – August 2017

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A Note From Jason

Happy August, everyone! The month of August is similar to that feeling of approaching the top of a ferris wheel. This metaphor applies to all of us at Designer Bath in relation to the upcoming opening of our Watertown showroom. The excitement and adrenaline have been building and we’ve almost reached the peak, the culmination of hard work and planning – we truly cannot wait to soon share this new space with you.

Our summer has been busy and non-stop with recent highlights including: our 6th annual Designers SHINE Awards and our sponsorship of the Paddle for Plummer and North Shore Cancer WALK charity events.

Our SHINE Awards, which wrapped up last month, gave us a chance to honor and celebrate the New England design industry and our loyal clients. We were absolutely blown away by the outstanding entries that we received. Congratulations to Mary Michael O’Hare of MMO Designs for winning this year’s ‘Overall Excellence in Design’ Award. Photos of Mary’s project and the five other winning spaces can be viewed in the gallery on our website.

June and July welcomed opportunities to give back to our community with the North Shore Cancer WALK and Paddle for Plummer philanthropic initiatives. The North Shore Cancer WALK is a 10K stroll through Salem, to raise money for cancer research and awareness, while Paddle for Plummer, an all-day paddle boarding event, benefits the Plummer Youth Promise, an organization that builds a sense of family for youth in need.

With a new month comes another installment of our ‘Showroom Favorites’ blog series, and yet again, we are joined by a talented industry colleague. August’s guests, Peter and Desi Souhleris from A&E’s ‘Flipping Boston’, own the property buying and selling company, CityLight Homes, and star in Build.Design.Live’s  new show, ‘Bragging Rights.’ Peter and Desi are longtime friends of the Designer Bath family and we love collaborating on projects together. Browse their five bath picks below.

Here’s hoping that August’s ferris wheel ride is smooth and allows you to savor every moment of this season.

Stay in touch and come visit us in Watertown later this summer!

Jason Sevinor



Modern! Modern! Modern! If you close your eyes, you may think you’re in Europe but finally, modern is showing up in households all over America and we’re so excited! Just like a BMW quietly shouts ‘sleek German style’ so too does this gorgeous Hansgrohe chrome and white faucet. Exhibiting both masculine and feminine lines, it is sure to please the trendsetters out there! Go for it and be daring. Modern – welcome to America.



Who says that sexy always has to be curvy? This clean, aligned rectangular mirror, though simple in shape, is quite a statement piece for your bathroom. Its shiny chrome frame and shelf, crisp glass center and peekaboo window make for the perfect complement to your vanity or dressing area. And the best part about it is – your own style will really be personalized according to what color you have on your wall behind it. I’m a ‘go white’ kind of girl, so a clean look with a bit of shine for personality is just the way I like it!



Let it rain! This is a personal favorite of ours. There’s no mistaking this rain head for any other, and just one glance says it all. Just looking at it makes you feel like you want to sit back and relax as you escape into your very own oasis. Only one problem… once we install this in our own new bathroom at home, Desi may never get out of the shower!



Being that we are both of Greek descent and travel there often, we definitely are drawn to the clean white style that is reminiscent of the Greek Islands. This tub says just that! We can picture this gorgeous soaker tub in front of a large seaside window surrounded by white pebble stones. Your mind’s eye takes one look and thinks: ‘There’s nothing else I should be doing right now other than this!’ Create your very own Mykonos…



From the first time we laid eyes upon this collection in the showroom, it was love at first sight! We thought this love affair may pass or fade, however it hasn’t. This hands-down has to be one of our favorite collections on so many levels. The feeling of being transformed into your very own spa area is the aspect that we love most. We can picture our crisp, white rolled towels in the linen closet and sea sponge and pumice stone in a white dish on the vanity’s edge. This luxurious wood finish is both contemporary and timeless. Spa, spa, spa – need we say more?!