A Note From Jason

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope your holidays were festive and bright. 2018 was gone in what felt like the blink of an eye and it’s time to say ‘hello’ to a fresh twelve months.

As we look back on the last year, we’re feeling nostalgia and gratitude – I promise, I’m not about to cry. I still have to pinch myself over the fact that we were honored with Boston magazine’s ‘Best of’ and Northshore Home‘s ‘Best of the North Shore’ awards. Neither of these accolades would have been possible without your support!

Yes, we’re in the business of baths and kitchens, but more than anything, we’re in the business of relationships and forging connections. Thank you to our family and friends, our showroom team, our clients and our industry trade partners. We are beyond grateful for your dedication, hard work, creativity and collaboration.

Our monthly ‘Showroom Favorites’ series rolls on into the new calendar year and I’m thrilled to welcome our very first guest bloggers of 2019, Melissa Hammond and Meg Bennett, Principal Designer and Design Associate, respectively, at Hammond Design. Melissa and Meg have completed projects throughout the Greater Boston area, Cape Cod, the Islands, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, cultivating designs that are #notjustanotherprettyspace. Follow along below as they share their top five picks from our Watertown showroom and virtually create a modern luxe, space-saving bathroom ideal for urban living.

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2019!

Jason Sevinor



This is such a gorgeous fixture in every way. We were drawn to the clean lines and sleek aesthetic. With a very easy set-up, this system is an all-in-one unit containing a showerhead and handle all on the same bar. Ideal for tight quarters, this piece offers form and function without taking up a lot of wall space.


A perfect option for when you’re craving a bit of jewelry at your sink. This THG and Lalique masterpiece contains stunning detail from every angle. It has a modern yet elevated quality with the etched crystal.


This one was a no-brainer for our list because not only does it look good and boast clean lines, it conserves space with its freestanding nature. Many people may want a modern tub similar to this, yet don’t have the area needed for one. The flat back of this piece allows you to push it up against a wall to save valuable square footage.


We love how sleek and contemporary this vanity is and could imagine it being in a wide range of smaller-scale bathrooms. The detailing includes unique metal banding for an extra luxe look. A wall-mounted presence lends itself to creating a space that feels bigger and a bit more open. Robern storage options are top-notch and you can customize the inside of this one to your needs. Small vanity, big impact!


We picked this for its super slick installation system. You don’t have to tile it in and you can leave it exposed and have the metal showing. This piece is available in a ton of different sizes and you can customize it to your style preference. Forget about having to deal with grout and soap scum with this one – it doesn’t get dirty and is easy to maintain. If you’re seeking generous storage in the shower area, you can’t go wrong with this Y-Shelf selection.