A Note From Jason

Happy June!

We have added dots on our showroom floors to encourage social distancing. By requiring masks, adding dividers, and using hand sanitizer, we are keeping everyone safe and healthy!

We have added dots on our showroom floors to encourage social distancing. By requiring masks, adding dividers, and using hand sanitizer, we are keeping everyone safe and healthy!

Designer Bath is now open Monday – Saturday by appointment!  It’s exciting to see friendly faces back in our showrooms.  We have missed interacting with our clients in person.  While we are meeting people with safety measures in place, I can tell you there is still a lot of laughing, fun being had and important work getting done.  With our customers returning to our stores and the warm temperatures returning outside, my heart is happy.  Please visit our website for details on making an appointment at Designer Bath with our new protocols in place.

Father’s Day is coming up! Being a dad of 5 and 7-year-old boys has been the most important job of my life and brings me so much pride and joy. To all the dads out there, wishing you an amazing day.  And a BIG thank you to my dad for all you’ve done for me.  You’ve been an inspiration to me and I work hard to have an equally meaningful life.  Thank you for being a great role model.  As we celebrate 75 years in our family’s business, I am proud to carry on our family tradition.  Thank you, dad, for the opportunity.  And to all our loyal customers, staff and families, this couldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you!

Again, we are truly thankful for you — our customers. If you have worked with us (or currently work with us), we would love to hear from you. We invite you to write a Google review detailing your experiences and thoughts on our business. We appreciate any and all feedback.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce this month’s Showroom Favorites blogger. We had the pleasure of having Matt Simitis of Curl Simitis architecture + design virtually visit our Watertown showroom to choose his favorite pieces. Matt is well-versed in residential and small commercial design work, with over 15 years of experience. A Massachusetts native, he appreciates not only the state’s rich design heritage, but also its cutting-edge spirit. We couldn’t be more excited to share his favorites with you.

Wishing you a terrific June!


Jason Sevinor


Matt Simitis Showroom Favorites June 2020

When selecting my five favorite pieces at Designer Bath, I kept in mind the recent renovation of my home. After years of helping others with decision making for their homes, it was my turn to dive in and decide what styles, products, and colors I wanted to have in my personal space. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience, as I discovered new options that I previously would not have chosen. Taking on the challenges of maximizing space and increasing its efficiency — these pieces are truly problem solvers.


What instantly drew me to this piece from GRAFF is the side spray. These days, pullout sprays seem to be a bit ubiquitous – and for good reason, as they are highly efficient and practical. However, the spout pullout sprays tend to be bigger and bulkier, and I loved how separating the two allowed the faucet to be sleek and minimal. An added benefit is that the side spray independently functions with its own controls for volume and temperature – it really hit all the marks for me.


Another way I looked at clearing the counter was by reducing the objects that needed space there. At my home, we drink an abundance of sparkling water. Previously, we had a Sodastream carbonator that sat in a corner. We used it all the time, but it never really fit in.

The multifaceted Grohe sparkling water system is the perfect solution for this situation. It’s not as slender as some of the other faucet options we looked at, but it packs a lot into its size. We can use regular water for washing or cooking and then access both chilled or sparkling water with the turn of a knob. Functionally speaking, it ties everything in our wish list together in one fixture.


With two young children, we knew creating a master bathroom was a necessity. Given that space would be carved from an existing bedroom, we had to minimize the size and maximize its efficiency. When I came across this LACAVA vanity, it fit perfectly into our design plan and overall goals.

A double vanity was out of the question, but with a longer top, this single sink vanity offered dedicated counter space that is crucial in a master bath. What we loved, however, was the elegant way the frame was designed to create personal towel hanging at each end as well as the little bit of extra storage below. Just enough extra room for my wife and I to feel like we had our own personal space!


The Robern Uplift cabinet was a crucial piece of our renovation. We knew we needed the storage space a medicine cabinet provides, but also desired a large mirror to help the space feel larger. Once we decided on a single basin, we also knew we wanted to avoid an unappealing hinge down the center of our view.

This cabinet is an ingenious solution to that problem. Functional, while crisp and modern looking, the mirror easily rises up from the bottom to expose the interior with no interruption of the glass. I also loved that we could leave it open just enough to reveal the bottom shelf, and have it act as a niche for everyday items.


In an effort to help a small space look and feel as open as possible, we gravitated to a wall-hung toilet. Typically, these come with a metal plated plate. Seeing that Geberit had a wide range of other optional finishes, I felt that the metal finish would interrupt the clean, light, feel we were going for in the room. This stunning white glass plate with chrome accents really jumped out as the perfect choice. With a high level of detail and materials that feel refined, not plasticy, we knew that we had found a fixture that helped tie together everything we were looking for from the room.