Musings by Mindy — The Bathroom Personalization Era

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Musings by Mindy

Dear friends and colleagues,

For years, we have been hearing about the demise of retail. This has been a tough scenario for us to imagine, as we believe so strongly in the value of trained team members who can help guide customers to make the right decisions for their budget, style, and timing parameters. At Designer Bath, we love to tell people about the stories behind the products. Many people don’t know about the hand-crafted parts of the process with certain brands and how this meticulous attention to perfection adds to the “feel” of a finish or the gloss of the metallic shine. As the brand manager for Designer Bath, I spend countless hours learning about different companies so that I can curate our displays and offer options that will appeal to our audience.

Recently, I was thrilled, although somewhat shocked as well, to learn that many well-known online retailers are expanding into brick-and-mortar locations. They are making this investment because they found out that people care about the experience of shopping in environments where they can touch and see the items and hear from people knowledgeable about the products. YAY! Warby Parker, Allbirds, Everlane, Parachute and Collars & Co. are Embracing Actual Shops – WSJ

We are all about creating a place where people can gain knowledge about their options and what makes one thing more expensive than another. Come visit us and see for yourself!

All my best,

Mindy Sevinor
Showroom Brand Manager


Dramatic powder rooms that show individual tastes and finishes.

Customizable Everything

Something I hear a lot on the showroom floor lately is, “I like brass, but if I put it in my house, will it be out of style in five years, or is it here to stay?” I tell them that for the past two decades white and chrome was the end all be all. Historically, in Europe, chrome was the only finish.

But the tides have changed. We have entered the “Bathroom Personalization Era.”

People aren’t designing bathrooms with only chrome and white anymore — they’re doing things that are more connected to their personalities and that are authentic to them. This customization of the spaces we love the most came out of the pandemic and working from home — we see homeowners paying more attention to their interiors and how they communicate their personal nuances with their choices.

The goal is for your bathroom to make you feel good, to reflect your vibe, and to bring you your own brand of unique joy.

What’s New in the Showroom?


We have a new display from Linkasink in both showrooms. They offer a totally customizable vanity line that I love. It’s a cool process and you can make decisions that complement your décor. Below, I have outlined the steps and provided links to the site so you can give it a try.

Step 1 – Pick your vanity color: black or white.

Step 2 – Pick your door style: white, gold border, mother of pearl, lateen, divergence, or kuba.

Step 3 – Pick your size: 24” to 36”.

Step 4 – Pick your hardware: anything from white tiger prism glass to star-shaped.

See how fun exploring the options are? Which combo fits your unique personality and style? I’d love to hear from you!

That’s what we’re all about at Designer Bath: creating timeless and refreshing looks for our clients from a wide range of brands, including many products that you cannot find elsewhere. Our ability to curate displays and stay on top of both trends and classic styles enables you to make your own house a space that feels like your special refuge.

FBN Construction’s Showroom Favorites — June 2023

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A Note From Jason

Recently, we partnered with GRAFF to host an afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library as a thank you to our guest bloggers throughout the years.


When I think about Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply, I consider the most important aspects of our brand. I always want to make sure we are focused on these priorities in everything we do. By defining our brand, what it means to us and what it means to our customers, we are able to identify our “true north” and have an understanding of our core values.

One of the qualities that I try to emphasize both at work and in my personal life is the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. We cannot be successful as a business without customers and we want to take advantage of all available opportunities to express our thanks. Recently, we hosted a delightful tea at the Boston Public Library for people in the design/build industry who have served as our guest bloggers. It was a lovely afternoon event. There was no big presentation or educational seminar. It was all about community and relationships. Our goal was to pamper these people who spent time and effort to do something for us.

The tea at the Boston Public Library was an example of our efforts to nurture and support our trade partners. These are people who work with homeowners and recommend our products and services to them. For the homeowners themselves, we also wanted to say thank you. In this instance, we decided that bringing back our Annual Sale would be the best way to offer something of value to this group. Beginning on Saturday, June 17 and continuing through Friday, June 30, we will be marking down prices to their lowest levels of the year. In Beverly, we will also have a tent sale and everything outside will be deeply discounted. We hope that these amazing deals will make homeowners happy, because if our clients are happy, we are happy!

Speaking of relationships, we have had many years of collaborating with the team at FBN. It is one of the largest residential builders in the Metro Boston region. They take care of their clients and manage all the details of significant projects from start to finish and beyond. Larissa Cook serves as the company’s president and came into our Watertown showroom to pick her five favs.

Jason Sevinor

For the past 15+ years, Larissa Cook has been upholding high standards of excellence in the design and building industry. Under her leadership and guidance, FBN Construction doubled in size and grew into the award-winning company it is today. In 2021, she was honored as one of Boston Magazine’s Faces of Women in Design. In her role as president of FBN, she encourages collaboration, communication, and attention to detail.


The matte black finish with bronze accents provides a sleek contrast appearance in the Waterstone Pulldown Faucet. The wheel portion gives it a vintage industrial look. I could see it in a craft space, a fun art studio, or a loft-style apartment in Boston.


The simplicity of the Lacava Navi Wall Mount Mirror’s frame makes it very versatile in wood or metal. When I saw it in the showroom, it had a metal finish, powder-coated in brass. I like that it looked modern and sleek, so it would work well in a contemporary condo bathroom.


The rich deep blue color along with the textured appearance of this Artelinea vanity make it a focal piece. The functionality of two drawers is very appealing for storage. The Graff faucet is very pronounced. I love the fact that it was wall-mounted. This would work well in a powder room, paired with wallpaper and the Lacava Navi mirror. I was basically planning how I am going to redo my powder room as we walked through the Designer Bath showroom.


Bain Ultra’s elegant oval freestanding tub is in every sense a true soaking tub, perfect for relaxing. We used something similar in a project in Weston recently and it felt spacious. It’s also versatile — we used it in black in a Boston condo with a Japanese-themed bathroom. Because it’s minimalistic, it works in both modern or traditional spaces.


Dornbracht Cyo’s brushed finish along with the handles are modern, simplistic, and sleek. I loved that the knobs were circular. This could be used anywhere, from a powder room to a master bath.

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