Musings By Mindy – Spring 2019

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Musings by Mindy

Mindy Sevinor

Hi Friends and Colleagues,

I’m excited to be joining you for the debut of our trade blog! Every few months, I’ll be waxing poetic and sharing some observations and insight (musings, if you will) from my experiences on the showroom floor and beyond.

Being the Showroom Brand Manager for Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply, I’m privileged to work closely with our wonderful manufacturer partners as I soak up – pun intended – the latest styles and design influences to hit our industry.

Ready to dive into the latest and the greatest? Keeping scrolling for some can’t-miss trends and upcoming events that we’re hosting.

All my best,

Mindy Sevinor
Showroom Brand Manager

Trendspotting & New Products


I cannot stop swooning over the Calma bathtub by Stone Forest and must pinch myself every time I walk by it on display at our Watertown showroom. A bonafide conversation-starter, this stunner is carved by hand from a monolithic block of marquina taupe marble. A slab of stone represents centuries of accumulated time and is carefully selected from a quarry in Spain.

The talented sculptors at Stone Forest utilize innovative techniques to create the Calma’s light, sensuous appearance. I love how the soft lines of this free-standing piece soothe the soul. The composition of this piece blends structural integrity with varied veining patterns and color nuances to create a scene-stealing fixture.

Available through both of our showrooms.


Oh, where to even begin with GRAFF…

I fell in love with this manufacturer while attending the Salone del Mobile trade fair in Milan last year. The brand recently debuted its Harley series – overflowing with nostalgia and style – and I’m thrilled that we now carry this collection.

No surprise here; the Harley designs were conceptualized (by GRAFF’s G+ Design Studio) with iconic motorcycles in mind. This cutting-edge line evokes vintage familiarity reimagined in a contemporary way. Every detail is deliberate and impactful, from the steering wheel-reminiscent circular valve faucet handles to the knurling texture on the surfaces. This collection is in keeping with the strong industrial influence we’re still seeing in bath and kitchen products.

Available through both of our showrooms.


Something that I’m seeing a lot of is the use of specialty finishes in the bath and kitchen. Opting for both metals and mattes allows for a variegated and diverse style of fixtures. The most popular selections are still matte black and varieties of brass, similar to the Brizo piece in this photo.

Versatile and fresh, specialty finishes allow you to customize a bath or kitchen space to the exact tastes and needs of the user. Blending textures and colors is a great way to achieve a multi-dimensional, dynamic design.

Specialty finish products available through both of our showrooms.


If there’s one thing we know about kitchens and countertops, it’s that they tend to get cluttered and crowded very easily. With so much activity happening at the counter – prepping, cooking, entertaining, cleaning up – it’s important to maximize the space and utilize every square inch. Smart and sleek workstations by our showroom brand, The Galley, elevate the functionality, enjoyability and efficiency of the space.

I will always be a Galley gal and highly recommend the brand’s revolutionary workstations when trying to create more counter and sink space. Especially in demand by the homeowner who is eager for a time-saving way to prepare food, The Galley’s systems allow for a productive meal prep experience. We’ve entered the time of a whole new ‘home chef’ culture – one based on ease and productivity, and The Galley is very much up to the challenge. Take a peek to see these innovative solutions in action:

Available through both of our showrooms.

UPCOMINGShowroom Events

April 23

Franz Viegener Lunch & Learn

11:30 am – 1 pm in Watertown

May 15

Book Signing with Erin Gates

6 – 8 pm in Watertown

Anna Orfanides’s Showroom Favorites – March 2019

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A Note From Jason

Happy March!
I know that based on these recent chilly temps, it seems hard to believe, but…warm(ish) days are in the not-so-distant future. Hey, the calendar says, ‘First day of Spring – March 20th’ and who are we to argue with that?
I’ve been invited to participate in a Global Leadership Training in Cape Town, South Africa and can’t wait to bring back lots of great ideas to improve our business and customer experience. I feel so fortunate and grateful for this opportunity. Stay tuned!
Daylight Saving Time begins on the 10th day of this month and that’s always a reason to celebrate, as is St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th – when everyone around Boston seems to be Irish (wink, wink).
In the spirit of feeling lucky, we have the good fortune of being joined by our dear friend and immensely talented designer, Anna Orfanides, on our March blog. Anna, Owner and Principal Designer at Anna O Design, infuses all of her projects with a global perspective and influence. Inspired by the stunning architecture and design in which she was immersed while living in Greece and studying abroad in other parts of Europe, Anna mixes her passion for the creative spirit with her background of international travel, drawing on both as she cultivates timeless, tailored and functional spaces for her clients. Keep scrolling to see Anna’s favorite ‘sleek and chic’ bath pieces from our showroom.
Wishing you a wonderful month!

Jason Sevinor




I’ve always loved Crosswater as a product and a brand. I had the privilege of meeting the company’s owner, David Hance, at a dinner hosted by Designer Bath. Hearing his story was so inspiring to me, and I appreciate his vision and his collections. I’ve been wanting to use their items on a project for awhile now and when I was in the showroom, I knew I wanted to select a couple of Crosswater items for my blog feature. The clean lines of this tub offer a modern silhouette, perfect for a sleek and cutting-edge bath space.


This piece has a bit of an edge to it and contains such character. It’s urban-inspired and feels really fresh with the chunky piping. The knurling details give this fixture an industrial appearance.


This is unlike anything I’ve seen before with its exaggerated low profile. I fell in love with it, especially in the matte black finish. It was so seamlessly integrated into the vignettes that are on display in the showroom.


This is the epitome of sexiness. I recently used it in a client project and I’m so excited for the space to be photographed. Anyone who looks at this piece, even if you’re not into modern design, would be drawn to it. It’s impossible to not be in awe and want to experience the material and composition.


With this vanity, the beauty is in the simplicity. For me, less is always more, and I gravitate towards the understated. Furniture Guild, one of my favorite brands, conveys the highest level of quality in all of its pieces. The products are well-made and feature exquisite craftsmanship from artists who take pride in what they create for people.

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