A Note From Jason

New Color for the New Year!

Hello everyone!

Happy Holidays! It’s a new year and a great time to look at our business from a fresh perspective. Our company’s 77th anniversary last summer was a perfect moment for me and my family to reminisce with stories of the past, while also exploring ways to move the dial forward.

One thing that needed some attention was the exterior of our Beverly store and showroom. We work on the inside, so our focus is usually on updating the décor and displays that people see when they walk through our doors. However, the outside of the building was getting tired and didn’t effectively portray our team’s energy and expertise, which has always been such a source of pride. Every day, our employees demonstrate their product knowledge and commitment to service. We have high standards for them to uphold and I believe we should apply these benchmarks to every aspect of our business. After all, as design professionals know, every detail is important. After a few months of planning, we began renovating and enhancing the curb appeal of our location on River Street. It is a work in progress. We are still waiting on signage and some additional enhancements. What do you think of the changes?

Without further ado, I would like to introduce our bloggers for January. Based in Natick, MA, KitchenVisions just celebrated a decade in business. We’re applauding and congratulating this award-winning design team for reaching this significant milestone.

Jason Sevinor

Founder & Principal designer Jodi Swartz, CKBR, UDCP, became a Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer/Remodeler as well as a Universal Design specialist and space planner after remodeling 11 of her own homes. Lead Designer Natasha Young joined the KitchenVisions team in 2020 after spending time as an independent designer and working for an award winning design-build firm.


We love the Madeli Estate as a stand-alone vanity. The metal trim is classy and modern. It’s a very transitional piece — it would fit well into a traditional or modern setting. There are also several options to choose from in terms of the legs and complementary details. We’re doing one now in a cherry finish with a gorgeous burgundy stain and a beautiful bronze metal inlay.


The Keuco LED Mirror Cabinet is only 26 inches high — it would be perfect to tuck into a smaller space, like a powder room in the city. The mirror does it all: it’s very pretty and it offers so much light to frame your face. Light around the side of a cabinet works much better than a recessed light or sconce above a mirror.


How cool is the Waterstone Pull Down Kitchen Faucet? When it comes to plumbing, there’s only so much you can really do to innovate and make a kitchen faucet different. These guys really pick it up a step — you don’t usually see faucets that look like this. We imagine seeing this fixture in a renovated, barn-like home or carriage house. It certainly could make a statement in a relatively minimalist space as well. This faucet in and of itself is a piece of art.


We’re obsessed with this Cantina Bar Sink by Native Trails — it’s like a sparkly piece of jewelry. It is elegant and refined, yet you don’t have to be precious with it. The texture is just stunning. It elicits a sculptured yet informal moment for a chic bar area.


The Crosswater Patinato is a fantastic tub — we actually have a picture of it on our website and we just won a PRISM award from BRAGB (Builders and Remodelers Assoc. of Greater Boston) for a primary bathroom with this tub. We love that it’s a freestanding tub but it also attaches to the wall, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning behind it. It’s also comfortable and not so huge that it won’t fit into a smaller space.