A Note From Jason

Hello all, and cheers to a new month! Here’s hoping that April rain showers (couldn’t resist a little bathroom design joke) do indeed bring May flowers…and sunshine.

Spring is in full swing for all of us at Designer Bath. We are eagerly awaiting the grand opening of our brand new Watertown showroom, with preparations and planning well underway.

On behalf of everyone at Designer Bath, I’d like to extend a warm congrats to two of our industry colleagues, Kristina Crestin and Erin Gates, both of whom are among the winners of New England Home’s ‘5 Under 40’ awards. The awards recognize and honor the hottest emerging talent in New England’s residential design world. Designer Bath has had the pleasure of working with both Kristina and Erin, including the in-process renovation of Erin’s office bathroom. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Speaking of innovative and brilliant designers, I am so pleased to share that Steven Favreau is the featured spotlight designer on our blog this month. We had a blast hosting the endlessly creative and always-entertaining Steven at our Beverly showroom as he selected his top five kitchen and bath product picks. See below for his choices accompanied by some can’t-miss commentary.

Wishing everyone a great May. Stay in touch!

Jason Sevinor


Designer Bath threw open their doors on a rainy, spring day in April, indulging my taste for all things Favreaulous. My senses were tingling with anticipation as I trotted, tip-toed and trounced around their stunning showroom. Like a kid in Wonka’s secretive candy company, I found it tough to settle on just five delectable treats to share with you. Sinfully delicious and a feast for the eyes, what I found in their showroom ignited my imagination. Here are my five top picks of sumptuous delights.


Designer Bath has teamed up with The Galley and is literally reinventing how we function in the kitchen. As one of the sole suppliers of The Galley in the Boston area, Designer Bath features new ways of meal preparation. Gone is the traditional triangle layout we are all used to (Thank Goodness!). Gone is the back and forth trading around the kitchen to prepare a meal (Hallelujah!). Designer Bath and The Galley offer us the linear workspace.


Even with my clothes on, this tub feels like a little slice of heaven. Featuring requisite air jets, this beauty by BainUltra, The Amma, is equipped with chroma (light) therapy (my favorite is the energizing fuchsia), sneaky little pin jets, a three-zone, heated shell and…wait for it…aroma therapy! Did I mention it fits two people? Sorry, those pics are off-limits. With dozens of bath tub options, it’s nice to see that BainUltra has put all of our hydro-desires into one glorious bath experience.


Although the Franz Viegener company has been around since 1899 when they first started manufacturing beer taps, their newest line for residential bathrooms is relatively recent with the release of their Premium Collection in 2008. This line of faucets and shower heads raises the bar on what is possible in contemporary and transitional bath hardware. My favorites, The Edge and Industrial Chic, send my imagination awash (pun intended) with possibilities. Available in eight finishes, including solid black (WOW!) and rose gold (double WOW!!), these stunning designs up the profile of any bathroom. Just in case you’re wondering if quality is sacrificed for sexy, think again! Franz Viegener’s products are made from 100% steel. No plastic here! Now when do we get a beer?


Lisa Jarvis, of New York City, has created jewelry for our cabinetry. This stunning line of haute couture elevates kitchen and bath cabinetry into the stratosphere. A picture is worth a thousand words, so that’s all I need to say.


With the advent of big box stores attempting to capture all facets of the home decor market (including bath vanities), it is refreshing and encouraging to know that The Furniture Guild remains singular in their class, offering traditional, transitional and contemporary vanities for every design style with unparalleled craftsmanship and functionality. These beauties are not only well-made and a feast for the eyes, they also come with soft close drawers, hidden outlets and convenient compartments for blow dryers, curling irons and other beauty accoutrements. Did I mention they also do seamless countertops? With over 50 designs and finishes, The Furniture Guild is not only cutting edge and exemplary quality, the products are also
100% made in the USA!

Designer Bath in Beverly truly has everything we need for our clients’ bathrooms (plus many tantalizing goodies for the kitchen), and with a showroom twice the size about to open in Watertown, convenience will also be one of the many reasons to look no further. And if it happens to be raining when you visit, maybe they will offer you a snazzy orange logo umbrella that folds up into a holder the size of an eyeglass case. But don’t quote me.

Mr. Favreaulous, signing out.