Feinmann Inc.’s Showroom Favorites — August 2020

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A Note From Jason

Jason presenting Salem Plumbing Supply’s 75th Anniversary citation to his father Ralph Sevinor.

Happy August!

I can’t believe it, but the day finally arrived. On Tuesday, August 3rd, we celebrated Salem Plumbing Supply’s 75th anniversary! We’re thrilled to have received an official citation from Governor Charlie Baker, commemorating this milestone for our beloved company. We wouldn’t be here today without the loyalty of our customers, staff and families — and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Come celebrate by shopping with us during the upcoming tax-free weekend! We’ll be doubling the tax-free discount so you can save a total of 12.5%. You can enjoy double the tax savings on Saturday, August 29th at both our Watertown and Beverly showrooms.  Pre-orders will be taken the week of August 24th. Make your showroom appointment today! If you would like to peruse items from the comfort of your own home, you also have the option to shop virtually.  Visit our site now to start shopping!

We had the pleasure of having Lori Pettine and Nicole Malagodi of Feinmann, Inc (virtually) visit our showroom to pick their favorites for this month’s blog. Feinmann, Inc. is an award-winning design-build firm in Boston, Massachusetts with over 33 years of experience delivering innovative kitchen and bathroom designs and quality whole home remodeling and renovations. Lori brings a depth of knowledge of design, product knowledge, and mastery of the materials selection process to her role managing client projects from design through execution. Nicole has worked for years in both residential and commercial construction. Clients benefit from her hard-earned expertise and attention to detail. We are thrilled to share their favorites with you. 

Wishing you a fantastic August!


Jason Sevinor


Feinmann, Inc.'s Showroom Favorites August 2020



The bold presence of the Stone Forest Ventus Bath Sink immediately caught my eye. The piece has substantial presence, but still maintains a comfortable, relaxed feel from the combination of the natural materials used. 

It also presents great practicality with the extra storage space for towels, linen, bath tissue, etc. The side rail can even become a towel bar. This particular piece is able to accommodate all that you’d want in a powder room, but can’t always get in a powder room!


We based many of our selections on this piece. I’m drawn to its masculine feel. Even with its sharp lines, it remains elegant and still has ample space between the shelving. Though it’s not mounted on the wall, it doesn’t take up too much space. 




This faucet from California Faucets works flawlessly with the industrial legs of the Stone Forest vanity. They really complement each other well.


With the nature of the Stone Forest sink, we needed to choose a wall mounted faucet. This particular piece from California Faucets is very similar to the detailing on the stabilizing bar connecting the vanity to the wall. The escutcheon is classic and offers a sense of simplicity.




 When looking straight at the mirror, it looks paper thin. However, when you look from the side, you see the depth. Its frame is about an inch and a half deep. Stylistically, it plays well off of the Stone Forest sink top which has thick lines that only appear thick from one angle. Looking down from above, the sink top looks thin. 


The mirror is similar to the vanity in that it has clean lines and minimal detailing. It also has an industrial, masculine feel — similar to that of the vanity. Yet it presents a juxtaposition with its thin frame which adds a touch of delicacy.



 What I truly love about this toilet is that you don’t see the inner workings. The simplicity keeps with the overall theme of the room.


This piece is sleek with a contemporary feel. It also makes cleaning effortless which is an added benefit when it comes to a powder room!



This tissue holder from Kartners finishes out the suite. It carries through the feel and flavor of the main furniture piece. You’re also able to slide the toilet paper on and off providing a sense of ease.


This Sofia Collection tissue holder continues the contemporary theme that was established with the toilet. It even has a similar circular look to the California Faucet piece with very little detailing. This piece finishes out the room with its simplicity and minimalism.

Melanie has exceeded all expectations many times over

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Good Morning,
I have to share with the management of SB my most recent visit at your Beverly location. I have lived in Beverly for 30 years and have always purchased my plumbing needs from SPB. My wife and I) always want to support local companies first and my experience last week is a prime example why. I stopped in last Friday for assistance identifying a kitchen faucet we purchased  a few years ( come to find out it was 9 years) ago from your Beverly unit. Walking in to your showroom I was  greeted by Melanie Adamopoulos at your front desk. Melanie greeted me warmly and  was extremely patient helping me identify what Faucet i had purchased. That in it self was above and beyond anything i would have received at a big Box Store but it only get better. Melanie inquired why I needed to know the identity and once she realized i was looking for cartridges she leaped into action. She printed off copies of the faucet parts list and went the additional step of  assuring I would be able to get all parts needed. While we expect a certain level of customer support from a great organization such as Salem Plumbing  and Designer Bath Melanie has exceeded all expectations many times over.

Many Thanks, Ron Brennan

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