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Homeowners and professionals alike love Designer Bath!

Take a look at some of our loyal customers’ praise, below.

Advice and Suggestions Always Proved to be On Point

We went into a major renovation project with little (no) experience. The team at Designer Bath took us through the process of choosing fixtures for seven bathrooms and two kitchens and made it seem easy! They were extremely knowledgeable, their advice and suggestions always proved to be on point. They were patient (this took hours and multiple meetings) had wonderful suggestions and answered all our questions. They know the Massachusetts plumbing/building codes (complicated) and for every fixture also knew what additional little things would be necessary (valves, hooks…). Looking back, we don’t know how anyone who has no experience can do this online or without someone taking them through this process. Designer Bath created beautiful and clear folders for us outlining the fixtures in each bathroom (measurements, pictures, specifications), to help the contractor as the plumbing was installed and to help us as we were designing the kitchens and bathrooms.

While installing the fixtures, our contractor unfortunately broke a small part that attached to one of the faucets. We contacted Designer Bath and it was shipped to us immediately. We are sure such things happen frequently and again, can’t imagine how much time and pain replacing something like that would have been should we have not had this ongoing support. The bottom line is: if you are remodeling a bathroom, go to Designer Bath!

Invaluable in My Decision Making

I worked with Mindy. She was invaluable in my decision making. I had a pretty tight budget, but wanted quality products. With her assistance I got the look I wanted in my bathrooms and didn’t completely destroy the budget. Salem Plumbing has such a wide variety of product lines to choose from. There is something there to fit every budget, with knowledgeable people to assist you.

—Denise McNulty, Boxford, MA

Their Communication is Excellent and They Are Proactive

We completed a full renovation of our Victorian house and chose Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply.

This worked perfect for us and we ended up getting all bathroom and kitchen fixtures form this place. They had a great eye for what we were going for and picked out great pieces. We had a budget that we wanted to meet and they helped us navigate where to spend and where to make smart but great quality choices. They were very consciencious of price and sales, so while some items were expensive and much nicer than we had imagined, our overall cost stayed with in budget. They created the complete inventory of fixtures and parts to compliment our plumbing contract, they gave great advice on the install and what to be aware of, so the install went off with out a single hitch. I know that I saved a lot on the install and change orders by going with Designer Bath and the over all cost would likely not have been much different at the end by going with Home Depot or similar stores, except we now have much nicer and better quality fixtures.

Their communication is excellent and they were proactive in relation to leadtimes and always remembered any of our renovation deadlines. When you call with an issue through the process, you get a solid answer or solution same day. This is where their staff really stood out from the rest. I can only recommend this to be the first stop if you want a quality install and allow yourself ample time to decide and ample time as some items have lead times. That said they have a large supply on hand as well if needed and they beat all the lead times for all my fixtures.

On the plumbing supply side, […]

Mindy Was An Excellent Saleswoman

Knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy — very impressed!

—Kai Lam, Salem, MA

Outstanding Selection!

Outstanding selection! Courteous and efficient staff. Knowledgeable and helpful sales staff. Just amazed with the exceptional service and expertise they provided.

—Richard Walker, Peabody, MA

Michelle Ritchie Was Exceptional

Michelle Ritchie was exceptional with sales and explaining to our plumber how the “edge drain” in our shower works and is installed.

—Marie MacLellan, Chelmsford, MA

Mindy is the Best!

She rates a 5+++ on everything! I’ll seek her out whenever I’m in the store.

—Bobbi Bulriss, Salem, MA

Mark Joseph Was Excellent and Helpful!

I wish he was available on more house projects!

—Joanne & Kevin Dubray, Beverly, MA

Very Comfortable

Working with Michelle was very comfortable. Her product knowledge and customer service is impressive. I will not hesitate to recommend her.

—David Selsky, Danvers, MA

Mindy Made Our Experience Very Easy

Mindy made our experience of purchasing our new products very easy because of her knowledge.

—Joanne Carbone, Peabody, MA

We are thrilled to share these testimonials and truly appreciate the kind words from our loyal customers. Their feedback not only motivates us but also shapes our approach to continually improve and deliver exceptional service. If you’ve been inspired by the experiences shared here and are considering starting your own project, we’d love to hear from you. Connect with us to discuss how we can help bring your vision for your kitchen or bath to life. Thank you for considering Designer Bath for your design needs; we look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust and add your story to our growing list of satisfied customers.

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